Health and wellbeing | 03.03.2015

Make it Happen: Celebrating International Women's Day 2015


It’s easy to brush International Women's Day aside as just another annual event on the calendar, something else to think about in a schedule that's already crammed with things to think about. But it’s a big deal. It’s a day for women to remember how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

And it should be celebrated! 

This Sunday March 8, I encourage you to take the day to attend an event, get together with some women and do something fun and meaningful, or just have some quiet contemplation and reading time and educate yourself on what women have achieved in the face of great challenges.

At the time of writing there are 177 official International Women’s Day events scheduled around Australia. There are breakfasts, luncheons, speeches, marches, seminars and workshops. There are also online events you can take part in and feel the solidarity of your sisters.  

Women need wives!

Women have come a long way in terms of achieving great social, political and economic equality. But there’s still a looooooong way to go.

Annabel Crabb writes in her book The Wife Drought that in Australia, 76 per cent of full-time working dads have a wife, whereas only 15 per cent of full-time working women have a ‘wife’ (e.g. someone helping at home with the domestics and the child raising).

So working fathers in Australia are five times more likely to have a ‘wife’ making sure the home fires are tended to than women. It’s a big career advantage. HUGE. 

Men can give their full concentration at work, knowing their wife has put her career or particular passions on hold in order to feed and bathe children, buy groceries, clean, make medical appointments, care for sick children, plan play dates, attend the parent-teacher meetings and sports days and school concerts and help with homework and the million-and-one other things working parents need to think about.

Crabb writes: "Australian working women are in an advanced, sustained and chronically under-reported state of wife drought, and there is no sign of rain.”

When it comes to the unpaid work that keeps a household going, women are still doing more than their fair share.

According to OECD figures for 2014, Aussie women are still doing much more unpaid work than men: 311 minutes compared to 172 minutes.This type of work includes things like housework, grocery shopping, and taking care of other members of the household (including children). 

These are just some of the challenges facing women in industrialised nations. Add to that unequal pay, sexual harassment, domestic violence and all the other stuff we deal with, as well as the atrocities women face in many non-industrialised countries.

Yes, we’ve come far but it’s only the beginning.  

According to the United Nations, women are discriminated against in almost every country in the world. Of all the people living in poverty, 70% are women. One in three women has experienced sexual or physical violence.


If we want women to achieve true equality we need to speak out, demand more and better for ourselves, and claim the respect we deserve.

We must not allow ourselves to be treated as less than what we are worth, whether in the workplace, in our personal relationships or out in society.

Women give so much of themselves to so many people and we often put ourselves last. Put yourself first on Sunday and do something different, interesting, inspiring, educational, nurturing, celebratory. 

If you're used to being the one who looks after everyone else, have a day of pampering. Get together with some friends and eat some delicious food, have some yummy drinks, paint each other's nails purple (the colour of women's liberation) and work on a vision board or an action plan together.

This year’s theme is MAKE IT HAPPEN, so whatever it is that you want to happen in your life or in the lives of other women, take some time out on Sunday to think about the steps you can take to make it happen. 

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JenJen says:

Mar 08, 2015 05:28pm

I am going to travel! I am going to Italy with four of the most amazing women I know, and I am lucky to call my friends. It will challenge me emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially and I can't wait!

iamalighthouseiamalighthouse says:

Mar 08, 2015 01:20pm

I am working on getting to do a 10k this year! I'm starting to run now. :)

KimKim says:

Mar 08, 2015 10:45am

This year I'm going to achieve something for myself - working towards being healthy, strong and creative. I have a beautiful one year old but during her first year I didnt seem to find the time to do anything much for me. Now she's older I'm making a daily commitment to do something that will contribute to achieving 'my list'.
A little each day - that's the plan!

Emily SEmily S says:

Mar 08, 2015 10:24am

i just started my masters in creative writing and this year i am determined to start MAKING THE ART I WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Not write stories where women are only mothers or girlfriends, but three dimensional, flawed trailblazers who we can actually relate to!

HayleyHayley says:

Mar 07, 2015 09:51pm

I would like to complete my 365 days of gratitude goal. I have a journal in which I write at least 3 things that I am grateful for each day. And I'm proud to say that I'm already further than last year! I have moved my journal to sit beside my bed so I write in it before bed. I love cultivating an attitude of gattitude!!

ShannonShannon says:

Mar 07, 2015 09:02pm

My second bub is due in May. I want to bring him or her into a chemical-free home filled with love and laughter. Let the nesting begin!!

