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The simple charm of a vintage Christmas

Categories: LivingDecember 01, 2015 | Posted by Mukti


I’m really not into the frantic energy and the whole vibe of overconsumption that seems to characterise Christmas these days. It’s so over the top. The Christmas decorations are put up in the shops earlier and earlier each year, as if to signal the start of the frantic commercialisation that builds and builds until we blow a fuse. 

We overindulge in food and alcohol, we buy gifts for people they don’t want and won’t use. We come into more contact with chemicals like phthalates, which are in Christmas wrapping and plastic toys. We get stressed and uptight trying to put on the perfect Christmas. All the while, the bells are ringing and you really just want to wring someone’s neck!  

But what’s the point of it all? 

I feel a lot of people get unconsciously caught up in the accelerating energy that surrounds Christmas. Feeling obliged to please everybody creates a huge amount of tension that shows on people’s faces at this time of year. You’ll see it everywhere if you stop and observe. People tend to find themselves on a metaphorical speeding escalator they can’t get off until the season is over and they’re left feeling exhausted, broke and lumped with a bunch of stuff they have no use for.

How to have a vintage Christmas

I like the idea of a vintage Christmas, where the focus is on slowing down, spending time with loved ones in nature, eating healthy and delicious food with a few treats, playing old-school board games and cards, lighting beautiful candles, sitting in the garden in the glow of solar powered fairy lights, meditating on the year that has been and preparing mentally, emotionally and spiritually for a wonderful new year. 

I’m not against celebrating Christmas; I just like to do it consciously. I prefer to place emphasis on rituals with meaning. It’s very fulfilling to spend quality time with friends and family marking the point in our lives where we find ourselves, showing gratitude and appreciation for the love, health and happiness we enjoy.  

It’s fun to create your own little Christmas rituals that don’t involve rushing around with the other sheeple at the shops spending money you might not necessarily have on gifts people really don’t want or need. Write them a letter on beautiful paper telling them how much they mean to you. Honestly, when was the last time you did that? It’s a very powerful exercise, both for yourself and the recipient.

If you’re crafty, create something beautiful they can keep (or if you’re craft-challenged, visit Etsy where you’ll find good quality handmade gifts).

If you’re techy, create a digital photo or video montage of your year and send that to family as a gift. If you’re growing basil in your garden, make your own pesto to give as a gift along with an organic lip balm.

Give gifts that are small and special and contain a little piece of you. That way, you’ll touch the hearts of all the people who matter most to you and you’ll end the year on a high note, one that sets your intention for the kind of life you want to live and the kind of person you want to be.  healthy-christmas-food

Christmas 2015 Organic Skincare Giveaway 

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