| 07.07.2014

8 ways to beat the winter blues

If you can't beat the winter blues by jetting off to Bali or Thailand and the cold weather is starting to get you down, try these little pick-me-ups:

1. Buy a beautiful pair of warm boots

Beautiful boots in winter are a must-have in my book. I have a black knee-high pair with flat, comfy soles; a light tan pair of knee-highs with flat soles; a spunky pair of dark brown knee-highs with chunky heels; a sexy pair of Baroque-style black ankle boots and an el cheapo pair of purple flat suede ankle boots. Almost a pair for every day of the week to see me through winter with warm, dry feet. Now I just need a nice pair of fake fur-lined walking boots...

2. Warm up with yummy, healthy soups

Nothing beats coming home to a nourishing bowl of hot soup after a long, chilly winter's day. Try our homemade chicken soup made on real bone broth.

3. Nourish your skin with a luxurious facial oil

Replenish your winter-ravaged skin each evening by smoothing on a beautiful, hydrating facial oil. We recommend our Antioxidant Facial Oil, which contains 14 gorgeous regenerative oils. It smells divine!

4. Meditate with a candle and focus on its warmth

Buy yourself a beautiful candle in your favourite colour and light it each night. Sit quietly for at least ten minutes and focus on the flame. Draw its fiery glow deep into your being and allow it to warm you from the inside out.

5. Get your blood pumping

Exercise is a surefire way to beat the winter blues. Get outdoors for an invigorating walk or run. Hit the gym on rainy days. Put on your favourite exercise DVD or roll out the yoga mat. Do something active each day to keep your body strong and flexible. It's the best way to keep your spirits up when dreary days start getting you down.

6. Treat yourself to some thick bamboo or organic cotton socks

Like boots, a yummy soft pair of thick winter socks are a must for padding around the house in and keeping your feet warm in bed at night. Buy two pairs while you're at it and give a pair to someone you love.

7. Beat the winter blues with a bottle of organic red wine

One of my favourite wines is Moonvine Shiraz Cabernet Merlot. It's a biodynamic wine produced without pesticides or herbicides. A glass or two of this baby beside an open fire and voila! No more winter blues.

8. Drink organic hot chocolate

On a cold, wet, miserable winter's evening, it's an absolute treat to curl up under the doona with a yummy mug of steaming hot chocolate. Tea and coffee are very dehydrating and you can make a healthy hot chocolate with pure organic cocoa powder and a mug of organic milk. Stir in a healthy sweetener of your choice (try raw honey or stevia) and savour it slowly. Mmmmm. . .

What's YOUR favourite way to beat the winter blues?


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