RoxanneRoxanne says:

Mar 07, 2015 08:59pm

In 7 short weeks i get to become a first time mumma!!! And i'm so glad i found mukti products. Hoping to make 2015 a year of learning and exploring about a chemical free lifestyle for our little family and to help treat a recently diagnosed illness that would usually just involve daily pain medication. 2015 is already looking to be very exciting and a little mummy pampering with your products would be wonderful!!

BronwynBronwyn says:

Mar 07, 2015 08:46pm

I'd love to get the next stage of professional development at work. What am I doing about it? I have an exam this coming week!Wish me luck ;-)

MarnieMarnie says:

Mar 07, 2015 08:42pm

My goal for 2015 is to achieve complete wellness for my parents. My Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few months ago, and shortly after we found out that Mum has breast cancer. It has been a very challenging and rocky road for our family. Having both parents in hospital in separate isolation wards in the same week was quite a trial. I am a Mukti devotee who uses food as medicine and my parents are the opposite. The Cancer Council advise their patients to use some truly dreadful products in their recovery, and my (old-school) parents are following their advice to a tee. I WILL change their minds this year, I WILL.
Sorry for the long post, I really needed to get that off my chest! (Thank you Mukti for creating such beautiful products with such love. My skin cleansing ritual is such a balancing time for me.)

JaymeeJaymee says:

Mar 07, 2015 08:35pm

This year I hope to replace all of my commercial supermarket/pharmacy branded cosmetics and cleaning products with those that are naturally derived and do not contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to my body. As each of my remaining products/cleaning agents run out I will research and ensure I buy a safe, naturally derived brand of product to replace it, Ensuring I never have to go back to using commercial and harmful versions again x

HelenHelen says:

Mar 06, 2015 01:24pm

I am going to finish my coaching qualification and get out there, coaching people who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

JulesJules says:

Mar 04, 2015 08:39pm

This year I hope to work towards creating a balance in life by focusing on what is most important.

ErinErin says:

Mar 04, 2015 09:47am

2015 is going to be a busy year for this family. We run a 'traditional' (by choice) household with Dad going out to work and mum being the 'wife' at home referred to in this post. With the arrival of our 3rd daughter less then 3 weeks ago it will be difficult for me to attend a celebratory event in recognition of International Women's Day but I plan to start teaching them now the significance of the day (they are 3.5 & under) so we will paint our nails purple (thanks for the idea) and create some purple art in celebration. And I would LOVE to win a Balancing Pack. I've run out of the products and I'm really excited about the recent product launch but unfortunately our finances just don't stress to cover these sorts of things for mum.

KayeKaye says:

Mar 04, 2015 08:37am

i would like to encourage many of my work mates (all female) to become more empowered both at work and in their home life. We will be holding a international women's day morning to raise awareness

GayGay says:

Mar 04, 2015 07:26am

I would like to open my wellness centre for mind body and soul for young and old for rich and poor.

JanJan says:

Mar 04, 2015 12:44am

I want to achieve better health using food as my medicine. I am informing myself about all aspects of my immune disease for which I've been using immune modulating drugs infused on an ongoing sic weekly basis. (This drug is part of the Chemo suite) I want to reduce my body inflammation using a combination a GAPS and LCHF diet. Along with using Kefir, Beet Kvass and fermented foods. Along with bone broth to repair my GUT.

InaIna says:

Mar 04, 2015 12:10am

i want to create a chemical & toxic free home to also help prepare for the arrival of our first bub. This will start by cleaning out the old, researching what's the best cleaning products etc, as well as hopefully get my hands on some Mukti skin care so no chemicals are on my body & causing havoc with my hormones as well as affecting baby.
P.s. Second on my list would be a beautiful natural home birth - this I will achieve through preparation, positive affirmations & meditation!
2015 you are looking great - here I come!! :-)

tonitoni says:

Mar 03, 2015 01:18pm

Would love to finally achieve becoming a non smoker learn to be smoke free and achieve inner health. I have stopped sitting in my lovely backyard as this is my trigger so now I either walk or sit in front garden - I am reducing my smoking

ChantelleChantelle says:

Mar 03, 2015 01:09pm

i am going to make my business profitable this year to help support my family. In my "spare" time I am completing a Business qualification to help me along.

CarolinaCarolina says:

Mar 03, 2015 12:31pm

After working FIFO for the last 2+ years my goal is to reconnect with the family and friends that I have inadvertently neglected due to being away for so long (I am particularly excited about my grandchildren having sleepovers :)... I have returned 'home' and I'm now seeking a role in the city so that I can get back in the loop and reconnect with life.

DeborahDeborah says:

Mar 03, 2015 09:17am

I would love to achieve some weight loss this year have all ready started eating healthier walking more and exercising at home I think in a couple of months I will feel confident enough to join my local gym

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