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7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

With fragrant buds, chirpy birds and a smattering of sunshine, spring is the ultimate time to air out the house and let in a burst of new energy. It’s also a great time to fling open the bathroom cabinet and reassess your beauty routine. As the seasons change, so does your skin. So out with the old and in with the new…
  1. Lighten up
    While winter meant layer upon layer of serums, oils and moisturisers, just like a good old Sara Lee cake, you may want to look at simplifying hydration by swapping out to a lighter moisturiser with a higher water content. Our skin tends to stay more hydrated and retains more moisture during the warmer weather. If your skin is dry, you may want to change from the Marigold Hydrating Crème to theHydrating Moisturiser with a few drops of the Antioxidant Facial Oil added into the mix. Keep in mind that if you constantly experience very dry skin, psoriasis or eczema, you may need a heavier, creamy moisturiser all year round. If your skin is normal to oily, you may want to transition from the Balancing Moisturiser to Aloe Vera Moisturiser
  2. Let your skin breathe
    Lay off the heavy foundation as part of your spring clean. While foundations can cover well, they can lead to clogged pores and acne as well as sit in the crevices, highlighting dry areas and lines. Leave the foundation for special occasions only and use a light concealer instead to cover up any uneven areas. Your skin will breathe a sigh of relief and thank you with a glowing, dewy complexion.
  3. Daily SPF is a must
    Our Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen is the perfect companion. It’s non-greasy, light weight and has around 20% micronised zinc oxide which filters out both UVA and UVB light which is adequate protection throughout the day. It also serves as a great primer to set your makeup over the top. While it’s not a foundation as such, a quick and light dust of powder over the top to even out your skin tone, will have you bouncing out the door and ready to face the day in no time.  
  4. Double cleanse
    As the weather warms, there'll be more residual dirt and grease sitting on the surface of your skin, so make sure you clean your skin sufficiently at the end of the day and remove all your makeup by cleansing twice. Incorporating a few drops of the Antioxidant Facial Oil and pressing on the the skin and gently wiping off acts as a cleanser as well as balancing your complexion.
  5. Exfoliate
    During the winter months, dead skin cells can accumulate and build up on the surface of your skin. When your skin is extra dry, contrary to popular belief, you need to exfoliate more. Regular exfoliation will speed up the turnover of skin cells, remove dry, flaky skin and reduce impurities that can cause blackheads. It also assists with product penetration. It’s important not to use harsh surfactants and scrubs with uneven surfaces. Our 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant contains native extracts with naturally occurring acids as well as very fines spherical jojoba beads and bamboo that will gently unblock your pores and renew your complexion. Use a facial brush so that you can keep the pressure even and avoid rubbing, which can cause friction and irritation. 
  6. Out with the old
    Throw out anything that's over six months old, especially makeup and applicators. Old products can host a plague of invisible bacteria which can cause dull skin and clogged pores. Make sure to clean your makeup brushes, which can harbour unwanted germs and viruses. Wash your brushes at least once a week with a gentle product like ourBotanique Wash, rinse thoroughly and dry with a blow dryer.
  7. Rolling, rolling, rolling
    Increase the penetration of your serums and actives by amping up the delivery method. Serums are the perfect spring companion to feed, nurture and nourish your skin after the warmer winter months. Dermal rolling your skin a couple of times a week in conjunction with our Age Defiance serum collection will give your skin a healthy glow and assist products getting to the deeper dermal layers. 

How do you tweak your spring routine to match the season? Share any tips and advice to be in the running for $150 worth of products of your choice.


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