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FAQ - General

What is different and unique about Mukti?

For the past few years Mukti has meticulously researched, developed and revised the formulations across our skincare range. She has added additional bioactive native Australian ingredients to increase the potency and viability of the formulas. By improving our formulas, we are enhancing the efficacy of the products to provide maximum benefit and results.

Indigenous Australians have been using native plants and their extracts for thousands of years. Aboriginal women sustainably harvest the native plant extracts as a communal incentive. Our supplier purchases them under a fair trade agreement.

Why have you changed the look of your brand?

We have recently updated our packaging based on consumer feedback. It was important for Mukti to maintain congruency and integrity with our packaging and image.

We have introduced 4 distinct ranges which are identifiable by their unique mandalas and colour coding. The symbolism of the mandalas represent wholeness and our relationship to infinity that relates to nature and extends beyond the mind and body.

What is Miron glass and why is it special?

Our new violet glass packaging incorporates biophotonic technology which protects the concentrated and active formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light. Only the violet light wavelength is able to penetrate the glass. This further enhances product viability by activating and energising the molecules within to resonate at a similar frequency to the human nervous system.

Myron bottle test to show protection against lightThis microbiological test with cherry tomatoes clearly demonstrates that the glass maintains and preserves the formulations over an extended period of time. One cherry tomato was stored in an ordinary clear glass jar whilst the other was stored in miron glass. They were kept at room temperature where sunlight could reach the jars. This is the photographic result after 7 months which shows no discolouration or degradation. Miron glass is also environmentally friendly and is reusable and recyclable.


Our prices reflect the high quality and standard of our meticulously researched and revised formulations and packaging.

Rather than outsourcing manufacturing overseas, we have made it our policy to continue to manufacture in Australia. As we do not mass produce, the labour component is very high. Our products are handmade with care, love and integrity. We are vigilant about quality control and keeping manufacturing in house.

Pricing is usually indicative of quality. If a product is cheap then it is highly likely that it is not fully certified organic. Certified organic raw materials are more costly due to the economies of scale.

Every single ingredient in our formulas is of the highest quality and is used in effective quantities. By comparison with competitors our product price per ml is on par with other luxury skincare brands.

The cost of using quality skin care on a daily basis is equivalent to buying a cup of coffee.

Are eco-cosmetics just a trend?

Just like our forebears, we are returning to our roots. Our ancestors relied on the bounties of nature. Every plant, flower, fruit and berry that is utilised has a unique gift, quality and effect. Many people are becoming conscious of minimising our impact on the earth and wanting to improve their overall health and well being. On that basis we do not believe that it is a trend but a commitment to a change of lifestyle.

What age group are Mukti products created for?

Our skin care is not age or gender defined and is suitable for anyone who cares for themselves, their loved ones and for the world around them. Those who are committed to their overall health and well being as well as the environmental foot print that they leave behind.

Mukti is for everyone who has had enough of false advertising and marketing claims promising unrealistic and untruthful results. Mukti is for everyday people from all walks of life who are comfortable with being themselves and not afraid to be part of the organic movement.

Plant based cosmetics work in the same way that nutrients work in food. Our bodies will absorb what they require. The younger the skin, the less is required. More mature skin will tend to consume more of the active ingredients. Antioxidants and vitamins assist with skin maintenance and cellular regeneration and in this way act as aging deterrents creating a sustainable impact upon the entire organism.

Can organic beauty products ever be 100% organic?

In certified organic cosmetics you will find only natural or nature derived components. All certified ingredients used in our products meet the Australian Organic Standard and are derived either from plants or from organic sources.

Do natural ingredients really work?

Natural active ingredients that are of a medicinal standard effectively care for the skin on a cellular level. It would be ignorant to think that only cosmetics created by the newest technologies can achieve great results. Our bodies work in the same way as plants to fight harmful free radicals with the assistance of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins.

