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5 good reasons to buy organic skin care products

Why should you buy organic skin care products? Is it all just hype and marketing tripe that will fizzle out? We think not. There are SO many reasons to buy organic skin care products, but we've narrowed it down to 5 of the best:

1. Non-toxic

To gain certified organic status in Australia, skin care products need to be made with 95% organic ingredients. No need to waste time deciphering labels. If it's certified organic, you can rest assured it doesn't contain petrochemicals, talc, synthetic fragrances or colours, antimicrobial agents not from organic sources, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, PEGS or potentially harmful preservatives.

2. It works!

When you buy certified organic skin care products, you're paying for high concentrations of pure, plant-based ingredients that enrich and FEED your skin, like an organic avocado FEEDS your body with good fats. Pure essential oils, therapeutic grade nut and seed oils, certified organic herbal extracts, essential fatty acids, natural vitamins and plant-based liposomes and antioxidants are some of the ingredients you'll find in certified organic skin care. Forget the lab-produced stuff — these ingredients are straight from Mother Nature and they are formulated to work together in a beautiful synergy to give you naturally radiant skin.

3. Ethical

For products to gain certified organic status in Australia, they must adhere to stringent rules. Testing on animals at any stage of the production or development of a certified organic skin care product is prohibited. The products must also be clearly labelled to provide accurate information to consumers. No greenwashing allowed!

4. Eco-friendly

Certified organic skin care products are usually made by smaller companies who actually care about the environment, rather than massive multinationals who may not be particularly eco-conscious. Certified organic skin care companies generally avoid excess packaging, use biodegradable packaging and don't use the kinds of ingredients that can make their way into the water supply and wreak environmental havoc — such as microbeads.

5. Affordable

OK so when you go to buy CERTIFIED organic skin care products you'll soon discover they're not cheap. But there's a difference between cheap and affordable. If you look at the prices of some of the big name cosmetics brands, you'll find a product like Mukti Organics is very affordable in comparison. Sure, you can buy cheaper skin care products but remember: you get what you pay for. When you buy top end products, you're often paying primarily for marketing and advertising. When you buy a cheap skin care product, you're often paying for water and a bunch of lab-produced ingredients of dubious quality.

So — if you haven't already joined the organic revolution, like millions of healthy eco-warriors around the world, what are you waiting for?


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LillianLillian says:

Nov 22, 2016 04:08am

This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that organic skin products are effective. My hands tend to get really dry in the winter, and I want to try and be more proactive this year and start using a moisturizer before they start to crack. I'll definitely look into buying organic skin products so I know they'll be effective. Thanks for the great post! https://www.hugyourskin.com/collections/anti-aging-lines-wrinkles

MichaelMichael says:

Nov 27, 2015 03:02pm

Thank you for sharing this informative post...
As in now skin care plays an vital role for all.Skin must glows always.I would definitely try this tips.Is using oil on skin is good or not,please let me know? I am asking this because I am using braid oil and mizani products from on line site as http://www.naturalbraid.com for skin as I have some skin care issues.Please share your views on it .

SheilaSheila says:

Nov 25, 2015 06:00pm

Thank you...

DrewDrew says:

Aug 20, 2015 11:15pm

I try and do it for ethical reasons. I really don't approve of how some foods are produced. I think if everyone knew what happens, they would be more inclined to agree. Great post Mukti!

Eric BlaiseEric Blaise says:

Jul 21, 2015 03:03am

The only thing that stops people from using organic skin care products is the cost. Very often, the best foods and best products for the average person are well beyond what they are willing to spend, the reason why there are so many retail stores around us. Organic products are the best of the best, and are grown, produced in the most natural and healthy way possible. I am absolutely positive if cost was not an issue, majority of people would go the route of organic products.

MuktiMukti says:

Jul 28, 2015 03:44pm

Thanks for your feedback :)

Rather than outsourcing manufacturing overseas, we have made it our policy to continue to manufacture in Australia. As we do not mass produce, the labour component is very high. Our products are handmade with care, love and integrity. We are vigilant about quality control and keeping manufacturing in house.

You will notice that in most of our products the first ingredient is Aloe Vera or a plant based carrier. The majority of mainstream brands list aqua or alcohol as their primary ingredient. These products are cheaper to produce.

Pricing is usually indicative of quality. If a product is cheap then it is highly likely that it is not certified organic. Every single ingredient in our formulas is of the highest quality and is used in effective quantities. By comparison with competitors our product price per ml is on par with other luxury skincare brands.

Rhys RawsonRhys Rawson says:

Jul 16, 2015 03:31am

Thanks for the information on the benefits of using organic skin care products! I'm always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, so it's good to hear that certified organic skin care products "don't use the kinds of ingredients that can make their way into the water supply and wreak environmental havoc". I'll look into ordering some organic skin care soon!

MuktiMukti says:

Jul 17, 2015 11:00am

Thanks Rhys, glad our information was useful! Just let us know if you need any assistance choosing the right organic products :)

Evie@best antifungal soapEvie@best antifungal soap says:

May 19, 2015 06:52pm

I used best organic soap if you have any recipe please suggest me and thanks for the informative post.

MuktiMukti says:

Jun 02, 2015 10:40am

Our lemon Myrtle hand wash and pink grapefruit body wash are a great organic soap :)

Evie@best antifungal soapEvie@best antifungal soap says:

Jun 10, 2015 03:52pm

Thanks for this tips I try this :)

MuktiMukti says:

Jun 17, 2015 11:39am

No problems!

Susan HirstSusan Hirst says:

Mar 19, 2015 06:22am

Thank you for this information. My friend was telling me about organic skin care products and I thought I should do some research on the subject. I like what you said about the ingredients being made of naturally occurring items. It sounds like they would be very healthy for your skin.

MuktiMukti says:

Apr 13, 2015 12:16pm

Hi Susan, thanks for your feedback on our post. If you have any further skincare enquiries don't hesitate to contact us info@muktiorganics.com x

PillsformedicinePillsformedicine says:

Mar 07, 2015 07:14pm

Very nice information you have shared. The organic skincare products are good for skin. But I have acne problem and for that problem my doctor recommend me Retin-A cream.

MuktiMukti says:

Apr 13, 2015 12:18pm

Hi There,

We have a essential blemish solution pack http://www.muktiorganics.com/shop/specials-packs/view-all-3/essential-blemish-solutions-collection and offer samples on line if you would like to try our products :)

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