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Why choose mukti organic Skincare?

Established since 2000, Mukti (mooktee) Organics is Australia’s premium eco-luxe, certified organic skin care brand. 

Organic certification with the Organic Food Chain (OFC) means that our products nourish and protect the body, enhance ecological harmony and create minimal impact on the natural environment.   

All of our ingredients have been meticulously researched and used in optimal concentrations. We believe in potency as opposed to label claims. 

Although we ship across the globe, we've found the very best bioactive native Australian extracts right here on our doorstep. Each facial care product is fortified with a unique, synergistic blend scientifically formulated to deliver results. 

Our chemical-free, natural beauty products are created in-house so we control all processes.

In addition to being completely natural and organic, all of our products are vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.

Products are made fresh daily in small batches, with loving intention and the utmost care.  


Essential Antioxidant Collection
99.95 Essential Antioxidant Collection
Essential Balancing Collection
134.95 Essential Balancing Collection
Essential Blemish Solutions Collection
169.95 Essential Blemish Solutions Collection

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"Switching to Mukti would have to be, hands down, one of the best things I have ever done. Since my early teenage years, I was using a couple of mainstream acne products that were more expensive and full of harsh ingredients. They may have helped with my acne, but I was suffering from very dry, tight and flakey skin as a result (no matter how much of the moisturiser I used). After reading about making the switch to organic and natural in various aspects of life, I discovered Mukti online and was immediately allured to try out their products and was pleased to see it made here down under.

For people who may be hesitant if the effectiveness of organic and natural ingredients works compared to the usual harsher ones for treating acne, I highly suggest ordering their samples at the very least for a few weeks. Mukti's products have done a better job on my face than any mainstream product available, treating not only my acne, but keeping the rest of my face smooth and clear which no other ..."
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