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Kym Lancaster


Thank you Mukti. I began using your products about 10 days ago whilst on holidays. On returning to work my friends have remarked on my skin. You look great, your skin looks amazing, you are glowing, were some of the comments. I thought there had been an improvement, but this is the first time I have received such compliments from friends.

I am using the Age Defiance range and it is amazing. Using such a small amount, from the moment each product touches your skin, you feel wonderful. I use about half the amount I would previously use with other brands. So the pricing proves to be very reasonable. So thankful to my daughter-in-law for introducing me to Mukti. Cannot speak highly enough of each of the products. Happy customer. :)

Isabelle Cornish (actress)


Mukti organics is such an amazing skin care brand. I am passionate about healthy living and want the products I put on my skin to be from the best natural ingredients. After trying a few different organic skin care brands and not having successes I’m very grateful to now use Mukti.


Secret harbour WA

I have been using Mukti products on and off for 10 yrs now. I always come back to Mukti because their product quality is far superior. I've more recently tried the age defiance range and I am so impressed. My skin has improved. It's radiant, smooth and the lines are becoming softer. As I have been around so long I've seen the many changes Mukti has undergone. Her founder Mukti is a very clever lady. The products are constantly evolving - from ingredients, to packaging, new ranges - which means that there is a constant strive for product excellence and functionality and customer satisfaction. There is also are strong ethics attached to Mukti. This brand is not marketed by a big name company so I trust Mukti. Go Mukti, you are a rare and unique find and I value the intelligence and science behind this brand.

Deanne Blanchard


Last weekend I met you at the Colour and Coconuts Wellness Festival in Melbourne, and I purchased some of your Omega Facial Oil, along with a serum.

I'm so glad that I did. In a week, my facial skin has plumped, reduced in texture and is just looking and feeling nice. So thanks! The oil is just such a lovely product in particular, with the spa-like natural fragrance and it is 'slippy' enough for a quick massage upon application, but then absorbs completely.

I'm hooked, gave the samples that came in my gift bag from from the festival to my friend/mum as I raved about them over the weekend. I look forward to trying more of your range in the future.


Torquay Australia

I had the opportunity to try a sample of Mukti Organics brand new masque and wow it's sensational, so gentle to my sensitive skin but beautifully effective in boosting my cleansing routine. The fragrance is clean and fresh...rainforest is how I would describe the smell. This masque is like nothing I have used before, creamy with little rounded beads that really went to work as I massaged it into my skin, after 10 minutes or so...time to rinse, I just wanted to keep rolling those little beads over my skin enjoying the sensation of super clean yet calmed and hydrated. I am counting the days until I can add the full sized product to the rest of my Mukti organics 'wardrobe' of skin care. Great for travel, it doubles as a masque and also a very gentle exfoliant. Thank you Mukti...skin care as it should be..caring for skin.



I just started my Mukti regime 6 days ago...I have noticed a difference by the third day!!!! Never experienced that feeling with other "organic" regimes. I feel my face feels: tighter, taut, firmer around the eyes area, mouth...the entire face!!!! As far as my hyperpigmentation I know it will take a little more time but when I look into the mirror- I see not only my face firmer but some brightness starting?!! I definitely will continue with the program:) Also, wanted to say- Mukti is the "truely organic regime" that really makes you feel and see a difference on your skin quite quickly.....with pure ingredients naturally!

Lyn W


Every day I see my skin improving after using the Age Defiance range. I will keep using because my wrinkles are rapidly disappearing and my skin is so fresh and radiant. I feel privileged to use these products, and proud that they are Australia made. Not only is the product amazing but the staff are friendly and always happy to help. Thank you, Mukti Team!

Jo C


I am very pleased with the Age Defiance products. Even though they are a bit expensive, I have never used such an effective skin product. The lines around my eyes are disappearing and the skin is firm, which my family and friends have begun to notice.

Leanne S


My skin is looking fresh and radiant, and it’s all thanks to Mukti’s Age Defiance. It is effective and fast-acting and I will never stop using it!

Fiona L


The lines around my eyes are disappearing, and general wrinkles are gone! My skin is so radiant and fresh, even my friends and family have been noticing!

N. Trent

QLD, Australia

I know that you prefer to avoid making fanciful claims, but I just had to let you know that I have been using the antioxidant facial serum for about four weeks now and have definitely noticed a diminishing effect with the fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area and top lip. Thanks for making yet another brilliant product!

Alana Haynes

I've been using Mukti foaming facial cleanser since early 2007 and have NEVER loved a beauty product so much. I'd searched and searched and wasted so much money on organic/natural products (and chemical-filled products too!) that didn't work well for me at all, but this cleanser is fantastic. My skin has always been combination skin, but leaning more towards oily than dry, and this product works perfectly for my skin - really balances it out and cleanses, but not so deeply that my skin feels dry. Perfect!!



Age defiance results after 4 weeks



Age Defiance range results after 4 weeks



No word of a lie I have suffered from acne for years. I have never been able to get rid of it. I have tried so many remedies, paid to see dermatologists and spent hundreds on products that just don't work. I'm so thankful for you sending me your products because it's actually a miracle that my skin has completely cleared up on one side and is almost clear on the other side. My face needs to be free of pimples before I'm allowed to have my laser treatment to rid of the scarring and I've never been able to clear it until now! I'm way too excited to be getting my laser treatment and I hopefully will be able to achieve my goal of never wearing make up again! Thank you so much!



Your products changed my skin! I have been using balance foaming cleanser and aloe Vera moisturizer everyday for the past two years. Your products have transformed my face. I can confidently walk around with bare face - no makeup because of your products. I just purchased vital c elixir and hair serum. Looking forward to trying out the products. I get stopped by strangers asking about my skincare regime! I have been referring Mukti brand to friends, family, coworkers and strangers for past two years! Please never change formulas. I will happily pay international shipping fees just to continue using Mukti.



It's always exhilarating to see anyone who has perfected their craft in life, who shines in their most authentic light, whether it's an Olympic champion in motion, an artist bringing forth a new creation or an ethical company that has mastered a sensational combination of botanical ingredients to create an exemplary line of organic products!

Mukti your rejuvenating range is the ultimate sumptuous skin food! All I need to do is make myself a tee-shirt that says "I just woke up like this!"

Jennifer Roper

New Mexico

I just had to write to say how happy I am that your products exist. I have tried what feels like EVERYTHING for my sensitive acne prone skin and even resorted to gross chemically garbage in an effort to get the skin I want and I just am SO RELIEVED to have found what works. Keep doing what youre doing because it is AMAZING! The essential blemish solutions kit seriously makes me excited to look in the mirror. I have been basically shouting at everyone I know to try them. No lie, I carry them around with me just to show people, its basically all I talk about. Just thank you thank you thank you.

