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A simple skin detox you can do every weekend


A regular skin detox is essential if you’re addicted to your makeup routine and can’t leave the house fresh-faced and makeup-free. You may like to take inspiration from Alicia Keys, who swore off makeup this year, saying she felt more empowered and authentic walking the red carpets looking natural.

If you never give your skin a breather, you may be exacerbating any current skin conditions such as: 

Commercial brand makeup is formulated with staying power to keep on keeping on all day long. So if you powder, puff and preen on a daily basis, without pencilling in a regular skin detox, the little bits of residue become challenging to remove.

Eventually, the remnants of your makeup create a buildup on the surface of the skin.

These impurities can significantly contribute to the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Even twice weekly exfoliation may not be sufficient in removing a buildup of debris. 

This weekend I am encouraging you to make a change and go for a two-day makeup-free challenge. By following our skin detox and having the weekend off from your normal routine, you’re offering your skin the chance to rest and rejuvenate and deep cleanse for a change.

It’s the easiest and most effective way brighten and clear your complexion. 

2-day detox FOR SKIN

It’s pretty darn simple. You don’t really have to do a great deal other than not wear makeup.

After 2 days your skin will naturally work to excrete and flush out any residual dirt and toxins. 


Shopping list

 Steep 2 of your favourite green tea bags in 2 litres of water and place in the fridge to chill overnight. 


Upon waking, cut a fresh lime in half and squeeze it into a large glass of water. The lime juice will alkalise your body and act as a diuretic. This will assist with balancing and flushing out your system. 

Now, this may seem like a really weird cleanse to do but it's something my mumma told me years ago and I swear by it. It helps to oxygenate the skin, refine the pores and give your skin more vibrancy.

All you need is a bottle of plain old soda. Carbonated water is believed to remove dead skin cells more efficiently than still water and makes your skin look resurfaced.

It’s the ultimate way to refresh and revitalize your complexion before you’ve even applied your products!

  1. Cleanse the skin as normal. Make sure your face is free of all makeup and skincare products. That’s why the best time to do this is when you’re having the weekend skin detox :).
  2. Fill a large bowl with natural soda water. Any brand will do but make sure it’s soda and not mineral water as this can affect your skin’s pH balance and cause residue build-up on its surface. 
  3. If your hair's long use a hair tie to remove hair from your face. Take a deep breath and gently immerse your face into the bowl. Leave it there for 10 seconds or for as long as you can comfortably hold your breath and say a few fav mantras. (You may need to hold your nose to keep the bubbles out.) 
  4. Repeat this process three times. Remember to take a few slow deep breaths in-between so you don’t pass out on the tiles.
  5. When you're done, gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Follow by applying the hydrating or balancing mist spray and moisturiser. If you're heading outside, apply a light tinted moisturiser with sunscreen. Then leave your face alone. OK!

Throughout the day, drink as much water and green tea as you can. You can either drink the chilled preparation or sip hot green tea interspersed with water or other detoxifying herbal teas (NO sweeteners unless it's stevia).

To maximise results while you're doing a skin detox, avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.  

The process of hydrating your skin from the inside out will double as an internal cleanse. If you can hit a yoga or exercise class or take a brisk walk, you’ll be helping your skin by allowing sweat to push residue from the deepest nooks and crannies.

Remember to rinse your face after you exercise to get rid of any sweat, oil and debris.

Before bed, cleanse only. Don’t apply any other products. This will allow your skin to breath. If your skin feels too dehydrated, then use a few drops only of our Antioxidant Facial Oil Omega 3-6-9


When you wake up on Sunday morning, your skin will have done most of its deep cleaning. Now it’s your turn to really pitch in and complete the process. 

Start the day with a squeeze of half a fresh lime into your water. 

Around noon, try a relaxing parsley soak. Wash fresh (preferably organic) parsley and allow it to soak in a pot of boiled water for 7 to 10 minutes. Dip a cloth into the water and lay it over your face for 10 minutes. Parsley assists by helping draw impurities from your pores. 

Before dinner, give your skin a gentle massage with our 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant and follow with our Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque

In the evening, gently wash your face one more time. Spritz and apply your serum, oil or moisturiser a bit more liberally. This will get your skin hydrated and ready to face a new week of daily makeup use.

Or like Alicia, you may get used to the idea of going makeup free a little more regularly. (OK so we don't all look like Alicia Keys, but it's a liberating idea to go out into the world without your war paint on.) Maybe just a touch of mascara and eye pencil if you feel too naked.

It's totally up to you whether you choose to wear makeup or not, I'd just advise that you DO take time to perform a mini skin detox like this one as often as possible.

So, what do you think? Can you clear your 'makeup schedule' for the weekend? Let us know if you do, and if you noticed a difference come Monday morning. 

PS For this week only, we're offering the Essential Cleanse Collection – Deep Cleanse Masque and Resurfacing Exfoliant for the special price of $124.90 a saving of over $20.00


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