The active ingredients in skin care work in the same way when they enter the human body. They assist with improving the well being of cells and supply them with energy. Our organism recognises and readily assimilates the active ingredients from plant cells, rather than treating them as synthetic foreign bodies. In this manner, these substances biologically engage in skin cell life processes and effectively improve both cellular well being and overall health.

Furthermore, plants contain composites of active ingredients in which the active elements are ideally integrated and proportional, rather treated as a separate substance. The skin cells receive a balanced source of energy in which every component is complementary to the whole thus improving cell vitality.

Product variation

Due to the ingredients being organic and natural origin, colour and consistency may vary from batch to batch. This does not in anyway affect the quality or efficacy of the product.

I don't have allergies to regular skin care, why should I change to organic?

The long term effects of using chemicals and their combinations is unquantifiable and impossible to define. What we do know is that more people are experiencing allergies and sensitivities as well as terminal illnesses as a direct result of the environment that we live in. The more we can minimise exposure to chemicals and toxins the better off we are collectively.

Most mainstream products create further pollutants and environmental damage, so we believe it is our responsibility to choose organic with all of our purchases alleviate our impact and footprint.

What are some of the reasons for avoiding chemicals in skin care products?

Our skin is extremely permeable. It transpires as well as absorbs especially leave-on products like facial creams, hair dyes and make-up. One scientific study showed that 13% of the cosmetic preservative butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and 49% of the carcinogenic pesticide, DTT (found in cosmetics containing lanolin) is absorbed through the skin.

If you use a small amount of a toxic chemicals everyday for your entire life, it will continue to accumulate in the tissues and organs of your body. Recent scientific studies show that these chemicals are toxic even at very low doses.

Some of these chemicals may be the culprits of this vast epidemic of infertility. If you are concerned about infertility, you're better off avoiding personal care that is chemically based. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, your baby is exposed to the chemicals you place on your body and can affect a young, developing organism.

Mother Nature always has and always will provide us with everything we need. By seeking out veritably natural and organic products we are making a positive difference to our own health as well as respecting our environment.

What is the most common misconception about organic skin care?

A common misconception is that they are more gentle for the skin but not as effective as synthetic mainstream brands. Naturally derived and organic skin care programs don't generally give an instant effect, but have a balancing, detoxifying effect which is a deep and long-term program with ongoing results.

Within in two weeks you should notice a difference and within six weeks you will notice a change in the texture, feel and overall health of your skin.

Each natural component has various properties including antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which encourage the skin to regenerate, hydrate, tone, stimulate, heal, nourish, relax, and tighten.

Our skin is able to utilise the ingredients that it requires to obtain homeostasis. The wide range of plants in nature allows us to select the most suitable ingredients for each product. These active ingredients are effective due to our similar metabolic processes and affinity with nature.

We also believe that in order to obtain healthy, clear skin you need to balance your internal system through correct diet and nutritional intake to obtain optimal results.

What are some important points to consider when changing to organic cosmetics?

If a manufacturer uses the word 'organic' in their company name, on their label or in their marketing it does not verify that the product content is actually organic. Ensure the product carries a genuine "certified organic" LOGO by a recognised and reputable certifier with standards that have a strict criterion in regard to allowable inputs. All standards vary. We are proud to say that Australian certifiers (ACO and OFC) have one of the most vigilant standards in the world.

Always check the percentage of the organic content on the back of the label. This is usually found in the ingredients panel. Organic products have a shorter shelf life because there are no synthetic preservatives.

Organic cosmetics can sometimes have an unusual plant based scent. This is because synthetic and chemical fragrances are never used in production of organic cosmetics. Instead, combinations of natural essential oils are used which can evaporate and do not always give a strong lasting scent especially after opening.

Due to the natural idiosyncrasy of plant-based ingredients, there may sometimes be a slight variation with each batch.

Do Mukti products protect from the sun and exposure to UVA and UVB radiation?

Most of our leave on moisturisers have a natural SPF of 2-8 because of the plant based oils and butters that are incorporated into the formulations. All of our moisturisers and serums also contain antioxidants, extracts and vitamins to help counteract the effects of free radicals and environmental aggressors that aid the aging process.