Lisa Wood Beauty


I really enjoy just using one skincare range. I know that the products work together and wont be causing reactions. The Mukti combination/ oily range is perfect for those like me who are sensitive to oils and essential oils but want to use natural, safe and effective skincare products. If I had to sum Mukti products up in two words they would be: gentle & effective. After using Mukti, I won't be able to go back to cheaper, inferior products. Mukti have set a high standard and I will be raving about them to my children, my children’s children and their pets.

Keighley Roberts


I am vegan and completely am for organic and pure products that are as well vegan for my skin. I have been using the hydrating cleansing lotion and rose blossom hydrating mist toner day and night for about 2 weeks now and it has helped my acne very much. i love misting my skin throughout the day, bit of an obsession it has become!!

Thank You for creating such lovely products, I'm super happy I bought some!


Sydney Australia

You’ve resolved my acne issues and now I only use your products, because there seriously isn’t anything else as effective, organic, natural and Australian out there. Not to mention how wonderfully you treat customers.

Jillian S

United States

I love this company. I eat vegan and organic so why wouldn't treat my skin that way too? This company sells wonderful organic and cruelty free products. I have tried ALL of their ranges. My skin is weird because I have horrible horrible acne but my skin is also SUPER dry (I don't produce hardly any oil on my face). Most acne washes and treatments I've used make my skin super dry and red and don't really help the acne anyway. What I love about their skincare line is that they have acne products that don't dry out your skin. And they have a moisturizing line that makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. Also, their customer service is incredible. I have had a couple of orders that have either gotten missent or lost in the mail (way to be awesome american postal system), and even though none of the issues were their fault, Mukti re-sent my products free of charge. And their representatives help you every step of the way. The world needs more companies like this.



Switching to Mukti would have to be, hands down, one of the best things I have ever done. Since my early teenage years, I was using a couple of mainstream acne products that were more expensive and full of harsh ingredients. They may have helped with my acne, but I was suffering from very dry, tight and flakey skin as a result (no matter how much of the moisturiser I used). After reading about making the switch to organic and natural in various aspects of life, I discovered Mukti online and was immediately allured to try out their products and was pleased to see it made here down under.

For people who may be hesitant if the effectiveness of organic and natural ingredients works compared to the usual harsher ones for treating acne, I highly suggest ordering their samples at the very least for a few weeks. Mukti's products have done a better job on my face than any mainstream product available, treating not only my acne, but keeping the rest of my face smooth and clear which no other product could do so quick and effectively.

I'm now using their skin, hair and body care products and have never seen such brilliant results. I no longer have dandruff on my scalp, my hair is no longer dry, the skin on my body is smooth & even, and the deodorant is gentle and yet very effective in eliminating odour.

Thank you so much Mukti for what you are providing, you've really changed my life and my face and body couldn't be more grateful!


Seriously muktiorganics is one of best organic skincare lines I've used forever grateful for these, so fresh!

Rachel Fettes


Firstly I just want to say that I absolutely love your products! I read so many testimonials regarding your products and purchased the whole balancing skincare range in desperate hope that the products would help me with my crazy hormonal acne & cystic acne and I couldn't be happier. I absolutely love what the balancing products do for my skin.
I've finally found an incredible product that's great for my skin & the environment. Thank you for answering my prayers!


NSW, Australia

Mukti is without doubt the best skincare I have ever used. I first purchased the tinted moisturiser a a few months ago and was hooked. I am completely addicted. As I am still young I still battle with hormonal breakouts. The oily/combination range is absolute heaven. It keeps my breakouts at bay, controls the oil in my T-zone and soothes my skin making it so unbelievably soft. If you are searching for an amazing organic skincare I promise you that you will not regret choosing Mukti. Your skin and body will thank you!



Ever since I started using Mukti products my acne has disappeared and my skin has become smooth and shiny. I am absolutely astonished with the results. I have begun singing Mukti’s praises to anyone who will listen as this is the best product I have ever tried, and will probably ever find.



For years I have had really bad acne, but ever since I started using clarity balm and aloe vera moisturiser, the acne has disappeared. I can definitely see myself using these products for years to come. Thanks Mukti!

Jennifer M


I have a hormonal skin type, and I have always suffered from dry skin and acne. Since using Mukti products my skin has drastically improved. My skin now has a balance I’ve never had before! Thank you Mukti!

A Smith

QLD, Australia

I'm writing to let you know that I am so impressed with your skin care range. My skin feels fantastic and every time I use your products I feel that I am nourishing myself as well as my skin. My blemishes have diminished by following the thorough facial routine that you recommended. Twice daily cleansing and the aloe vera moisturiser. The clarity balm is particularly great for my pimples. I am further relieved to know that products are 100% natural and made with quality ingredients and integrity. Thanks.

Vanessa Yee

Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia

I've been meaning to write to you for a few months now to say thank you for my new beauty regime. I've been using solely your products since August and the improvement in my skin has been quite remarkable. My breakouts have reduced in occurrence and severity and my skin feels cleaner, softer and more balanced. I often get comments on how nice I smell, especially first thing in the morning when I've just applied your products (even my cat loves licking them off if he gets the chance!). So thank you again for all your personal help and for all your beautiful products. I also had a friend stay over last weekend and she is now keen to try your products after seeing mine and trying a few. Thanks again.



I've been using your Foaming Facial Cleanser since mid 2008 and realised I should have long ago written with a testimonial. This cleanser is AMAZING! I have tried dozens and dozens of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, cure-alls for oily skin, and it wasn't until I made the decision to switch to organic products and tried Mukti's Foaming Facial Cleanser that I realised what I had been missing out on! My skin has improved immeasurably and feels and looks so much better. Thank you so much for creating a beautiful product that works so, so well on very oily skin!



My daughter has been using your products now for several weeks and has a huge improvement in her acne which is allergy related. Her skin reacts to a lot of ingredients and goes red very easily. When she uses your Acne range, with the aloe vera moisturiser, her skin never goes red or blotchy and the breakouts seem to have disappeared. She loves the scent of the products as well. Thank you for making a product that suits sensitive skin. We have used proactiv, ASAP and Neutrogena without success and has cost a lot of money in shopping around for the right brand. Your product range is value for money.



I have only just started using the shampoo and conditioner and from the first use noticed a difference in my hair....just wonderful, thank you!


Sunshine coast

The new hair serum leaves my hair feeling and looking frizz free, smooth & silky!


