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How dirty are you? Are you one of the 50% of women who don't know how to clean your face?


You know how to clean your face properly, right? After all, you're a grown-up.

Or do you?

Unlike the medieval era when bathing was considered some kind of weird sexual debauchery, I’m assuming that most of you are bathing once, if not twice a day. I know I feel dirty inside and out if I go to bed without showering. I can't sleep if I don't feel I've cleansed my face and body and washed the cares of the day away.

Maybe you feel the same. But that doesn't necessarily mean you know how to clean your face properly, in terms of which products you should and shouldn't be using – and when.

Cleansing your face and removing all makeup and dirt before bed is paramount but surprisingly enough, surveys have shown that almost 50% of women skip the bedtime cleansing routine.

Maybe we work too hard or play too hard and we just can't be bothered. But it's really important if you want beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.

 So, to help remedy the situation, I'm sharing a few quick pointers on how to clean up your act before hitting the sack: 

  • At night your skin's not actually resting and having a beauty sleep. It's working overtime and generally having a little old party on your face, releasing hormones such as melatonin and cortisol. These hormones assist with nighttime repair, fighting off free radicals and the oxidative stress of the day. Because the skin's working 24/7, its job is a little less stressful if it has a clean surface to deal with.
  • If you’re sleep deprived, this also creates more oxidative stress in the body, which interferes with the body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. All the more reason to incorporate a relaxing meditative cleanse at the end of the day. Our hydrating crème cleansing lotion contains notes of lavender, sweet orange and vanilla essences to assist with further relaxation. 
  • Your skin loses moisture at night, so having a layer of built-up grime, makeup and sebum aren’t really the sorts of nutrients that you skin is desperately requiring when the air is squeezing hydration from its surface. As the skin is detoxifying at night, I’m not an advocate for the heavy masque-like night crème (who made that up anyway?). Instead, opt for a few drop of the antioxidant facial oil and then if you are wanting further free radical and age defying nutrients for your skin, cover your face, neck and décolletage with a few dabs of our night serum as an overnight topical, renew and repair vitamin. 
  • Your body is creating and re-establishing gut flora and fauna while you are overnight fasting. A healthy gut directly relates to the health of your skin so, by cleansing at night, you're assisting this function to get your best ever glowing complexion when you wake up. 

How to clean your face at night

If you don’t shower at night, try my 5-minute cleansing nighttime ritual:  

  1. Light a relaxing blend aromatherapy candle in your bathroom.

  2. Using a damp cotton pad, add a few drops of the antioxidant facial oil and wipe over the eyes to remove eye makeup.

  3. Apply hydrating cleansing lotion or balancing foaming cleanser to face, neck and décolletage and using a firm but gentle pressure massage in an upward, outward direction. If you wear foundation rinse and repeat.

  4. Soak a flannel in warm to hot water and squeeze out then wipe over the face to remove any residue.

  5.  Gently mist with your mist toner of choice. I prefer the rose blossom scent at night as I find the floral notes soothing and relaxing.

  6. Apply a few drops of the antioxidant facial oil to the skin while still damp and allow to penetrate.

  7. Apply age defiance eye serum (35+) or rosehip eye gel around the eye area and allow to penetrate.

  8. Apply 1-2 pumps of the age defiance night serum or antioxidant facial serum and gently press onto the face, neck and décolletage.

Viola! Now toddle off to bed and rest easy knowing you’ve done your skin a big favour. 

how to clean your face in the morning

In the morning, a full cleansing routine isn't necessary, especially if your skin is sensitive. A rinse in the shower, or a splash of warm water or a gentle cleanse is really all that's needed to remove the nighttime waste and prep skin for your morning routine. 

About once a week, and sometimes more frequently if I'm travelling to polluted cities, I give my skin a good, deep cleanse using the deep cleanse antioxidant masque. It balances the skin by soaking up excess sebum, replenishes it with mineral-rich nutrients and the extreme potency of matcha green tea and native Australian extracts, helps protect the skin from UV damage, decreases inflammation and lowers oxidative stress, all essential in keeping your complexion in pristine condition. 

Do you know how to clean your face properly? How often do you cleanse? Share your thoughts and tips here and go into the draw for our bi-monthly product giveaway.


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