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20 proven ways to banish wrinkles – naturally


There are plenty of lifestyle changes you can make to banish wrinkles naturally – or at least lessen their appearance. Two of the most notorious ways to accelerate ageing are sun exposure and smoking, so you could start with quitting the ciggies if you smoke and being sun safe.

But there are a few other surprising culprits that could be adding years to the way you look. By making a few simple changes, you could eradicate a few lines and renew your complexion without the need for risky cosmetic surgery or toxin-filled skincare products and cosmetics. These tips are natural all the way and some won't even cost you a cent.

1. Washing your face with soap

This is one of the biggest no-no’s of them all and I am always going to harp on about it! Not taking your makeup off before going to bed is not ideal, but over-washing your face – especially with harsh surfactants that are alkaline and have a high pH like soap – can be extremely drying and irritating to the acid mantle. Cleanse morning and night with a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. 

2. Sleeping on your side

Squashing your face on your pillow for hours on end can create permanent crease lines. Use a silk pillow case and arrange your noggin so you sleep with only your hairline meeting your pillow. Sounds weird, but give it a go. Ideally try falling asleep on your back with a pillow beneath your knees. 

3. Inadequate sleep

We’ve all heard this one before but not getting enough beauty sleep can add years to how you look. Endeavour to go to bed at the same time every night and reset your body clock – 10pm-6am are the ideal hours in which to get a good night’s rest. 

4. Cut out the straw

Not only are you adding to the environmental burden, but pursing your lips repetitively can create lines around your top lip and mouth. So, save your pucker for kisses only and ditch the sucker.  

5. Get your eyes tested regularly

If you squint when you’re trying to read small fonts or when you’re driving or watching Netflix, then it may be time to get your eyes checked. Once a year is best, especially if you’re 40 or over.  

6. Too skinny

As we age and our collagen and elastin stops reproducing at the same rate, being underweight can add years to your face and exacerbate lines and wrinkles. Make sure you maintain a healthy weight. 

7. Get upside down and topsy-turvy

Spending a few minutes upside down and defying gravity stimulates a rush of nutrients, oxygen and blood to the head. So practice a headstand or modified version. If you’re a newbie, only do this under supervision. 

8. Not wearing daily sun protection

Using a sunscreen that is broad spectrum and contains zinc oxide is the best option for blocking out those UVA and UVB bad boy rays that contribute to sun damage and skin cancer. Go for SPF 15+ even on overcast days especially in this great southern land. We still get sun exposure through windows and especially when driving. Our Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen is the ideal protectant to keep you covered. Remember to extend application right out to the ears, down the neck and onto the backs of the hands. 

9. Late night boozing and binge drinking

Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body and relaxes the muscles, including the ones in your throat, inhibiting your ability to breathe properly and to get a decent night’s sleep. So, limit your intake and make sure you drink one glass of water to each glass of booze to stay hydrated and hopefully consume less alcohol. 

10. not enough Healthy fats

Eat only fats that contain essential fatty acids and omega-3’s such as olive and macadamia. Avoid hydrogenated and trans fatty acids such as processed oils and margarines. If you’re not sure, always read the labels just like you do with your skincare and avoid the unpronounceable ingredients. 

11. Rubbing and pressing on your eyes

The skin around the eye area is the first to place to show signs of ageing, as it’s extremely thin and sensitive. Over time, it can stretch and crease, causing the eyelids to droop and sag. When removing eye makeup, do so gently. Use an oil-based product to wipe off any residual mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. 

12. Inadequate hydration

If your mouth feels dry and cakey and you’re feeling thirsty, this is a sign that you’re already dehydrated and that you’ve waited too long to drink up. Keep one of our new one-litre biophotonic glass bottles on your desk or bedside table and make sure you refill it a couple of times a day. 

13. stale airplane air

The air in planes is constantly recirculated, stale and drying, making your skin feel and look parched. Make sure you pack one of our Mukti Mini Kits suitable for your skin type and use our Floral Hydrating Mist Toner. Spray lightly over the face and décolletage every hour or so. On long haul flights make sure you take off your makeup before sleeping and use a thick emollient cream or oil to add a layer of hydration and protection. 

14. stress less, look better

The wrinkle equation here is quite simple. Stress releases cortisol and cortisol inhibits collagen production. Do your best to keep your Zen on and maintain a calm and balanced attitude, especially in times of stress. Cultivate peaceful habits like nature walks, breathing, meditation and yoga, so that you can handle the pressure without flipping your lid. 

15. Vitamin C – soak it up

It’s important to take a good practitioner oral supplement and to get recommended daily amounts via organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. A daily topical dose in the form of our Vital C Elixir and any of our products with additional kakadu plum will keep your skin fed, taut and firm.  

16. watch your Facial expressions

Frowning and furrowing your brow, squinting and pursing your lips are a natural occurrence. If they’re habitual they can create the formation of permanent and indelible creases around the forehead, brow and mouth areas. Constantly scan your facial features especially if you’re at your computer or concentrating on a task at hand. Stop, assess areas of tension and resistance. Take a deep breath, relax your features and let go. 

17. Laughter as medicine

Can make you get your glow on and look youthful. Practice smiling and laughing until they become habitual. Laughter can have other benefits aside from looking better. It’s been scientifically proven to improve short-term memory, protect against heart disease, increase physical endurance and prevent skin conditions such as rashes and allergies. 

18. Use a little slip

Using oil is important for hydration and keeping the skin soft and supple. I recommend using a few drops of our Antioxidant Facial Oil. It contains a balanced blend of omega 3-6-9 oils that literally feed the skin and assist with balancing the complexion no matter what your skin type. 

19. Limit sugar intake

Recent studies have revealed that when you eat processed sugar or sweets, it causes an increased accumulation in the human tissue known as cross linking glycation or AGEs (advanced glycation end products). This process was first recognised in the context of diabetes. AGEs are formed through a type of non-enzymatic reaction called glycation. So, if you want to avoid hail damaged thighs, cellulite, age spots and wrinkles cut the crap and go low GI. 

20. Lightly steam your food

Recent studies have also revealed that certain methods of preparing food such as frying, grilling and roasting also produce a much higher level of AGEs. Best to adopt water-based cooking methods such as steaming and boiling.   

Do you have any weird and wonderful ways to keep the wrinkles at bay? We'd love to hear about them. SHare your comments and be in the running to receive $150 worth of Mukti products of your choice.


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