Brand Ambassadors

Brinkley Davies

Environmentalist and Influencer. Founder of Balu Blue Foundation

I have been using Mukti Products for a couple of years now, and have struggled to find a product that is more rejuvenating and refreshing for my skin. Spending a lot of time in the elements, Mukti has kept my skin feeling youthful, and energised, in the toughest of climates. Being vegan friendly and organic means I know I am only using the best ingredients that are both great for my skin, and the planet.

Isabelle Cornish


A few years ago i decided i wanted to make the switch to natural beauty products. I had swapped to natural beauty the year before but had breakouts and skin issues. This all changed when i became a friend of Mukti. I began using the beautiful face products and my skin was smooth, blemish free, and glowing. I love the quality of Mukti Organics and its one of my all time fav’s for natural, toxic free beauty.

Julia Ashwood

The Vista

I'll be honest, it wasn't till I was well into my 30's that I really started thinking (and caring) about my skin. When I looked around for products that I knew would not only be natural but also give me results, I kept coming back to Mukti Organics. Now as an ambassador for the brand it gives me the chance to tell the rest of the world just how awesome this brand truly is.

Keira Rumble


Keira Rumble @Krumble, the founder of Krumbledfood, Writer, Globe Trotter and Holistic Wellbeing Advocate (with over 500k followers!) loves using our age defiance range to keep her skin glowing and combat the early signs of ageing.

All products are Australian made by us and are certified vegan and cruelty free.

- Mukti
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