Sydney, Australia

I have been using the Botanique shampoo and conditioner for several months now. I love how it makes my hair feel so clean and fresh, yet maintaining the shine and not drying it out. I love it so much and sent some to my sister overseas, and she loves the hair products too. She has also asked for other products and now uses the face and body moisturisers, nature balm, body wash, deodorant - and loves them all! I will keep using Mukti forever. Thank you for such wonderful products!



Mukti hair therapy duo - this is pretty amazing stuff. My hair has been thinning for 10 years, and over the last few I've noticed it gets very greasy looking, very fast (like, within a day). I had to wash it every 2 days or feel like a grub. After using the trial bottles of this shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks, I've really noticed a difference. My hair still looks fresh after 2 days, and I can push 4 days before I need to really wash it. Now I'm just hoping that it'll do some anti-thinning magic like what other reviewers have said! And bonus points for smelling pretty nice and foaming up well.

Carolyne Buckhurst-Matravers


In my line of work I trial a lot of different products. My customers expect me to offer them only the best and I believe that Mukti is one of the best body care product ranges available anywhere in the world today. In fact, one of my customers was so impressed with your hair care that she started to think about chemical free living and decided to vote for the Greens because of Mukti shampoo and conditioner! Imagine that - you have hair care so good it actually changed someone's political persuasion. Congratulations on your fantastic products. I'm a Mukti fan forever!



I absolutely love Mukti!! It has changed my skin and changed my confidence. I am getting so many compliments on my skin and that has never happened before! I can go makeup free and be confident and glowing. I'm definitely repurchasing. Well done Mukti and thank you so much!



I bought a cleanser for combination skin am so impressed with how fresh & clear my skin feels. My journey with Mukti Organics began when information regarding endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC’s) were bought to my attention. So when I checked the skin care that I had been using for over 10 years I was shocked at how many EDC’s where present. Also as a hairdresser for over 30yrs I am now on a detox journey wanting products that don’t poison me. Thank you Mukti Organics for providing EDC free products.



I love skincare, especially natural skincare. When I decided to try Mukti I had tried nearly everything to help heal my skin. I am prone to open and closed comedones, and those under the skin bumps that just make the texture of my skin look terrible in certain lighting and especially with makeup. I would pick at any bump trying to get rid of it which in turn caused scarring and prolonged healing.

Enter Mukti, which being Australian has a much higher standard or truly organic skincare (vs USA where I am). I ordered the foaming cleanser, 3-1 exfoliant, antioxidant day serum, age defiance vital c elixir and the age defiance night serum. First off, whilst not of real importance- the texture and scents of these products are excellent! I love the herbal citrus green smell and the lovely silky lightweight textures which layer beautifully. I do not like heavy occlusive products for my normal/dehydrated/acne prone skin. After using these products for a month my skin feels fresh, supremely hydrated (always a problem in the Midwest of US) and my picked marks/acne-nearly gone! These products have felt so healing and nourishing to my skin and the results Ive had thus far are amazing to me.

To fully rid my face of the scars and odd bump is going to take longer than a month of course but since Im already seeing results it makes me want to stick with the products (says something being a skincare addict!). Mukti is 100% worth it and if your hesitant they off trial/sample sizes, genius.

PS: I also ordered the haircare trio and my oily scalp/sebhorric dermatitis/dry ended hair (I know, so fun for me)has never been happier! My scalp is balanced, ends are smooth and over hair looks shiny and healthy. So thankful to have found a beautiful, EFFECTIVE, beauty line...and organic to boot!



OMG! Wow! I got to have a facial at the new Mukti salon in Maleny and it was amazing! By far the best facial I have ever had. T-Naya was amazing and the massage wonderful. The Mukti products were absolutely beautiful. My face felt so smooth and soft and they smelt Divine! I didn’t want to wash my face that night as it still felt soooo good. My pores were definitely smaller. Love! Love! Love! Will definitely be changing to these products and will definitely be treating myself to more facials at the salon.

Lori Morgan

Washington, US

I wish I remembered how I found you guys, it was online through some review of top natural/organic skincare lines. I placed an order for samples of everything, then an order for body products, then a full order of skincare. I am VERY pleased with all the products I chose and ordered based upon all the samples I tried. I probably won’t reorder the shampoo and conditioner; I LOVE the smell but it just flattens out my hair too much (very fine). I will remain with all of the skincare and do love the shower gel and lotions. I am planning on remaining a loyal customer and recommending your products whole heartedly. I am not easy to impress and I try EVERYTHING. I was looking for something next level and you guys are for sure it and I really am here to stay.

M Tomkins


I absolutely love your products! At the vintage age of 43, my skin has not felt this good in years and years. This isn't just skin care, it's like finding the right religion for your skin. And lord have I walked through the valley of the shadow of skin care products and their empty promises of epidermal perfection and a youthful glow that would make Jesus weep (let's face it though...Jesus wept quite a bit if the rumours are anything to be believed really). Mukti products actually work and are cruelty free which basically, that's all I really ask of a product. You deliver. Much like this pinot gris I am hydrating myself with on this warm evening...it too, is cruelty free and actually works.
Now, if only religion promised the same cleansing and renewing effect without all the self flagellation and penance...



I have been using Mukti products for almost four years now. I started by using the skincare range as Mukti products were used for facials. I was using some of the expensive popular named brands believing that expensive meant quality.

My skin glowed after a facial and I loved the rose scented fragrance of the toner. I have found my skin feels fresh and healthy. Now I use the hair care products which have soothed my psoriasis and improved the condition of my hair and scalp. I also buy the hair balm for my son and grandsons who love it as it leaves their hair grease free. I have converted to the body wash; a beautifully gentle product on aging dry skin. I get outbreaks of psoriasis on my body as well and I will not use any other product now. It is very important to me to buy Australian made products with Australian sourced ingredients, ethically produced. Mukti is all this and more!

Lorelei Condon


I honestly feel so very happy and blessed that I came across this beautiful range of products. My Mukti products are the one thing I splurge on and are worth every cent as my skin and hair have done a complete 360 since I started using them and have really never felt better. Knowing that this brand is also completely organic and cruelty free is a huge additional bonus. I think the effects of Mukti are especially noticeable on my skin as no one ever commented on my skin before and now, at 40, I get positive comments all the time which is so nice ???? My hair has not felt so healthy and soft since I was about 10! I also recommended Mukti to my sister who, after using expensive high end products for years, has now completely converted to Mukti due to the amazing results and the way Mukti products make your skin feel so luscious. I have tried almost the entire Mukti range and have found the ones that work best for my skin and now I will never be without them. They are the only products I will ever need for my hair and skin care.

