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Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to use a cleanser?

Cleansing is the MOST important step to achieve great skin. If the skin is not sufficiently clean, dead skin cells and bacteria remain causing the skin to become dull, flaky and prone to clogged pores and congestion. Cleansing prepares the skin for the application and penetration of further products.

Do I need a toner?

A toner will remove debris, residual soap and purify the complexion, balancing sebaceous activity and restoring the acid mantle. They assist with improving skin elasticity and providing an additional layer of nutrients and moisture.

When should I moisturise?

Moisturisers should be used after cleansing and toning to re-hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. They are formulated to create a protective barrier against oxidants and moisture loss. Apply after cleansing and toning. Note areas of dryness/oiliness on particular areas of the face. If the skin is producing sufficient oil in certain areas, then leave it be.

What is the difference between a serum and a moisturiser?

Serums are lighter and are packed with specialised ingredients and technology. Their molecular structure is smaller and designed to penetrate the deeper dermal layers of the skin to offer optimum results. They have a cosmeceutical effect that targets more than one concern. Moisturisers offer hydration and protection and assist to seal in the nutrients. They should contain a balanced concentration of emollients, including essential fatty acids that aid, replenish and repair.

What is unique about the Age Defiance Collection?

Many other products on the market contain a bevy of toxic ingredients that may act as endocrine disruptors and can interfere with hormonal imbalance in women, which is counter-productive to our overall health and longevity.

Every ingredient in the collection has been specifically chosen for its anti-aging properties and to assist with rejuvenating and maintaining the skin. They are naturally compatible and work together to inhibit free radical formation, protect collagen, reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin and slow down the visible signs of aging.

A significantly higher than normal ratio (2-3x the recommended amount by our suppliers) of rejuvenating peptides is infused into a certified organic base making them one of the most active anti-aging products on the market.

A combination of native Australian extracts and aloe vera imbued with a synergistic blend of powerful botanical extracts, phyto-chemicals, naturally occurring vitamins and plant based antioxidants control moisture loss whilst repairing and restoring damaged skin.

What are the benefits of the Age Defiance Collection?

We have found through clinical trials that the results on the skin are immediate and continue to improve with regular and cumulative use. It is recommended for the best results to use the 3 products daily in conjunction with the standard Mukti Organics range as the serums have specific functions and ingredients to target different concerns.

What are peptides?

Peptides are short-chain proteins that naturally occur in the skin and act mainly as messengers (signalling peptides) or hormones. Furthermore, they have been shown to play a key role in natural skin healing processes. Products containing peptides are claimed to have smoothing and nourishing effects on the skin. The amino acid sequence and chain structure determine the specific biological activity and function.

What is skin lightening and brightening?

It refers to the practice of using active ingredients to assist to lighten and even out the skin tone and complexion by decreasing the concentration of hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage.

How should I apply the Age Defiance Serums?

For optimum results, we recommend that the 3 products are used in conjunction with each other:

  1. Apply the Age Defiance DAY Serum in the morning after cleansing.
  2. Use 1-2 pumps and press onto face, neck and décolletage.
  3. Apply the Age Defiance NIGHT Serum in the evening after cleansing.
  4. Use 1-2 pumps and press onto face, neck and décolletage.
  5. Apply the Age Defiance EYE Serum in the morning and the evening.
  6. Use a small amount the size of a grain of rice.
  7. Apply to tips of ring finger and gently press around the orbital area of the eye with gentle tapping motion.

What's the difference between the Age Defiance range and the Vital C product?

They all have specific ingredients and functions.

What is the pH of the shampoo and conditioner?

The pH of both the botanique shampoo and botanique conditioner is 5.00.

Are your products non-comedogenic?

All of the combination/oily range and our serums are non-comedogenic

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