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Cleansing - The skincare basics you need to get right


Many skin care experts would agree that the most important step and foundation to your skin care routine is starting with a clean canvas. Once you’ve nailed the basics and chosen a good cleanser that is suitable for your skin type, your skin will then benefit from the additional ingredients you layer on top. 

A good cleanser is designed to remove impurities and build up whilst leaving your skin barrier intact. If your skin feels tight, taut and squeaky clean after you cleanse then you could be causing your skin more harm than good.

The only time face wipes are marginally approved of is if you are camping, without water or a little too tipsy to be bothered. In other words, are only applicable on the rarest of occasions. I get that you’re tired but using your babies’ bottom wipes does not constitute cleansing your skin. Soap and water is another bad combo and should only be used to wash your mouth out if you’ve used up your daily quota of expletives.

Cleansing should not interfere or disrupt the delicate ecosystem that lives on the surface of your skin such as your microbiome, sebaceous secretions, keratinised cornified cells, lamellar lipids, ceramides and cholesterols. Using harsh surfactants can lead to dehydrated skin and abnormal trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), dryness, blemishes, flakiness, tightness and loss of textural integrity.

The outer most layer of your skin (stratum corneum) is designed to protect and regulate the deeper dermal layers keeping moisture in and impurities and environmental toxins out. If you’re not cleansing correctly or using poor quality formulations or ingredients, then your skin barrier can be severely compromised.

By using a cleanser that is well formulated, pH balanced and suitable for your skin type, you are providing the initial crucial step by creating an optimal environment for serums and moisturisers that follow to work their magic and deliver the desired results.

When should you cleanse?

During the day particles of dirt and dead skin cells build up on the face. Cleansing at night is therefore considered essential to remove impurities before your skin goes into nightly repair mode.

Whilst a morning cleanse is recommended, especially if you are prone to oily and acne skin, if you have a tendency towards dry skin, cleansing and splashing your face with lukewarm water or simply misting, may be sufficient. 

If you are intending on using serums or vitamins with active ingredients, applying them onto cleansed skin will assist with optimising product penetration and absorption. Ultimately, if you are using the correct cleanser for your skin type, cleansing in the morning shouldn’t be too much for your skin.

What is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing gets rid of impurities that sit on the top of your skin along with makeup, excess oil, and dead skin. If you live in a polluted city environment or if you wear a lot of sunscreen or makeup, then double cleansing 1-2 times a day is highly recommended.

Double cleansing involves washing your face using two products: an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step draws out oil-based impurities such as sebum, SPF, makeup, and pollutants while the second step cleanses water-based debris such as sweat and dirt.

The Benefits of Double Cleansing

  1. Prevents sebum build-up and bacteria, which can stave off acne-related flare-ups. Sebum build-up causes infections that lead to acne. Oil-based cleansers are great at removing oil-based dirt, residue, cosmetics and sebum, which is overproduced if you suffer from acne, prone to oiliness or you're a heavy makeup wearer. Double cleansing is great preventative for sebum-related breakouts.
  2. Double cleansing can improve the efficacy of your other skincare products. A double cleanse, in the evenings can help your prep your skin for other products penetrate better as your pores are clean.
  3. If you have dry skin, two gentle steps work better than one strong formula to combat sensitivity or drying your skin out with harsh surfactants. Dry skin particularly benefits because of the non-stripping step that can leave some moisture behind on the skin surface.

Our new Calming Cleansing Balm is the ideal cleanser for your initial cleanse and is suitable for all skin types. Be sure to massage the cleansing balm into your face for a minute before adding additional water and rinsing with lukewarm water. This helps to minimise irritation and drying out skin which is important if you suffer from sensitivity or rosacea. After rinsing move onto your second cleanser and wash as normal. This additional step cleans deeper and also removes residues of the preceding step of oil-based cleansers and ensures all impurities are removed. Wash for one minute before rinsing with lukewarm water.

How to Choose the Right Cleanser 

Normal/Dry or Experienced skin

If your skin has a tendency towards dryness and you have concerns with ageing, you want a gentle water-based cleanser that is low in surfactants and will not strip skin of its natural oils. Our Hydrating Cleansing Lotion cleanses the skin and has a neutral pH that ensures your skin isn’t dried out further. This creamy, moisturising cleanser contains nurturing extracts of Kakadu Plum and Mountain Pepper Leaf combined with Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil leaving the skin feeling supple, cleansed and hydrated.

Oily/Combination/Acne Prone Skin

Our Balancing Cleansing Gel contains anti-inflammatory ingredients including native Australian extracts of Flame Tree and Mountain Pepper Leaf to assist breakouts and hormonal acne. These extracts combined with soothing plant-based glucosides, Chamomile and Aloe Vera helps balance and gently cleanse the skin whilst retaining moisture. For this skin type, it’s paramount to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils by steering clear of high foaming, harsh surfactants which can set your skin up for further problems by disrupting your natural sebum (oil) production.

Sensitive/Rosacea Prone Skin

Finally, if you have sensitive skin, opt for mild formulas such as our Calming Cleansing Balm that are fragrance-free. Certified organic botanical oils of baobab, chia seed and carrot nourish the skin and promote elasticity. This unique, jelly like balm transforms into a milky emulsion gently cleansing the skin leaving it feeling soft and dewy.

If you have ultra-sensitive skin, be aware that there can be too much of a good thing. For instance, it is best not to double cleanse and overstimulate your skin if you are suffering from a rosacea outbreak or cystic acne as the goal is to soothe the skin rather than further exacerbate any skin conditions.

What is your favourite Mukti cleanser? Are you a once or twice a day cleanser? Leave a comment to win a full-sized cleanser of your choice.


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