| 24.11.2014

Very dry skin: what to do and what not to do

Your house and car are littered with an assortment of hand creams. Your handbag and work desk contain five different lip balms. The second you finish showering, you rush to moisturise your face. Chances are, you have VERY dry skin.

It’s easy to identify: it feels irritating, tight, uncomfortable and even painful if it reaches the point of cracking, peeling or bleeding. It can also make you look older than your years.

The great news is, very dry skin is quite preventable if you know how to treat it properly.

Very dry skin is common in colder months, when the air is dry and chilly. But it can also get worse over summer if you spend more time in air-conditioning and at the beach.

What causes very dry skin?

Our skin becomes dry when the epidermis, the most superficial layer of the skin, lacks moisture. The epidermis is composed of lipid and protein. The lipid part of of the epidermis prevents skin dryness. When the skin’s fatty oils are removed —through exposure to harsh chemicals, sun exposure, dry air, age, medication or a number of medical conditions — the skin loses moisture.

What to do:


Do you have any of your own tips for dealing with very dry skin?


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Tania ClarkeTania Clarke says:

Dec 03, 2014 05:44am

i am trying to order the calendula cream from my mobile phone. I can't find it even through the search button. please advise.

CarlaCarla says:

Jul 28, 2015 06:52pm

The Calendula cream has been improved and is now called Marigold Hydrating Creme - it's beautifully creamy, hydrating & moisturisng - avid user : ) xx

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