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How to clear up problem skin once and for all

Achieving and maintaining blemish free and clear skin can seem like an ongoing battle for many. The good news is that with the right products, the right routine, and consistency, this uphill battle can be banished once and for all!

Adult acne is extremely common. In fact, it’s the eighth most prevalent condition worldwide and the most common skin condition. As with any skin condition, it’s usually a sign of systemic imbalance and more than skin deep. There are numerous underlying causes of acne and blemish prone skin, the most common being food intolerances, hormonal issues, a sluggish digestive system and the products you use to treat acne prone and problematic skin. 

If you really want to rid yourself of acne once and for all, the best approach is to focus on the cause rather than the pimple. Many acne treatments or programs focus on a quick fix approach rather than a holistic one. Great skin really starts from within so you need to look towards cleaning up your diet, fixing any digestive issues and hormonal imbalances as well as changing your skincare regime.

Inside Out

Look towards addressing your inner systems that might not be working efficiently, while treating your skin topically.

Gut Imbalances

The adage that your skin is only ever as good as what you put in (your mouth), should be your daily mantra. One of the root causes of acne has to do with the gut microbiome and addressing gut imbalances that reflect in your skin. Your gut lining covers around two tennis courts and is only half the thickness of a human hair. This super thin, fine cellophane-like barrier is not a wall, but rather an intelligent gate keeper: allowing the good stuff in, and keeping the unwanted toxins, biome etc out. So take a moment to stop and analyse your diet. Eliminating and detoxing dairy, sugar, hydrogenated fats and processed foods from your diet is equally as important in your skin transformation and results. 

Dairy protein intolerance

Conventional dairy products contain hormones due to the animals diets. Researchers have found a high correlation between dairy consumption, especially skim milk, and teenage acne.

Hormone imbalances

If your acne or blemishes occur monthly along the jawline, cheeks or chin and pustules are deep and inflamed, it is usually indicative of hormonal acne. Supplementing with Vitex agnes (Chaste Tree Berry) is great alternative to prescription drugs for balancing the hormones. Hormones are a complicated area, so it’s best to work with a functional medical practitioner or naturopath to get to the cause, which will then address the symptoms.

Insulin resistance

Insulin sensitivity/resistance describes how efficiently your body converts energy from carbohydrates (sugar). If you eat a lot of sugar or foods that turn into sugar, it will increase your blood sugar levels which causes a spike in insulin. An increase in insulin triggers excess sebum production and androgen activity. If you have insulin resistance it means your cells are not converting energy to glucose so the sugar stays in your bloodstream and causes inflammation. Some indications of insulin resistance are excess weight, lethargy, increased thirst, mood swings and even vision impairment. Aside from insulin, too much sugar plays havoc with your overall gut health, which is all the more reason to kick processed sugar to the curb. 

Toxic Burden

Your liver and kidneys, digestive, endocrine and urinary systems all play a significant role in how your body processes and deals with exposure to toxins. If one system becomes depleted or overburdened, it affects the delicate balance and extra toxins are excreted via the skin. These toxins usually contain excess hormones that disrupt and cause inflammation and damage to the surrounding cells resulting in acne, redness, rashes and other skin conditions.

How to treat acne

The first step is to address external inflammation is to soothe and calm your skin. Most acne sufferers have a tendency to go nuclear on their skin and treat it like a science experiment. As a result, blemish-prone skin is usually sensitised and impaired from using harsh, irritating and potentially toxic chemicals including synthetic fragrances and preservatives found in conventional mainstream skincare. 

A lot of formulas tend to dry the skin and strip the naturally-occurring oils, creating an imbalance and sending your sebaceous (oil) glands into overdrive, so eliminating and banishing harsh ingredients and surfactants from your routine will make an instantaneous difference. Gentle formulas that are non-aggressive will gradually balance and repair your skin. All you need is a little patience thrown in.

The surface of your skin has its own ecosystem or microbiome. A balanced and healthy amount of naturally occurring sebum keeps your skin in check by producing what your skin requires. If your skin is oily, it produces less oil and if it’s on the dry side, it produces more. Harsh products, toxins, hormones and insulin can all disrupt this delicate balance and interfere with your skin's lipid barrier. Impairment of this function leads to breakouts, irritation and sensitivity.

Blemish-Free Skin Routine

By following a simple blemish-free skin routine day and night, this gentle but effective approach will make a real difference long-term. When starting a new routine, you need to allow around six to eight weeks to see results, although some customers have seen massive improvements in as little as two weeks. Remember, as your skin becomes clearer and there is an absence of breakouts, it’s important that you maintain your routine. In the absence of active breakouts, it’s easy to imagine that your problem skin no longer needs its routine but, stick with it and the results should keep coming.

1. Cleanse: Morning and Evening

Using our gentle pH Balancing Cleansing Gel with plant glucosides and botanical actives that retains your skin’s moisture while washing away excess oil, dirt, makeup, impurities and toxins. Regular cleansing with a non-drying formula helps keep bacteria on the skin in check. Cleanse morning and night if you’re at all oily, and always cleanse after a workout. 

2. MIsting: Morning and Evening

Using a mist after cleansing removes residue and acts as an additional treatment step. It should accomplish balancing the pH and leaving treatment ingredients behind on your skin to do their work. Our revitalising Orange Blossom Balancing Mist contains key ingredients like Aloe Vera which acts to soothe and calm, vitamin C from Kakadu Plum and Witch Hazel, Finger lime Caviar and native Pomegranate which act as an astringent, balancing combination skin and refining pores.