Margaret Berry

Carine W.A.

Thanks Kiyana for the great service. Your customer service is second to none. You dealt with my concern quickly and in a personal way. I could tell that each customer is valued by you and the company. Thanks again Margaret.


Port macquarie

Mukti Organics is such an amazing product. I have been using this product for only a few days now and have noticed a dramatic improvement in how clear my skin looks. This product is without a doubt a miracle and smells heavenly as well.

leigh lennox

Seattle, WA USA

I thought I would add my praise to the list - I too keep coming back to Mukti. The products are unique, smell and feel great, and they work! I started off finding and loving the shampoo and conditioner which are wonderful, and then later tried the equally great skincare products. I have dry and sensitive skin and nothing I have tried of Mukti has bothered me. The marigold creme is sooo soothing. I just recently tried the hydrating moisturizer which I love as well. Thank you!



I have been using your products for over two years and I absolutely love all of the products. I have purchased the shampoo & conditioner, all my facial products and right down to the lip balm, I love it all!

I must say the marigold creme has saved me. I sometimes suffer from allergy rashes on my face and chest and as soon as I apply the marigold creme the rash is instantly soothed. Your customer service is amazing and I love the fact that if I have a question your beauty consultant is on the other end of the phone with the most wonderful advice and she is lovely to speak with. Also thank you for making your product gluten free and vegan.

Much love



I absolutely love your products. I get them muscle tested as I am very sensitive and all of your products actually make me stronger, unlike other products I am ok with that are safe but have no real benefit. I am sure this is because of the great ingredients you use and the healing power of these natural ingredients, along with the care that goes in to your products. I literally feel great when I use them. I am utterly impressed with your deodorant (the only natural one out there that actually works!!) and hair serum (moisturising without being oily like other natural products!!)



I purchased my Mukti products a few weeks ago (Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner and Hydrating Moisturiser) and cannot say enough good things about these products - Absorbs into the skin, smells pleasant and no nasty headaches due to heaven knows what chemical concoctions are usually used in other toxic products. I'm so very happy to finally have discovered a skincare line that is organic, safe, affordable and animal cruelty free.
Mukti's customer service is FANTASTIC! There was a mix-up at the post office (AusPost's fault) and Mukti's team were onto it straight away. Also received a lovely follow up call enquiring whether I was happy with my products.
It's the small things like these which will see me returning again and again as a loyal customer. Keep up the brilliant work Mukti and team!


United kingdom

I've now purchased the Balancing foaming cleanser along with the Aloe vera moisturiser and the 2-in-1 resurfacing exfoliant twice, since finding out about Mukti organics. These products have work absolutely brilliantly together. I have issues with combination skin, as most products with chemicals just leave my skin feeling tight and it's very uncomfortable but i always worried using something organic and perhaps not oil free will worsen spots, however since using it my skin is so much calmer, i look forward to using the products everyday because of the refreshing feeling it leaves you with. The products have lasted me months and for a student who can't afford to replace skincare too often, it allows me to stock up on the items before running out. The cleanser has lasted me 4 months and i use 4 pumps twice a day its worth every penny. Love the effect it's having on my skin and these products definitely show me gentle organic products do much more for your skin then abrasive products filled with chemicals. Will keep purchasing! I also love how ingredients in each product is kept to a minimal. In the UK i find there's too many ingredients in a product half of which i don't understand also a lot of 'organic' skincare still has chemicals in the ingredients which defeats the object. Shall definitely continue to order from Australia. Lastly the service is fantastic my items have gotten to me precisely a week after ordering both times and the packaging is quality and sophisticated thank you so much for your service!

Otilia Wingert


Good afternoon Mukti staff,

First I would like to start out by saying that I first stumbled upon Mukti back in the Fall of 2003, when I was living in London, England. Now that I am back in the states, but live in the desert where it is very dry of course, I've decided to try products from your line that I hadn't before, like the deodorant, the hair shampoo & conditioner, hair serum etc. Not only do I love everything I purchased but I can see your company has come such a long way from the more limited, introductory selection packaged in the dark blue bottles to now an extensive selection in beautiful packaging that includes hair and body options. I have loved the rose hip eye gel from the beginning and still use it but my new obsession is the hair serum. I cannot use enough adjectives to describe how smooth and silky, without any residue, this leaves my chemically straightened, chemically damaged and colored hair. The smallest amount (less than a drop) treats my entire mid-length hair. This serum has given me the confidence that I can grow my hair out, without the use of synthetic silicones, without adding to the existing damage while I grow out the already damaged portion.

On to customer service, I've never wanted or had to return a product I've ordered and I've always received the packages nicely wrapped and in a timely manner. Shipping is a bit expensive but totally worth it. No complaints.

I honestly don't even remember how I originally heard about Mukti, it was so long ago that I stumbled on your lovely company. But I assume it was probably the internet in my search for organic, chemical free products. At that time I was suffering from acne on my face. I've tried many, many ALL natural brands but to me none compare to Mukti. I'm so glad to see that you are thriving and wish some day you will expand to the USA.

All the best and thank you.


Gold Coast

Thank you thank you Mukti Organics for providing my skin with the most nourishing and revitalizing products! I have suffered from uneven skin tone and blemishes and have tried for so long to find a skin care range that would agree with me. Mukti Organic skin care leaves my skin hydrated, nourished and noticeably brighter! I have been using the hydrating facial former cleanser along with the Age Defiance Night Serum and Aloe Vera moisturizer and could not be happier with my skins response. It is so refreshing to know that my skin is being treated with natural and organic products with no harsh ingredients. I continue to recommend Mukti Organics to all of my friends and family and their experience is always as positive as mine!



Mukti has changed my life completely, after 20 years of battling with both acne and eczema, Mukti is the only skin care that has healed both!



I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you as not only did I get my order today (samples) you also were very kind to provide more than I ordered. It was a lovely surprise. I tried a full facial with the Balancing range tonight and I know results aren't instant but the feel of my skin is insanely good, in fact it's awesome. I am so blessed to have discovered you.



I have been using Mukti Products for about 6 months and cannot stop raving about them. My favourite product is the Antioxidant Facial Oil which is like giving myself a mini facial each evening! I have also gifted this product to my sister and mum who are now in love with it as well.



My naturopath introduced me to Mukti organics a month ago. I have struggled with acne caused by PCOS for many years. Now in my mid twenties I was desperate to find a solution for my skin. There is nothing worse than feeling insecure about your skin in your twenties! I started with the balancing foaming cleanser. The cleanser was unbelievably soft on my skin and smells amazing! I noticed the texture of my skin and redness improved within 2 weeks. Next, I tried the 2 in 1 resurfacing exfoliant. The exfoliant smells beautiful, is very gentle and doesn't irritate my acne. This helped to minimise the appearance of my pores, my scars faded and my acne began to clear. My skin loves Mukti organics! I'm so impressed with the quality and texture. I've now ordered the aloe vera moisturiser and clarity balm acne treatment to complete my skin care routine! Thank you Mukti for providing an affordable and effective organic product!!