Our Age Defiance Collection is specifically designed to counteract the visible signs of aging.

Is Mukti an Australian brand?

Yes, it’s both 100% Australian owned and made on our soil. It is important to us to maintain this standard as a quality control measure and to make sure that we continue to employ Australians and boost our local economy.

Do you test on animals?


Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes all our products are free from animal by products.

I have sensitive skin and sometimes suffer from allergies. Are your products suitable?

All ingredients are generally safe for all skin types, yet some people may still have individual allergies to certain plant botanicals. The same holds true for any cosmetic or food ingredient. Those with extremely sensitive skin should conduct a patch test prior to use. We openly disclose our ingredients, so if there is any particular ingredient or botanical that you seek to avoid, you will see it clearly listed in both the Latin (INCI) and common English names on the ingredient panel.

I suffer from anaphylaxis (allergy to nuts), what products would you recommend?

For basic facial care we recommend the Balancing Foaming Cleanser and the Marigold Hydrating Crème.

How should I test if the products are suitable?

We recommend that you simplify your skincare routine, particularly when introducing new products. It is very difficult to pinpoint the product or a specific ingredient if you were to have a reaction.

Buy samples first and test on the inside of your arm by placing a small amount of product on your arm, covering with elastoplast and leaving overnight. If there is no reaction, you are generally good to go!

I have an allergy to synthetic fragrances and perfumes, is Mukti Organics suitable for me to use?

None of our products contain any synthetic fragrances or perfumes. We only use certified organic essential oils to naturally scent our range making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. We do however recommend that you patch test the product on your skin.

What are the benefits of essential oils in skin care?

Derived from flowers, fruit, grasses, seeds, bark, wood, roots, leaves, balsam & resin, essential oils have been utilised for thousands of years. They are invaluable as they have the ability to work both medicinally and therapeutically. They are readily absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream whilst having a balancing and regulating effect on sebum production. The essential oil synergies in our formulations have been chosen for their beneficial qualities on the skin such as transdermal penetration, potency, natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and fungicidal properties, anti-aging and wound healing, fat dissolving and improvement in circulation.

How can you ascertain the purity of essential oils?

To be considered as 100% pure and natural an essential oil must not have been tampered with by either natural or synthetic components. The majority of cheaper grade essential oils have been adulterated to some degree. Unlike many products that may contain these oils we guarantee that our essential oils and base oils are of the highest quality and purity. For each of the oils in our range they are verified with comprehensive data including the precise definition of the botanical species, country of origin, method of production, the part of the plant used, and organic verification.

Are pure essential oils contraindicated?

Some citrus oils are photosensitising when used in conjunction with direct sunlight. It is advisable that certain oils are avoided during pregnancy, especially during the 1st trimester. We do not consider our blends to be contraindicated as they are used synergistically and in insufficient quantities. If uncertain, please check with your health practitioner first and read our disclaimer.

Are Mukti products suitable for babies?

Absolutely! All of our body care range is suitable for babies and children.

Are Mukti products suitable for men?

Certainly! We consider our products to be unisex. The most popular products used by men include the following:

Does Mukti use natural preservatives to ensure its product shelf life?

We utilise several plant based preservative systems dependent on the product. This includes small concentrations of natural plant based alcohol and extracts, native Australian extracts, vitamin E and natural antioxidants. Preservation is necessary and is there to protect the end user from harmful yeasts, moulds and bacteria.

What is the expiry date for Mukti products?

All products have a guaranteed shelf-life of 24 months unopened. Products that are in jars should be used within 3 months of opening. Always use a spatula to dispense product and replace the cap after use and keep water tight.

Is the packaging sustainable and recyclable?

Yes. We have phased out most plastic. All our facial care range is now packaged in Miron glass which is recyclable and reusable.

Where are Mukti products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in our custom built factory in Maleny. Maleny is a small country town (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes north of Brisbane) in the pristine Sunshine Coast Hinterland region of Queensland Australia.

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