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Balancing Essentials Collection + FREE Cleansing Mitt Duo

3-step ritual for balancing & purifying

$195 $219.80

Our Balancing Essentials Collection skincare kit is a 3-step ritual perfect for combination skin types that feel congested and oily.

Each product contains native Australian extracts that restore vitality by soothing and balancing your skin.

Designed to encourage the natural hydration of your skin and calm the complexion.

  • Balancing Cleansing Gel 200ml (am + pm)
    A light foaming and purifying face cleanser that works to remove impurities, clarify and refine pores.

  • Orange Blossom Balancing Mist 100ml (am + pm)
    A purifying and hydrating face mist which assists in balancing combination skin and refining pores leaving skin soft, clean and revitalised.

  • Balancing Moisturiser 50ml (am + pm)
    A lightweight face moisturiser that supports the skin’s lipid barrier function delivering non-greasy hydration, as well as soothing antioxidative compounds.

  • + FREE Bamboo Cleansing Mitt Duo (am + pm)
    Reusable and sustainable, mini bamboo microfibre cloths to amplify your cleansing routine. (RRP: $24.95)

  • Housed in a sustainable, reusable sage travel bag made from regenerated bamboo fibre. 

Skin Type

Combination, Oily


Balance skin tone, Purifying, Soothing
Refer to individual products.

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Cassidy's Story

I've been meaning to write to you for a while, however it wasn't until my manager commented on my skin this morning at 5am and said my skin was glowing and i thought who's skin could possibly be glowing at that time of day! It was abit over a year ago that i first starting using Mukti, with it being my last hope for improving my skin for good! Growing up i had always had bad skin but when i was about 21 it suddenly broke out like nothing i had ever seen before. I had no idea why and i was so confused about what products to use and also what i was doing wrong. I hated myself because of my skin, i remember crying to my mum when i would go t... read more

Before & After

Emily's Story

"I found Mukti this year after deciding to be done with toxic skincare.I suffer with contact dermatitis and hormonal breakouts due to my PCOS. I would find that any time I would put regular products on my face within 24 hours I would have red patches of dermatitis all over my face.About 1 month ago I decided I was going organic and clean and that when I purchased the balancing kit. It truly it a perfect kit to try out before going all out with full sized products. Within a week my skin completely calmed down and I haven't had a dermatitis flare up since. I still probably need a spot treatment for my occasional spot. But I'm ready now to stock up on some full sized products! Thanks Mukti!"

Before & After

Emily's Story

I started using Mukti's Balancing Kit and Blemish Control religiously around 6 weeks ago, I've just travelled in Europe and my skin absolutely have never looked clearer. I barely have had a breakout since, and my dermatitis hasn't flared up either. I'm so grateful for these miracle products!

This kit comprises of