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Becoming a Mukti Organics Stockist
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps involved in becoming a Mukti wholesale stockist?

Step 1:
Please fill in our Registration of Interest Form. If you are unable to complete this online, please email us and request a PDF copy to be emailed to you. This form is our way of getting to know you and your business a little better. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to assess what type of partnership we can build. 
Once the Registration of Interest Form is submitted, you will be contacted by the wholesale manager.  If we determine that our businesses are a good match, we will then send you the Wholesale Stockist Agreement and Wholesale Price list.  Please keep this document confidential.

E-Commerce enquiries - please contact us directly at

Step 2:
Sign and return the signature page of the Stockist Agreement. Await approval from the wholesale manager.

Step 3:
Once approved, please register your business through the wholesale branch of our website. This will allow you to order and manage your account online easily and conveniently.

Step 4:
Purchase your opening order. You will have a choice of opening order packages, based on your budget/business requirements. 

How do I know if your product range will work for me?

We are happy to send you a sample kit to trial our range prior to committing as a wholesale stockist. Please send your request and postal address to Please note, we only send one kit per inquiry.

If I become a wholesale stockist, how do I gain product knowledge/training?

Our wholesale stockists are spread far and wide both nationally and internationally. For this reason, we are unable to regularly come to each location to train you and your staff. 
We offer a Retail Product Guide which also serves as a training manual. This is available in a hard-copy bound version, or in PDF format. It includes in depth information about each product as well as ingredients, instructions and FAQs. Please keep this document handy for future reference.

We also have a comprehensive Online Training Course. The 3 modules cover all aspects of Mukti product knowledge. Once completed you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you still have questions about the products, we are available for stockist support Mon-Friday 9:30-4:30 via phone or email.

What are the wholesale minimum order requirements?

The opening order requirement is the purchase of one of our Opening Order Packages. This is necessary to get adequate stock onto your shelves. Please ask to view our Opening Order Packages by contacting our Wholesale Manager.
In order to keep your  wholesale account active, we ask that you aim to maintain your sales levels at a minimum of $1500 per quarter (every 3 months). 

If you have not ordered in 6 consecutive months, we will send you a reminder email to see if you would like to continue stocking Mukti Organics. If you have not ordered in 9 months, your wholesale account will be deactivated. If you wish to order after that period, you will be required to re-apply as a Mukti stockist.

Note 1: We review all stockist sales on a quarterly basis.

Note 2: We offer a 6 month grace period to all new stockists so that you can gauge the interest of your clientele. If after 6 months you feel like our partnership is not working out, please let us know and we will see if there is anything we can do to help. Rest assured, we have no lock in contracts.

What promotional material do you offer?

Promotional material may include the following (subject to availability): Full sized testers*, brochures, un-filled sample pots (for you to fill using your testers), thank-you cards, promotional posters, gift bags, window decals, etc.

Please consult your wholesale price list for current promotional materials available.

*Maximum one tester per product per order. 

Note 1:  We do not supply pre-filled sample pots. We do, however, offer packs of empty sample pots; blank, branded labels; and a selection of testers at reduced prices.  

How do I place my opening order?

Once approved, we require that you register for an online account. Our Wholesale manager will email you the link to do this.

You will be required to choose one of our Opening Order Packages. These packages are designed for either Retail Stockists or Spa/Salon stockists. 

The Opening Order Packages include all testers and promotional material free of charge. 

Once the order has been placed, payment can be made via PayPal, Secure Pay or Direct Deposit.

How do I place on-going orders?

We require that you order using our online ordering system. With this system you can order and manage your account easily and conveniently through our website, just like online shopping.  Your online account will be set up when you are approved as a stockist and this will be your ongoing log in for future orders.

How do I pay for my order?

We require payment prior to dispatch for the first 12 months of trading.
(Credit terms are only available after one year.  Please inquire then)

When ordering online, you can pay using SecurePay (credit card) or Paypal. You may also choose Direct Deposit as a payment option when ordering online.

Direct Deposit - If you choose to pay via direct deposit, please note that Internet bank transfers can take up to 48 hours, so please email the payment receipt (remittance advice) to to speed up the dispatch process.

Do I have to pay for freight on wholesale orders?

All wholesale orders over $1000 will be shipped freight free.

If your order is under $1000, you will be charged a subsidised freight fee as per the following schedule.

QLD - $22.00 inc GST

NSW/ACT/VIC - $27.50 inc GST

WA/TAS/NT/SA - $33.00 inc GST

Freight fees are subject to annual review. 

I noticed that you have bi-annual sales on your website. How is this going to affect my business?

Mukti Organics reserves the right to have retail specials or sales at any time without reference. These sales are not available to wholesale stockists. 

You are welcome to mirror our sales, or create your own sales at any time during the year.

We do occasionally run specials for stockists only. You will be notified via email newsletter prior to release.  These types of specials run for a limited time only, so be quick!  

**We suggest you read all emails from Mukti Organics to ensure you don’t miss out on these opportunities.**

Do I have to sell the products at the Recommend Retail Price?

The RRP is only the recommended retail price and is what we publish on our own website. 

Are the Collections and Gift Packs available to wholesale stockists?

Yes, some of our Collections and Gift packs are available to wholesale stockists.

Please note, our Collections cannot be split and sold separately.

How do you support your wholesale stockists?

We make sure to check in with all of our stockists every 4-6 weeks. This is usually done over the phone. However, if we can’t reach you via phone we may check in with you via email. This is your chance to relay any staff or customer feedback, ask questions, and check your stock to see if you need a top up.

Please let the wholesale manager know if you prefer not to be contacted.

If you require assistance in between courtesy calls, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are available Monday-Friday 9:30-4:30 for stockist support. If you can’t reach us immediately, we will endeavour to respond within 24-48 hours.

Contact Details

Telephone: 07 5435 2111

Within Australia: 1300 306 554

Fax: 07 5435 2311