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Age Defying Facial Massage & Facial Acupressure‎

Regular age-defying stimulation and massage using specific techniques and point location assists circulation, relaxation and overall skin health.‎

Truth In Beauty Pocket Guide‎

A quick reference guide excerpted from Mukti's sold-out book Truth In Beauty, that will assist you in navigating questionable ingredients and making informed decisions when choosing your skin care products.‎

Serums & Elixirs Guide‎

A quick reference guide to assist you in choosing the right products to address your skin concerns.‎

30 Day Challenge‎

Reset and recalibrate your skin and overall health and well-being. Download our easy-to-follow guide for a glowing complexion and amplified results.‎

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Frequently Asked Questions‎

We’ve got lots of information about our products, ingredients, awards and certifications here.‎

The Mukti Memos‎

Delve deep with our founder Mukti as she shares skin insights, advice and wisdom, drawing on knowledge from over two decades in the beauty and personal care industry.‎