3. Exfoliate: 2-3 times per week

While you’re treating your acne, removing the layers of dead cells and other impurities assists to open up your pores. Exfoliating is critical in any skin-clearing routine. Along with addressing troubled skin, exfoliants can help soften the appearance of dark spots and lines, as well as allow any treatments you apply afterward to better absorb into your skin. A combination of both chemical (naturally-occurring alpha hydroxy acids) and physical exfoliation found in our 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant is ideal. Physical exfoliants should contain fine spherical particles. Avoid harsh scrubs that can create micro-tears in your cells allowing bacteria to spread and inflaming acne. The number of times a week you exfoliate depends on your skin, but usually 2-3 times on average is best.

4. Vitamin C serum: 1-2 applications per day after cleansing or exfoliation

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that targets pores and mildly exfoliates while fighting free radical damage on the skin. Researchers have linked acne with a high proportion of free radicals. Our Vital C Elixir may help reduce the appearance of scarring, dark spots and rough spots that acne may have left behind. It’s great for all skin types and helps support any blemish-fighting routine you choose. 

5. Moisturise: morning and evening after exfoliation or serum

Contrary to popular belief that drying out your acne will get rid of it, it will only serve to further exacerbate oily skin and have the opposite effect. Don’t go oil-free just because you have acne. If you’re over-drying your skin, your skin will produce extra oil to compensate, and you’ll be worse off than you started. You’ll see quick improvement with the right moisturiser that is lightweight and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). I usually recommend our Aloe Vera Moisturiser for acneic skin and our Balancing Moisturiser for combination skin. Oily skin responds well to plant oils like grapeseed and jojoba oils, among others that absorb readily and leave skin hydrated and non-greasy. Naturally infused with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and other soothing compounds, face oils and moisturisers can help balance skin. Oily skin can often be dehydrated so a few drops of our Antioxidant Facial Oil works to hydrate and balance skin, whilst sealing in moisture.

6. Masque: use a clay based masque 1-2 times a week

Detoxifying, skin-calming face masks can be a powerful adjunct to a daily routine. A mask sits on skin longer than a cleanser, giving active ingredients more time to work. Treatments made with Aloe vera and clay found in our Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque are great for troubled skin. Clay has the unique ability to act as an adsorbent and absorbent. Absorbing a substance means drawing the substance into itself. Adsorbing a substance means the substance sticks to it. Because clay has a strong negative charge, it will pull out positively charged ions. Impurities on the skin tend to have positive charges, so if you use a clay mask, it will draw out and bind impurities as it dries and shrink the appearance of pores. 

7. Hydrate, then hydrate more

Drink as much water as you think you need, then double that. Your urinary system is a detox machine that runs constantly as long as it has enough water to flow freely, picking up impurities along the way. Water also leaves your body as sweat, which will sweep toxins away much more efficiently the more you dilute them. Regular exercising and saunas also help you sweat nasty things out, too.

8. Food Diary

Keeping a food diary is a great practice as well as a daily mindfulness practice that helps you to control and prevent stress (aka cortisol spikes) and triggering breakouts.

9. Avoid

Avoid heavy fragrances this includes your washing powder and household cleaning products, strong astringents, allergens, and other irritants to keep skin smooth.

9. Don’t pop your pimples

Resist the urge to pick and pop. It will make a blemish more noticeable and last much longer, not to mention lead to scarring. Instead, dab our Blemish Control directly onto pustules and pimples. The turbocharged infusion will help shrink and calm obtrusive blemishes overnight.

10. Don’t take antibiotics as a first line of action

If you’re looking into prescriptions and antibiotics, you have to weigh the pros with the cons to see if they are worth it. Knowing that there’s an intricate relationship between your skin and your gut, is it worth wrecking your gut? Studies have shown staggering statistics in that one course of antibiotics in a year increases your risk of major depression by 24% and anxiety by 17%. Two courses of antibiotics in a year has shown an increase in depression by 52% and anxiety by 44%. 

11. Don’t treat only pimples

Pimples aren’t simply a skin condition. They’re a signal that something else is going on in your body. If you treat acne without treating the source, it won’t go away. 

You’re not vain for wanting clear skin. Your appearance affects your confidence and your interactions. More importantly, your skin indicates how your body is working. Observe your skin as the main line of communication between the inside and the outside of your body.

My 30 Day Challenge shows you how to keep inflammation down as well as tools on improving your lifestyle and cleansing from within. Your skin will thank you.

5/5 testimonials from happy customers


"I first purchased the Blemish Solutions bundle in October 2019 at the age of 35 after suffering from hormonal breakouts, congestion and over exfoliating etc. I had very oily T-zone, facial shine to rival slick paint and whiteheads etc — it affected my self-confidence greatly and combined with some hyper pigmentation made me very self-conscious. After a little less than a year later of purely using MUKTI products I literally have NO breakouts/congestion. This stuff has rocked my world, I have clear skin and I’ve since had 2 people say to me "you have incredible skin!” It’s absolutely changed my outlook and confidence inside and out. I have now purchased all the elixirs, oils and age defiance serums and no longer have any acne/ breakout issues."


"I have been obsessed with Mukti for about two years now and cannot rate it high enough. I first discovered it while pregnant, as I quickly realised the skin care I was using was full of harmful chemicals not safe for my baby. I have always struggled with cystic acne throughout my 20s so I started with the Blemish Solutions bundle. What an incredible difference it made, even after a few days my skin felt less clogged and more hydrated. I’ve now turned so many family and friends onto Mukti since they saw the difference it made for me. I have always invested in high end skin care but to find such luxurious products that are natural and safe was life changing. Thank you so much."

I have one Blemish Control Solution bundle to give away with this post so, if you have had problem/blemish prone skin leave a comment regarding your struggles to win this free gift.


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