I love Mukti Organics products, I've never found a products that works so well and is beautiful to use.

I didn't take my Mukti products with me overseas as I had almost run out of everything and I would have been upset if my bag was lost in transit. I therefore took a cheaper brand of natural skin care products and the damage I have done to my skin in 3 months is scary; for the first time in years my skin has broken out and is so dry. I'm looking forward to beautiful skin again thanks to your products.


Melbourne, VIC

I love my Mukti products, they are a delight to use and always leave my skin feeling clean and soft. After my purchase I received a lovely, but unexpected courtesy call from a skin consultant at Mukti just to ensure I had received my products, that I was happy with them and knew how to use them. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of the call, so thank-you!

Michelle Chapman


I'm absolutely loving my new skincare range from Mukti! The products smell amazing! As someone else described them "it's like a big cuddle for your face"! Also, it's the first time I've used a cleanser that doesn't strip the good oils from my face and leave me racing for moisturiser. I love the fact it's organic and Australian! Keep up the great work Mukti and thank-you! X

Lorraine K


I love these products, and have been using them for a couple of years now. If you are ever in Maleny, pop in and see the beautiful staff, you will feel instantly at home.

Keryn Anderson

New Hampshire, USA

I wanted to thank you for a remarkable and truly organic product and beautiful product. I found it by chance when I lived in Australia in 2011 and stocked up before I returned to USA. I'm so happy I can order it on line and have it sent over here. I'm 52 and have hot flashes so I find your aloe vera gel fantatic because it doesn't feel like it's suffocating my skin. It's light and wonderful. Thank you! Whenever I have a facial my therapist always comments how hydrated my skin in! I tell her ... "it Mukti, it's marvelous". My friend lives at Beerwah and is so intrigued by this product I continue to use while now living in America she is going to stop by your showroom to see your product for herself. Thank you!!!

Sheena's Health & Beauty Room

Hobart TAS

On a good note I gave a sample of the Marigold creme for a client's her eight year old son, for his eczema on his face. He personally was so happy with the results, he asked his mother if she could buy some. She picked up a jar yesterday. She messaged me last night to say the results are amazing. After one application there is a noticeable difference.

I have worked with cosmecuitical products for 17yrs. When I started my home based business most of my clients followed me. Most of my facial clients have switched over to Mukti products and are very happy with the results. I have definitely noticed an improvement in the hydration in their skin and that's saying something when we have just had the coldest winter in 50 years! Mukti Organic Skincare is in a class of it's own!

I congratulate you on your beautiful products and on your moral ethics to this beautiful planet. Which is another important reason why I chose Mukti over other so called organic products. I would also like to say it's an absolute pleasure dealing with Laura your wholesale manager. She's a gem. Always gets back to me as soon as she can which I very much appreciate.

Thankyou Mukti,
I hope your day is good to you,

Kind regards,
Sheena xx


I feel so privileged to have stumbled across Mukti I have not yet purchased anything however I feel rest assured Mukti is right for me. I really love/appreciate the ingredients that are in the products. Thanks again! x



I love the Mukti hair care (argan) and also the exfoliant. It really helped my skin in this humidity. I have tried many organic natural products and not many have worked well with my skin but mukti did it! Thank you!


There are so many chemicals and weird stuff no one can pronounce in everything these days. If you're making an effort to eat clean than make sure you also treat your largest organ, your skin, with the same care. If you wouldn't put it in your mouth then don't put it on your skin! Apparently it doesn't take many seconds for the chemicals to absorb from the surface of your skin into your bloodstream. Treat your whole body with love!
Thank you for looking after my skin Mukti Organics !

Kyra Xavia

Dunedin, New Zealand

There are quite a number of special things that stand out to me with Mukti products but I'm going to mention just three.
Firstly, the biophotonic violet glass packaging. Not only are the containers lovely to hold and handle, I value knowing that this is the optimal material to protect and energise the precious certified organic ingredients inside.
Secondly, the dispensers are delightful to use, in particular the fine mist of the Rose Blossom Hydrating Toner which is a real sensory pleasure.
How lovely that the quality of the products extends to the packaging.
Last but definitely not least, the light, refreshing and distinctive scent of the products are exquisite, and with every inhale I'm absorbing a little more botanical magic into my system.
It's clear how much effort, care and integrity is involved in developing your brand and products.
Seems to me that you are setting the benchmark.
Let's hope other brands follow suit.



As a professional skin therapist who has worked as both a trainer and celebrity facialist for some of the worlds top skin care brands, I can honestly say that Mukti products are what I now choose to use on myself. As a therapist, I do not believe in 'quick fixes' by treating the skin as an independant organ with harsh chemical ingredients and over-exfoliation. Put simply, Mukti products are highly effective and will still give you a 'quick fix' solution for your skin concerns, however Mukti chooses to do so in an ethical and holistic manner which honours the whole body, as well as the skin, to ensure that it looks beautiful both now and in the future.



Thanks so much, I received the order today, and was blown away, not only with the super fast shipping, but also with the new packaging: It's gorgeous!! I am a new convert! Every sample I order, I end up loving, and thus, buying the product :). Have introduced my Mum and sister-in-law to a few products and they love them too. I hope you replace Jurlique as the number one natural (which they are not) skin care brand. Amazing customer service, you have a new loyal fan :)

Jessica Ainscough

Wellness Warrior

100% natural and certified organic, I am often vocal about my love for the Mukti range. I use everything Mukti!

In loving memory - Jess Ainscough.

R. Burns


I am extremely impressed with the efficient and prompt staff and even more impressed with the 100% organic skincare made in Australia. My skin has already improved within one week of using your products.

Emma Protzman

WA, Australia

I have been looking and trying lots of skin care products for a while, yours was one of the first few. I have come back to Mukti because, to be honest, it is the most effective. My skin has never looked better and it slowly correcting my skin issue that has been bugging for months! I am very grateful and should have just stuck with you rather than trying everything else:) After doing my research I know yours works. I never really understood what 'plump' was (even though all moisturisers claim to do it) but your moisturiser does it, my skin is smooth and it feels thicker and lifted (if that makes sense.) I only wish I took before and after photos! Your videos are all very informative and I have learnt a lot about organic products and taking care of my skin. You have a very knowledgeable company and friendly too, not one other company called me to see if I was enjoying the products. Thank you!



