Health and wellbeing | 04.01.2018

How to feel great in 2018

This year, rather than making a list of resolutions and possibly setting yourself up to miss the target, do an internal audit instead. Keep it simple. All you need to do is write a list of non-negotiables and negotiables that fit your personal ethos.  Here’s my list as an example:


  1. Early to rise, early to bed – tuning into the natural circadian rhythm helps maintain balance and equilibrium.
  2. Heart rate variability – after waking, I check my HRV on a monitor to see how my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are operating and what sort of activity is best for my body for the day. 
  3. Morning meditation – a regular introspection practice fuels creativity and allows breathing and thinking space before acting. I do this at 4.30am when it is still and silent outside. I find it's much easier to stay focused and avoid external distractions.
  4. Make the bed – this is the first task of the day and an easy one to complete. Starting with one good habit can then lead into creating others. Think of a hotel room, walking into a room with a made bed feels crisp. Plus, research shows you sleep better in a freshly made bed.
  5. Mobility exercises – no not yoga or Pilates, but a series of exercises to warm the body up and get your synovial fluid flowing into the joints. For every decade you’ve been alive, you should practice one day a week of mobility exercises. 
  6. Exercise – our bodies require and are designed for movement, that’s why we have two legs, two arms and a heartbeat. Stop making excuses and move. 
  7. Set a daily intention – choose one specific quality or value to focus on for the day.
  8. Make a list, prioritise it and tick it off – getting stuff out of your head will automatically give you a sense of relief. Ticking off a list gives you a sense of accomplishment. See you did GSD today!
  9. Limit social media time – from a business perspective, I can see the advantages of using this medium as a marketing tool, but I also sense the hugely negative impact it can have on our lives. We are living in a time of unprecedented connection that is also fuelling present time disconnection. If used incorrectly, an app like Instagram can be an addictive time-waster, taking you spiralling down a rabbit hole of visual comparisons. If you’re not feeling great about yourself, it’s one of the worst places you can go. Having a brown bikini body and being sponsored to travel to exotic destinations may look ideal. And although a picture tells a thousand words it could all equate to an illusion. None of us really knows what’s going on behind the scenes and what it took to create that perfect photo. If you spend time engaging in something that doesn’t feel uplifting and raise your frequency, then stop it. Go outside and have a nature connection instead.
  10. Do something childlike – act like a child would and do something spontaneous for a few minutes every day. 
  11. Judgement – this is a big one and we all do it. It starts with the self and permeates outward. I realise that if I am in judgement, then I’m lacking in self-acceptance and love. When I externally criticise, I am experiencing disconnection and taking the focus away from myself. It could be something as simple as the driver in front of me or a person walking down the street. The antidote is forgiveness.
    Love and judgement cannot exist at the same time.
  12. Gratitude and appreciation – why not do it all day long instead of just in the morning? 


  1. Sign up to podcasts or TED talks to watch or listen to a few inspiring, aspirational people who are doing good in the world. Some people I greatly admire and follow who are impacting lots of lives in a positive way: Marie Forleo, Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, Dr James Rouse.
  2. Write a love note to a lover, partner, friend or child – I do this on sticky notes and leave them in obscure places.
  3. Eat organic everything – while you can use the cost of buying organic as an excuse, you cannot put a price on your health or on the sustainability of the environment besides, I don’t like eating poisonous toxins. The same goes for what you put on your skin – it's best to go certified organic.
  4. Breathwork – I’m a newbie at this and like a daily introspection practice, I resisted it at first. Now it takes me to a new place of awareness and a deeper state of peace and connection with myself.
  5. Eliminate the word 'try'. Rather than try, just do it!
  6. Be solution oriented – there is always a solution and you'll come out the other side. The pot at the end of the rainbow is found in how we respond to a perceived troublesome situation.
  7. Buy fresh flowers and light a candle – this creates a lovely ambient atmosphere and connection to nature.
  8. Contemplate - rather than distracting yourself when alone, use this time as a golden opportunity to sit quietly and reflect. There is a deep sense of joy and fulfilment in just being still.
  9. Go somewhere different that doesn’t cost anything – a walk through the city or botanical gardens, check out some art galleries or bookstores.
  10. Kryptonite – limit or completely abstain from alcohol consumption. Like anything that is not great for the body, mind or soul, the less you consume, the cleaner and clearer you become.  

How have you kicked of the year? With intentions or resolutions? If you had one word or sentence for 2018 what would it be? Share it here and you could win $150 worth of products of your choice. 


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