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How to survive Christmas with your hotness intact

The silly season is fast approaching and that means temptations in the form of food and alcohol.

One of the reasons you may blow up like Santa Claus and fall off your sleigh is not having a plan of attack when opportunities to overindulge present themselves. Bye bye willpower – hello self-fulfilling, gluttony prophecy.

Here's some simple ways to cut yourself some slack by setting boundaries well in advance. You can keep your health regime on track and bounce out of bed with a jolly old ho, ho, ho throughout the festive season. 

Eat before you binge

As delightfully indulgent as they appear, plates of nibbles are dangerous territory, especially if you’re hungry. If there’s not a carrot or celery crudité to be seen, you can curb your appetite by eating a healthy salad with protein before heading out. Boring, I hear you say, but that way you ensure you’re satiated. Eating before drinking will also stop you getting tipsy way too early on and making belligerent comments you may later regret. 

Use visualisation techniques

To stop dipping and spreading dead in its tracks, take a moment to visualise yourself in your cossie on the beach come January. Yeah, you get the picture…  

1:1 A simple ratio 

Pace yourself. Have one glass of water – still, sparkling with or without a twist of lemon – for every glass of celebratory champas or booze. Your liver and head will thank you come the wee hours of the morning. If you’re going to drink, choose organic red wine in the form of Pinot noir. It contains the highest concentration of Resveratrol, an anti-aging compound found in red grapes (and blueberries). Keep in mind that recent research has found that 3 or more servings of alcohol on a regular basis has been linked to a 15% increase in cancer and breast cancer. Yikes! 

 The Hangover Protocol 

You’ve woken up in your own bed...
Both your eyebrows still intact...
You’ve looked at your messages and there’s no texts alluding to the possibility that you may have pashed the boss...

Now. . .

  1. Roll out of bed and have an extra-large glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. As much as you want a carb load, eat a healthy light breakfast consisting of fruit and a drizzle of yoghurt to get the live enzymes active. Try papaya and blueberries.
  3. After eating, take a multi-B and a milk thistle supplement to balance your liver.
  4. Avoid caffeine. A great alternative is a turmeric latte. Ginger and turmeric are both anti-inflammatories and assist with detoxification. 
  5. Keep up water intake throughout the day. Go for gold and guzzle at least 3 litres until your pee turns pale.
  6. Go for a walk preferably in nature and breath in buckets of fresh air.
  7. Have a clean salad and veggies with protein for lunch and again at dinner.
  8. Turn off your phone. 
  9. Turn on Netflix and get an early night. 

Now, here's one more little Christmas ace you can keep up your sleeve.

Intermittent Fasting (I.F)

Fasting can be a scary word that equates to starvation, especially if you have a fast metabolism (actually, if you have a fast metabolism just skip this bit and know that we all hate your skinny guts). All fasting really means is going without food for a wee bit of time. Food wasn’t available 24/7 back in the good old days of hunting and gathering. We often went for substantial periods of time without. There are a lot of different IF protocols but the one that I find easiest to follow and doesn’t equate to deprivation is the 8/16. This split is when you eat for an 8-hour window only. It doesn't mean you fang out and consume food for 8 hours.

For example, my I.F protocol works like this:

I have my last meal at 5pm (or 3 hours before bed) and don’t eat again until 11am the following day. Eight hours of my fast is spent sleeping – easy peasy. I wake up at 4am and have a huge big glass of water then meditate for 40 mins. Then I make a bulletproof coffee – this helps suppress my appetite and keeps me going for a few more hours. I then occupy myself with work for the next 4 hours when everyone else is still asleep so I get s*%t done – (no interruptions, no emails, no people – BLISS). Then I exercise for an hour. By this time, the fast is almost up and I haven’t even noticed. I aim to do this at least 4-5 days a week. All you need to do is work out an 8-hour window that suits your lifestyle and just eat real food during this time. You’ll find you’ll naturally eat less and your tummy capacity will shrink.  

Pros of I.F

Your hormones are affected when your body is in a fasted state, which makes stored body fat more accessible. It increases human growth hormone which helps with fat loss, muscle gain and insulin sensitivity. It reduces oxidative stress and gives your digestive system time to rest and repair and rid your body of toxins. I find this method of keeping weight in check suitable for my lifestyle and there’s a ton of research that supports it.   

So, there you have it. What are you planning to do this festive season to whip temptation in the butt?

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