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12 ways to be spiritually healthy


I don't know about you, but I find when I deepen my connection to my spiritual self, it creates more balance and harmony in my life and enables me to deal with situations and challenges with more grace.

I'm more able to maintain my centre when faced with the looming chaos that sometimes surrounds me - with the pressures of running an international business, employees, being a mother and dealing with the stresses of everyday life.

Without that connection, I can sometimes feel lost and uncertain, with no anchor to keep me grounded. 

When I align to my highest self, I know who I truly am and feel a sense of purpose and clarity that guides me through life with more grace and ease. I feel more empowered to continue on, even through the most difficult of circumstances.

All human beings experience pain, sadness, loss or tragedy. There may be times in our lives when our hearts and dreams are crushed. Having a strong connection to your spiritual centre during these times gives you strength and optimism as opposed to a feeling of defeat or victimhood.

We can then see the beauty in each given moment and look for the positive, making better choices and decisions in that moment, ultimately creating a better future for ourselves and other people in our lives.

Want to know how to be spiritually healthy?

Here are some of the things I do to maintain my physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Give them a try, they don't cost a cent but will bring you many rewards.

12 ways to be spiritually healthy

  1. What would a person who loved themselves do? Ask yourself this as often as you remember in relation to each and every decision you have to make throughout the day and see what magic unfolds.

  2. Practice a form of exercise that connects your body, mind and spirit, such as yoga, tai chi or qigong. These practices assist with creating emotional and spiritual balance, get your energy flowing and improve your physical agility.

  3. Have an attitude of gratitude. Start and end the day by reciting three things you are grateful for.

  4. Be of service. Helping another or others in need whether it's a friend, family member or a stranger facilitates a deeper connection with ourselves. By giving to others we also give back to ourselves. Learn to listen and receive rather than fix.

  5. Spend time every day meditating. A daily practice, even if it's only ten minutes, is better than nothing at all. When we're at peace within, our outer world reflects this back to us. It calms us and assists with maintaining mental and emotional stability. Next time you’re in a traffic jam or in a cue and you notice your impatience and frustration, transport yourself in your imagination to Bora Bora and see yourself lying on a tropical beach being caressed by the sun and a gentle breeze.

  6. Trust your intuition and your inner knowing. It doesn't lie; you just have to tune into it, like a radio frequency. Are your head, heart and gut aligned? The more we tune in and honour this communication, the more on track we stay and the less drama we create.

  7. Let go of judgement of yourself and others. Judgement blocks us from fully living our highest potential. When we're judging, we’re blocking the flow of positive energy in our lives and we’re being met by the same energy of resistance. If something better comes along, we can't recognise or receive it because we're blocked by our judgement.

  8. Live your dreams! Life is too damn short. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and actualise your goals. When you take a risk instead of denying yourself, it is amazing what doors will open.

  9. Dance, move, celebrate life through music and song. Music and dancing are high vibrational activities that open the heart centre and create joy and spiritual connection.

  10. Be in nature as much as possible. Once a day is best. Take off your shoes and walk on the grass, hug a tree, jump in the ocean, a stream or waterfall and reset yourself. Our natural environment is where our spirit yearns to be; it recharges our entire being.

  11. Live your truth. Be authentic to yourself. Don’t compromise yourself or your beliefs to adjust to others around you or try to fit a preconceived mould of what is socially acceptable. When you fully step into your potential, you raise your vibration and life flows with ease.

  12. Smile and laugh. Laugh at yourself and see the humour in a potentially crappy situation. Practice smiling at strangers without expectation. When you smile genuinely at someone they'll almost certainly receive it and return your smile. What a beautiful gift. 

    Carpe diem!  What do you do each day to stay centred?


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