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Why your skin needs an insurance policy

Categories: Beauty, Health and wellbeing, Our ProductsMay 26, 2017 | Posted by Mukti

I clearly remember the day I noticed my first wrinkles. I was driving towards the sunset and caught a glance in the rear-view mirror. There were a few distinguishable fine lines under my eyes. 

NOOOOOOOooooooo. . .  I was only 28 FFS!

I almost crashed the car.

Alas, a few years have passed and yep, there are a few more indelible 'smile' lines imprinted on my face. I’ve since made friends with them and remind myself daily they’re a collection of tales and tribulations of a life thus far, well lived.

Around my mid-30s, once the business was well established, I started to become curious about the scientific secret to youth and beauty. I researched far and wide.

I uncovered free radical theory, which appeared to be the root of many 'dis' eases both chronic and acute. On a cellular level, once living tissues and cells are exposed to air, they oxidise and break down. Take the good old apple for example. You slice it into quarts, leave it for minutes and voila, you can see the degradation right before your eyes.

Magic… perhaps not!

OK, so bear with me. I need to get a wee bit sciencey here…

You’ll remember from high school that we’re made up of atoms and molecules and, that these little babies have one or more pairs of electrons spinning in their orbits. What happens when we age is that atoms and molecules may lose one or more of their electrons, making them as unstable as a banshee with PMS. They're known as free radicals.

These pesky little beasties are not only free, they lie and cheat and try to steal an electron from anywhere within their close vicinity. If a free radical acquires an electron from the molecule or atom next to it, that molecule or atom may become a free radical too, and goes on to attack the molecule next to it and so on and so forth. This chain reaction of molecules desperately seeking completion leaves a tsunami-like effect in their wake. Each time an electron pair is broken, the victim molecule is left damaged and in disrepair (just like a bad break-up).

Free radicals are derived from oxygen. We live in an oxygen-rich environment. We need it to live and breathe, but oxygen molecules are destructive when they lose an electron. So, while all this invisible palaver is going on inside your sexy body, you need to invest in a free radical insurance policy.

Oxidative stress refers to the biological imbalance between the production of free radicals and your body’s ability to neutralise them. If you’re not feeding your body and skin with sufficient antioxidants, free radicals will continue to run rampant.

Fortunately, if you’re living and eating clean, you already have a good supply of antioxidants. They’re found in your diet in the form of vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. Your body also creates enzymes and amino acids that can halt free radicals in their tracks.

Topically applied, super-rich antioxidants like the ones I concocted and created in the Age Defiance Collection are your best natural line of defence to deal with the reactive oxygen molecules.

I’m going to confess here that I’m a vain, selfish biatch. My friends, colleagues and family will attest to that and without wanting to sound egotistical, they’ll also tell you I look years younger than my biological age. Point being, I made the Age Defiance Collection for myself. It wasn't an overnight quest. It took over five years of discovery and dabbling around with test tubes late into the night.

Everywhere I looked, products with supposed actives all had these shitty, unnecessary chemical bases. Surely, I could do better. Unlike the big multinationals, I don’t have a team of hundreds of scientists and lab assistants working with me, so I had to figure it out. One thing I am, is determined. I kept putting so much of the good stuff in that it was breaking the parameters. Even my suppliers told me I was mental putting expensive peptides and actives in at such high percentages.

I didn’t care. I was on a fight against free radicals with my sabre tooth sword. I wanted something that was going to cleanly blast them like Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond.

I didn’t want to make label claims and put a smattering of this and that in the products and write across the front of the label in big capital letters that it contained magical ABC antioxidants, when it had such a minuscule amount that wasn’t going to do a darn thing. I wanted functional, cosmeceutical products that were going to keep me as young and youthful as possible, for as long as possible.

The result was the Age Defiance Collection. It incorporates a combination of active peptides, age defying native Australian extracts, lots of vitamins and a truckload of essential fatty acids all in a certified organic base. Every ingredient is a key, active ingredient that does something magical.

So, what are peptides?

Peptides are also known as short-chain proteins. They naturally occur in the skin and act as messengers. They play a significant role in natural skin healing and processes. The amino acid sequence and chain structure determine the specific biological activity and function.

Each serum in the collection has its own specific function and ingredients, so if you want the best results, you need to use them as a collection because they all do different things and have different peptides

 Benefits of peptides and antioxidants

For more information, test results and customer reviews, you can view individual products online by clicking the links above. 

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