I am extremely impressed with the standard of product from Mukti. It’s the best product I have ever used on my skin, as it is improving all the time. Recently I ran out of product, and my skin became dry and blotchy without this amazing product. My daughter is also using the Clarity Balm and her skin is clearing up. I am so very happy with the results these products give, and I can’t imagine trying anything else!



I am so grateful to Mukti for developing such amazing products! I am a young mother with two young boys and a baby, and I use Marigold Hydrating Creme to keep their skin healthy and radiant. I even used Mukti products when I was pregnant, and my skin stayed fresh and glowing. Thank you Mukti Team!

Marnie P


I always use Mukti, and any other product I try are totally below par with Mukti’s. My skin has never been as healthy.

Nancy. H


My husband has cancer of the blood and bone, and after discovering Mukti, he has used nothing else. The results have been so amazing! Now my friends and family are eager to try. Thank you Mukti!

Kath R


I am extremely impressed with the efficiency and prompt service of the staff and receiving my products on time. I high recommend Mukti to everyone because your products are excellent. My skin and hair is looking amazing. I will be a long term Mukti user!

Rebecca. B


I am extremely impressed with the efficient and prompt service of the staff from Mukti's. Plus the products are absolutely outstanding. Thank you Mukti Team

S. Murphy

QLD, Australia

I have found your products to be tremendous and I wouldn't use anything else now.

K Livingstone

QLD, Australia

I have been using your products since April of this year. I can honestly say that various people come up to me at least three times a week and tell me what beautiful skin I have. That's not bad for a lady who's almost 44! I am so thankful that you have developed natural products that are totally affordable and the results speak for themselves. Walking through Myers cosmetic section last week, I thought to myself if only they knew about Mukti, they wouldn't need to sell any other products! My husband has now started using them, he is so impressed also. Thank you again!

J. Spehr

QLD, Australia

This is just a little note to let you know that I was really impressed with your product. I decided to treat myself to a mini facial using your sample pack. I am rapidly approaching the grand old age of 50 and have used various face creams (including some of the most expensive ones) ever since I was sixteen, so I speak from experience when I say that you have a top class product. It made my skin and myself feel very pampered.

L Deans

QLD, Australia

We are privileged to have the most delicious natural beauty products that I have found. Mukti (means freedom and liberation) products are an absolute delight to use, fresh and all natural, made (I feel) with respect and integrity. It is extremely important to me that we use products that are safe and "in sync" with nature. My 15 year old is also a firm believer in using these products as well, and her skin shines. No more synthetic, chemically loaded products for us we want clean, healthy skin and an added bonus especially for teenagers, they are affordable! There is quite an extensive range of products!

J Tucker

QLD, Austalia

Since using Mukti for about 18 months my skin has never looked back, I'm approaching the big 40 this year and needed something to keep my skin looking young. I recently went on a holiday to the Gold Coast and went to an up-market day spa for a facial, my first in 10 years, and the Beauty Therapist was very impressed with my skin and asked what products I was using. My favourite Mukti product is the antioxidant facial serum, it awakens your face of a morning and you can actually feel it working, I love the light feel which doesn't feel like your weighing your skin down. Do yourself a favour and try Mukti, it's cheaper than most supermarket products but most of all its chemical free.

F. Kay

NSW, Australia

Thank you Mukti for developing a natural range of products that work! I suffer from eczema and I am allergic to most chemicals. Finally, I have found a skincare range that not only works beautifully but is affordable. Even better is the fact that you are an ethical Australian company. I look forward to supporting Mukti Organics for many years to come.

A. Beverley

QLD, Australia

I tried your products yesterday evening and waiting to contact you until now to have a full 24 hours experience for my skin. I am deeply, deeply impressed with the consistency, the aroma, but most of all, just how fantastic every one of your formulas felt on my skin. I am going to use the remainder of my two samples to determine which works best and then order for myself personally. I have been using Dr Haulshcka products for several months now and I thought they were marvelous. But I'm chucking them in for your formulations! Thank you also for the helpful information you sent me.

Kerrie Wright

Eden Beauty Therapy

"I wanted to let you know about one client of mine who has extremely sensitive skin. She had a facial with me using Mukti and her skin (in her words) had never felt better but she decided to finish using her Payot before purchasing any of the Mikti range. The next morning I received a call from her telling me that once she had put her Payot on her skin after her shower her skin had flared up like never before so I told her to come straight over. I could not believe what her skin looked like, it was red, hot, swollen and lumpy. So I cleansed, toned and used the antioxidant facial oil followed by the nourishing cream also putting the eye balm around the eyes. What we then saw was fantastic. Before our eyes the skin started to return to its normal self and within 15 minutes was 70% better. Obviously she was very happy and decided not to wait and purchased Mukti straight away (the Payot went in the bin).

This experience has confirmed my decision to use Mukti in the salon and I am extremely happy along with my satisfied clients. Thank you again!

Annie Sampson


The mukti facial creams are amazing. I have tried most facial products in my life and these are by far and away the very best. The supplier in UK has stopped stocking the products so I am very disappointed. Hope that they will travel safely. Many thanks.


Floreat, Western Australia

What a wonderful surprise. I placed and order ftom Western Australia on Monday for some items and had them sitting on my doorstep today (Thursday). Wow! Impressive service. Soooooo excited to try my new skincare products.



I absolutely LOVE your products and will be buying more... I will definitely be telling everyone about your company! Thank You. I may even photography the difference. Finally I have found something that works for me and helps make a difference in the world.



I started using your products a month ago, and, after only four weeks, my skin looks radiant, clear and even. My family have commented on how well I look; 'refreshed' is the word that everyone keeps using. And it's all because of my new Mukti regime. I have never written and complimented a brand before, but I think Mukti products are sensational and I had to tell you. And I've been telling all my friends, too. I can't wait to receive my next order!



It's not every day that, as a woman, you find beauty products that fit you like a glove. With so much hype, advertising, 'new' developments and market saturation in this age of instant accessibility, it can be daunting to navigate one's way through to find something that works and makes you happy. More than that, the discovery of qua lity and purity can be almost like a revelation.Mukti Organics surpasses what you can expect, from much of what can be experienced. The variety of products within the company's lines caters for a wide range of needs and conditions. My skin has, over the past few months, changed dramatically due primarily to my journey with Mukti. It is healthier, softer to the touch and it has a glow that was - quite frankly - missing. The scents, the textures of the products themselves and the gentle, holistic philosophy that guides this business all reflect the quality that is... Mukti. Thank you!



