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Rated 4.6/5 by 9 reviewers 9 Reviewers   Ask a question Ask a question

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We all know we need to drink more (water) and what a fabulously stylish way to do so. This my friends is no ordinary bottle! Not only is it beautifully decorated, when you fill it with water and place it in the morning sunlight, it energises the water to taste spectacular. Sounds kinda hanky panky and fantasmagorical but it's scientifically proven. So, palava, plastic, phthalates and petroleum aside, these beautifully decorated biophotonic glass bottles will have you pimping at the office, the gym or on your bedside table.


To clean rinse out regularly with boiling hot water


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Add your reviewRated 4.6/5 by 9 reviewers

Rated 4/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 30
Skin: Age Defiance
Gender: Female
Date: 11 Jul 17
"I am loving this water bottle! It's quite a statement piece and I get many comments on it..makes drinking water a bit more fun too! I'm not finding much change in taste in the water with the glass but that might because I'm in an office when using it... Im not a fan of the lid it's a bit cheap and looks like it could break easily. Another positive though is the size, it holds a lot of water which is great."
Rated 5/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 22
Skin: Normal/Dry
Gender: Female
Date: 24 May 17

New Best Friend

"What better way to hydrate than this little number! It is perfect for the office, I LOVE the 1 liter size, and the taste is noticeably different. Not to mention it is gorgeous! Questions and compliments all the time. Thankful for this product!"
Rated 5/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 50
Skin: Age Defiance
Gender: Female
Date: 14 May 17

Amazing Pure Taste!

"I am amazed with this Miron Glass water bottle!! Got to read up on it, very interesting for a health enthusiast:)
I just received my bottle the other day, followed the instructions given and ....You got a energized supply of refreshing and clean water, very happy!"
Rated 5/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 33
Skin: Combination/Oily
Gender: Female
Date: 31 Mar 17

Beautiful design!

"I love this glass water bottle, it is a beautiful design and comes with me to work on the go and yoga. Unique design that makes the water better for you, you will notice the difference in taste! Everyone comments on the lovely design, very happy with the quality of the product."
Rated 2/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 41
Skin: Sensitive
Gender: Female
Date: 03 Mar 17

Heavy and too big, and lid is very fragile.

"I really wanted to like this bottle, believe me I tried! My first experience was a bit sour, as the lid was split apart in transit.......I was sent a prompt replacement, but it is a very poor quality lid in my opinion, considering the quality of the actual glass. I find for daily use it just is far too heavy and cumbersome to drag around everywhere. I realise the glass is fragile and have basically left it in one spot where I am working, but I have to say I haven't noticed a single difference in the taste/energy of the water and I usually pick up on these things quite easily. Sorry, but I have to be honest here, as I adore many of Mukti's other products, but sadly this is not one of the best products I've experienced with Mukti."
Rated 5/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 41
Skin: Normal/Dry
Gender: Female
Date: 17 Jan 17
"Great water Bottle. The glass bottle is awesome. I prefer drinking out of glass bottles. The bonus is the enhanced water. It is great that the bottle is 1L as it is difficult to find 1L bottles. Overall really happy with my purchase."
Rated 5/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 63
Skin: Age Defiance
Gender: Female
Date: 04 Jan 17
"I love my new glass water bottle. Very attractive leaf print on black glass so stunning! It's quite a bit bigger than my usual drink bottles which helps me drink more water daily always a good thing and knowing that the glass is smart glass protecting me also. Win win all round!"
Rated 5/5 by


Verified Purchase
Age: 40
Skin: Combination/Oily
Gender: Female
Date: 04 Jan 17


"Brilliant!! I love these bottles so much!! Water tastes amazing, these bottles are very clever! Thanks Mukti for offering these at a great price, and in such a pretty design, they make great gifts and I would buy food storage jars and containers in this glass if they were offered!"
Rated 5/5 by

Helen Ward

Age: 53
Skin: Age Defiance
Gender: Female
Date: 03 Jan 17
"I love this water bottle! It is great to drink from. Thick glass and a great design. Happy to know that I am doing my bit to save the planet from all that plastic. Thank you for this product."

Customer questions

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Beatrice asked:

What sort of water do we use -- tap, filtered, boiled? And when you say leave the bottle in the sun for an hour -- do you mean right under the sun in the open or could we stand it in the office; is it any different?

Preferably use filtered. It's not necessary to place in sun but light hitting the bottle will change the resonance. We recommend experimenting and seeing if you notice a difference in taste.


Kristina asked:

How long do you leave it in the sun for?

Leave your bottle in the sun for an hour or more to let the light absorb through the glass.

Biophotonic glass is an antioxidant glass that works essentially like a natural filter. Traditional glass colors such as clear or amber allow light from the visible spectrum to pass through, but biophotonic glass acts differently.

Developed by Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar after 14 years of research, biophotonic glass is scientifically proven to retard the growth of pathogenic materials. It only allows the passage of the three frequencies of light known to nurture and protect all organic matter—visible violet light, non visible UVA and far infrared light. Non visible UVA is responsible for retarding the growth of bacteria, mould and other pathogens. This keeps water fresh and vital for years.

Violet light has the highest vibration frequency (720 – 770 billion Hertz) of all colors, and it corresponds exactly to the vibration of our central nervous system. Essentially, biophotonic glass is shown to not only preserve the contents held within, but it can actually make it better over time.


Lisa asked:

Aloha, is there a link or article with more information about the science behind this design? It sounds intriguing! Thanks

I wrote about the biophotonic glass in this blog post:


sally asked:

Is this bottle BPA free?

Yes! It's glass.


Hannan asked:

When will this item be in stock & ready to be shipped? Thank you!

This product has proven to be very popular and we have SOLD OUT!!!
More stock will be available soon!


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