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guess which of our products just won Organic Product of the year 2016?


I'm very humbled to  share some wonderful news.

The Mukti Organics Hydrating Moisturiser has just been named Organic Product of the Year in the 2016 in the Organic Consumer Choice Awards by CORE (Centre for Organic Research and Education).

The purpose behind organic week and the awards is to increase awareness of the benefits of organic products and farming. As a consumer, you want produce you can recognise and trust. Buying organic products supports food safety, health, good nutrition and the environment. Products that carry the logo of an accredited organic certification body are guaranteed to be genuine organic.

We were up against some pretty stiff competition from some of Australia’s most well-known organic brands, so it’s such an honour for us. It may seem like we’ve come from nowhere to win an award like this – an overnight success.

In fact, alongside my dedicated team, my mother and eldest daughter, I’ve been working incredibly hard since I launched Mukti back in 2000, well before the organic movement was as ubiquitous as it is today. As any small business owner would appreciate, receiving any form of acknowledgement or achievement usually comes with a lot of input going on behind the scenes. Not only do we retail our products, we also manufacture them by hand as well as wholesale and distribute globally.

We’ve only just started entering our products into awards this year and we not only won Organic Product of the Year, but we're also the runner-up for Best Organic Online Store, Best Organic Wholesaler and Favourite Organic Brand. So a big thank you to all who voted and support the brand. I am very grateful and appreciative.

Everyday, I personally read the individual reviews that are submitted on line and it brings me such joy to know that the products are being so well received and making a difference not only with your skin but with getting the message out there in relation to organics and the sustainability movement. Thankfully, there are no signs of this slowing down with more awareness growing daily and the general public becoming more concerned and educated about the number of toxic ingredients in our environment.

In the journey thus far, there's been a number of changes to the brand. Some products have been phased out, some new ones have been added in. But our Hydrating Moisturiser (aka Nourishing Facial Creme) was one of the first products I developed and has lasted the distance. It's gone through a few tweaks and modifications to improve the formula based on new ingredients and changing preservation methods – there weren’t a lot of organic raw materials to choose from when I first began in the industry, lugging my wares down to Eumundi Markets each week.  

So our winning product has had a few incarnations, but it's always been one of our most well-received and bestselling products.  

It's been an interesting 16 years pioneering green chemistry – from the time I first concocted a core group of products including an organic cleanser, toner and moisturiser for myself, friends, family and my initial clients ­– to developing an entire range with very few guidelines along the way or a research and development team behind me. I often joke that I should have just made a lubricant!!!

Like any start up, entrepreneurial dream or vision, it takes a bucket load of tenacity and self belief cause there's usually zero cash. I'm still incredibly passionate and absolutely love what I do so again - thank you, thank you for your ongoing support!

There are more than 50 reviews of our Hydrating Moisturiser on our website, but we've selected a few for you to read now:

 moisturiser review



How to use our award-winning Hydrating Moisturiser

Our Hydrating Moisturiser is best for normal or dry skin and should be used in conjunction with our Hydrating Cleansing Lotion and our Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner

If you're not sure in which order to apply your oils, serums, moisturiser and sunscreen, read this blog post. I always advise using sunscreen as the final step in your morning skincare routine.

congratulations to rachel foster our winner.

please share your comments with us below and you'll go into our bi-monthly draw to win $150 worth of Mukti Organics products.


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