I just wanted to let you know that I am so extremely grateful I found Mukti products. I researched a lot of organic skin/hair care brands in a lot of detail before I decided that I wanted to try Mukti products based on the ingredients, philosophies, reviews etc. and the fact that they are Australian owned and made (I adore QLD!!!). I love that the products really work and make my skin, hair and body feel so fabulous and alive, and I love promoting Mukti whenever I can. I even let my Indian neighbour try some of my products out after I mentioned I was using them to her - she explained the true meaning of Mukti in Indian which I think is absolutely perfect for the products!! I wish you all the very best, you deserve it for making so many people so happy and enabling them to choose to live that much 'cleaner' and healthier



I had been using your products very happily for several years when the GFC hit. Changes to my own personal economic circumstances forced me to re-think every purchase that I made, including my skin care needs. Over the following months I set out trying to find a suitable substitute for my beloved Mukti that contained either all or some organic ingredients, was free of toxic nasties, Australian made, easy to purchase and good value for money. I trialled product after product that only resulted in disappointment, frustration and worst of all, skin that was once again stressed, over-reactive and unbalanced.

After all this kafuffle, I am happy to state that with complete and utter confidence that for my changeable skin type - mature/sensitive/combination, Mukti has been the only solution. Nothing but nothing compares to the quality, integrity and purity of the ingredients. Mukti stands out like a shining beacon. After only a few days of using Mukti again, my skin has completely settled down and is now balanced, soothed, calm and hydrated. I am once again reveling in the sensory experience of your beautiful products.

Mukti is worth every cent and I will not compromise my skin again. In short, it is range of top quality products that work and deliver amazing results in a very short time.


North Carolina USA

The Mukti team has made this an extraordinarily wonderful experience. Coming from a retail/customer service background, I fully understand that having a great team of dedicated professionals is crucial to any businesses success. I can say without hesitation, that the team at Mukti provides a stellar level of service, communication and knowledge of the current product offerings.

Again, thank you for making this an outstanding experience and because of this alongside the quality of the products, I plan to be a Mukti devotee for many years to come.



I have been living in Indonesia for about five years. Ironically, the uber humid climate has caused a very unpleasant looking atopic eczema around my eyes. I changed everything about my skincare regimen to avoid relapses. I bought new eye make-up and brushes, natural eye creams, and hypoallergenic pillow cases. I ditched my store-bought make-up remover and switched to extra virgin coconut oil. Still, every couple of weeks, the reaction that I un-affectionately call "elephant eyes" (so-coined for my skin's appearance during the worst outbreaks) would recur.

Recommended by a friend, I started using Mukti's calendula cream around my eyes twice daily. Within less than a week, the eczema and puffiness completely disappeared. I tested its effectiveness by discontinuing applications for a week or so, and the eczema returned. I have since used the cream religiously for more than eight months.

To anyone with moderate to severe skin reactions, particularly dry skin problems: I cannot sing Mukti's praises enough for concocting this amazing product. Well done, Mukti! I'll be a lifelong loyal consumer!


northern beaches, sydney

I have suffered with peri-oral dermatitis for a year now, and have tried everything under the sun to make the rash & bumps go away.. nothing has worked long term for me without causing flare ups. I made the switch to Mukti just over a week ago now, and since using the hydration sample kit & now trialing the marigold moisturiser - I have never seen such quick results! Already my whole complexion is a lot smoother and more radiant, and my dermatitis around the nose has calmed down incredibly and barely noticable. Could not recommend this brand enough!


Launceston, Tasmania

Yesterday I received my order of Mukti products - the Marigold Hydrating Cream and the Rosehip Eye Gel. My skin was so grateful. It felt soothed and relieved by the cream (which I have used before) and the eye gel (which I haven't used before). They are both extremely good for my skin and I won't hesitate to use more of your products, and I'm looking forward to doing that.

Melissa Trindall


I have been using mukti range for a couple of day's & I can't believe the difference in my skin it's so calm , hydrated balanced & glowing I'm amazed & so very happy thank you Mukti.



I am extremely happy with the products I have been using, especially the cleansing lotion and tinted moisturiser. It’s great that a lighter tinted moisturiser has been introduced! It makes me love it even more. The Mukti Team provides outstanding services and assistance, a standard of which I have never experienced before. Thank you Mukti!

Mrs Trucker

QLD Australia

I recently purchased your cleanser, facial crème and face and body scrub, and just had to tell you what a great product you have developed. I enjoy using the essential oils, and have often made my own moisturiser, but after trying your product nothing goes close to matching it, especially the cleanser. It's the first time my face doesn't feel stripped of all its moisture after cleansing. I can't wait to try all your other products. Thanks for such an affordable beauty routine that I'm sure is going to show great results on my skin in the weeks to come.

L. Briggs

QLD, Australia

I am writing to thank you for a fantastic skincare range. Not only is it completely naturally, it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I have only been using it for a few weeks but have certainly noticed the difference. I have had a number of comments about my skin and how good it is looking. I have never used a skincare product that has worked so quickly. Not only are the products natural and effective, they are very reasonably priced.

Stancie Wilson

Co-Founder / Editor Fig+Sage™ USA

I just wanted to let you know that my skin is loving the skin care set Mukti Organics sent my way. It feels totally nourished, hydrated and pampered. I'm going to use it for another couple weeks before writing about it but can't wait to tell my readers! Thank you for creating pure products that actually work...and work well! It's difficult to pinpoint which ones are my favorite because I really like them all!



I like that your products come from plants so they are in agreement with my body. There is no burning or irritation of any kind. They do what they are supposed to deep down and have improved the appearance of my skin tremendously. I am sensitive to a lot of products and use as much natural and organic products and food as possible.

Thank you again for taking the time to explain. A reliable company does that sort of thing.

Looking forward to doing more business with you. May all be well in Australia and may you have beautiful days ahead.

Tara Auchterlonie

Sydney, Australia

My mother was a beauty therapist so I've tried a huge range of products over the years, and since using Mukti I can finally say I've found a product I am really excited about! I have been using Mukti for just over a year now and my skin has never looked and felt so good. So many people comment on how young and healthy my skin looks (I'm 40). I have not had any skin irritation or eczema on my face since using Mukti, which has been a problem with all other products I've tried. I am so happy with the Mukti product I've even talked strangers into buying it when I've been at the northern beaches stockist. I love this product!

Rennae Christensen


I came across Mukti products when I popped into my local chemist for a light weight moisturiser and was suggested your balancing moisturiser. Since then ìve become a huge fan, wouldn't dream of using anything else on my face and advocate the use of Mukti to anyone that will listen. My skin always feels so clean and soft and i love knowing I'm not putting any harmful nasties on my already sensitive skin. The online service that i use is amazing. I've caught myself nearly running out of product, ordering it and receiving them in 2-3 days. I'd just like to say i also love the little sample pots. Ive come across extra products that i know use that i otherwise wouldnt have looked for. Thank you for not only creating an amazing priduct but also an amazing service.



I adore these products. I pretty much have allergies to everything, but when I started using the Marigold crème, I could see my skin improving. Everywhere I go I spread the word about Mukti products because it has given me radiant skin and improved my confidence!



I am very happy with your products. I use Marigold Hydrating Creme for my children, who all have bad allergies. I have tried different crèmes from all over the world and Mukti’s Marigold Hydrating Creme is the only thing that has helped with my children’s allergies. I have never used such an outstanding product and my children’s allergies have subsided.

L. Neimeyer

VIC Australia,

I am approaching 30 and have been in the search for a simple skin care range for years. I constantly have dry chapped lips (no matter what products I apply or how much water I drink etc) and a very sensitive eye area. During the past few years I have relied solely on Jojoba and Rosehip Oil concentrates as a cleanser and moisturiser but, although it seemed to be considerably more beneficial than most of the cosmetic brands I have tried, it still left my skin dehydrated.

Discovering your products by chance through a 'Living Now' paper, I immediately jumped onto your website where I requested a sample The very small sample you sent me lasted almost 5 days - I was very impressed by this and the fact that my skin had simply never looked better.

While holidaying in Qld at Christmas my partner and I bought several items from your range. I am writing this email to share with you not only how thrilled we are to have found and be using your natural products, but also that the effect has been nothing short of incredible. And, for the first time I can remember my lips are not dry and flaking! This in itself is a miracle. Thank you.

F Ricciardo

NSW, Australia

I have suffered from eczema for over 15 years and am allergic to most common chemicals used in skincare. I have spent years trying to find a natural skin care regime that:
a) is affordable
b) works

Last year I was searching on the Internet and found Mukti Organics.

I trialed the products and now I cannot live without my Mukti skincare. My skincare regime is composed of the cleansing lotion, floral hydrating mist and Facial Creme for MDN (mature/dry/normal) skin, the Antioxidant Facial Oil for night-time and the Clarity Balm treatment (for pimples!).

For me, the best things about the Mukti range are: - all products are pure, natural and 100% plant based and most importantly they work. Last, but certainly not least, the products are 100% Australian made by an Australian woman!

J. MacTaggart

NSW, Australia

I would like to share with you a wholly Australian made and owned organic skincare range that I stumbled onto quite by chance. I had been using a well known skincare range for a number of years, now I have reached time in my life where my skin has changed. I had developed a degree of rejection and I had to stop using my favourite moisturiser.

I started with the nourishing facial crème and have never been so happy with a product. I now use the whole range.

No more allergies my skin no longer itches and my eyes have stopped smarting and watering. I'm very impressed. I have been a Hairdresser Beautician and Manicurist so I have a little understanding of the cosmetic range on the market today. I could go on praising my Magical Find. Keep up the good work.

T. Allen

VIC Australia

Just a short note to thank you so much for your wonderful products. After 10 years of experimenting with various lotions and potions, as well as several trips to the dermatologist, I've finally found something that works! Your products and your advice have really helped my skin. The improvements are amazing. I realise that my skin, being incredibly sensitive with clogged pores, will always be a problem. At least now it's smooth and soft and no pimples!

K Lyons

Beverly Hills, CA, USA

A year ago I began using a line called Mukti Organics. These products are Australian owned, 100% chemical free and best of all, are incredibly affordable. As cliched as it sounds, my skin has never looked better!! I work in the film and fashion industry in LA and am always on the lookout for the next best beauty buy. I've spent years experimenting with expensive over the counter products with varying results. I have dehydrated, sensitive skin that is sometimes irritated by chemicals found in retail cosmetics. Because Mukti Botanicals are chemical free, they are gentle yet unbelievably effective.

My favourites... antioxidant facial serum for dehydrated skin. This is used under a moisturiser and is perfect for long haul flights. Antioxidant facial oil - great for dry, thirsty skin. Smells delicious! Floral Hydrating Mist Toner with rose and lavender. Yum!

A Burton


Mukti products helped turn my life around!! I used to suffer from terrible eczema and itching which in turn caused chronic insomnia for 13 years and led to my hair falling out and made me too unwell to hold down a full time job. I've been using Mukti products for 2 years, and, in combination with a chlorine-filter in the shower and changes in my diet, they have helped me go 2 years without steroidal creams or injections, anti-biotics, anti-histamines, anxiety pills and sleeping pills. I am now sleeping most nights, looking for a full time job and my hair is beginning to return. I just wish they were available in Europe so I wouldn't have to pay customs charges! Thank-you for your incredible products and don't ever give up the good work!



I received my Mukti products about 2 weeks ago and can honestly say I absolutely love them! My skin has never looked or felt better! Thank you so much for all your advice and helping me select the right products for my skin! I truly believe whoever has not come across your products is genuinely missing out!!! I have used so many products some of which were ridiculously priced!!! I was dissatisfied with most if not all, not to mention the skin rashes that some of them caused! Your products on the other hand are wonderful. Every morning my skin feels so soft and supple. The texture of my skin used to really bother me. It always felt 'rough' and bumpy... now it feels so smooth and soft. I should also mention how wonderful your shampoo is as well. I cannot believe it lathers so well and my hair feels so soft and clean...no more itchy scalp for me! What more can I say, your products are wonderful! I can't recommend them highly enough! I've even caught my husband (sneakily) using my cleanser and moisturiser and he's never been one to pay much attention to his skin. His exact words were "this stuff is unreal". No more searching for the perfect skincare any more, I have finally found it... and what's even better it's in Australia!!! Thanks again Mukti

A Burton


I've just gone 40 of the last 41 nights without itching / scratching. That's a new record in my adult life, and your products have played a critical role in my healing. Thank you.



I just wanted to stop for a minute and say THANKYOU!! By this time in the year my skin and hair have lost it, with the harsh change of season in Central West NSW my hair is usually dull and lifeless my skin would have dermatitis and breakouts but now but no sign of that this year since using Mukti. My hairdresser has said my hair has never looked better and my beautician wanted to know exactly what I had been using. Thank you Mukti

Barbara R


I have been happily using your products for a few years now. Your sunscreen is the only one that my sensitive/70 year old skin has been able to tolerate, so a big thank you!

Our core mission is to connect people back to nature, creating healthy lifestyles and beauty routines.

- Mukti Organics
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