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Pauline's story

19 October 2020

Pauline used:

"I was starting to notice fine lines appearing and my normal skincare routine just wasn't cutting it. After spotting your products at my local hairdressers I was recommended night serum. This was so lovely a few days later I decided to stock up on the moisturiser (with sunscreen), micro dermal roller and the ultimate hydrating essentials. Two months later the fine lines are disappearing and pigmentation marks have faded too. I love how much softer my skin feels now. The antioxident facial oil is my favourite."

Helen's story

15 July 2020

Helen used:

"I've had trouble with acne when I was younger and now I have stubborn, old scars that won't go away and congested skin and enlarged pores. I've noticed wrinkles lately and my skin is losing a lot of elasticity. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Mukti makes a difference to this skin that I've had to live with for most of my life!"

Brianna's story

04 July 2019

Brianna used:

"I have tried other natural and organic brands that haven't worked on acne prone skin. I wanted a Vitamin A, B and C serums that didn't have the nasties. I LOVE them so much and have seen a huge difference in my skin! I also use your dermal roller #skinsaviour!"

Brianna-lee's story

10 May 2019

Brianna-lee used:

"I have tried other natural and organic brands that haven't worked on acne prone skin. I wanted a Vitamin A, B and C serums that didn't have the nasties. I LOVE them so much and have seen a huge difference in my skin! I also use your dermal roller #skinsaviour

I'm a little crazy about skin health after going through years of acne, flare ups and low self esteem. I have decided to focus/pursue skin health as a career. I'm nearly finished my nutritional medicine degree which I'll be able to share and offer internal support but then I'll be going off to do dermal therapy to offer external support. No doubt I'll be recommending your products!"

Tina's story

08 May 2019

Tina used:

"These products have made me feel young and confident again. I feel like I can walk the streets without the fear of judgement from strangers! I use the Vital A Elixir after the use of my dermal roller, which I do twice a week and the antioxidant facial oil during the day. Thank you Mukti, you’ve saved me!"

LJ's story

11 March 2019

LJ used:

"I love using the Mukti products. I started using them when I was pregnant as my skin was so sensitive and I have gone on to buy almost every product. You can tell the care and attention to detail that goes into all the product development and you really do get your money’s worth- you can tell of how jam packed of natural actives the products are! I’m in my early thirties and while many of my peers are considering ‘baby botox’ I thought I would give the Mukti derma roller a try- the results speak for themselves!!! And so does my bank account and peace of mind. "

shay's story

04 March 2019

shay used:

"Suffering PCOS and trying everpossible product on the market for some sort of relief. Nothing seemed to help the hormonal acne and the scarring that came along with it. After reading the science behind vitamin A, B & C and skin I knew I needed to find a natural skincare with these products included. I also received the roller and use it 2 x weekly, and boy! My skin glows the next day. Every product is so beautiful and the best part I haven’t had a hormonal breakout since using this range. THANK YOU"

Michele's story

02 January 2019

Michele used:

"I have been using Mukti products for about two years. In October, received the Age Defiance Collection with micro dermal roller. I also ordered a sample of the Hydrating Moisturiser because my skin tends to get dry in winter. Plus I noticed my skin had a dull, grey cast to it.

I used the Dermal Roller 2-3 times a week. Afterwards, I use the Hydrating Moisturiser, then Vitamin C Elixir, the Day/Night Serum, followed by the Eye Serum. My skin has a glow to it and I can actually go out without make-up except for some lip balm. Thank you for sharing your products!
Michele Scutti
P.S. I will be 56 this month "

Sarah's story

02 November 2018

Sarah used:

"At 28 and a mum of two I had been having a skin change, I had many painful pimples that were stubborn and linked with stress. I decided to give Mukti a go after unsuccessful trials of other brands claiming they were natural ingredients but lead to flare ups due to my dermatitis.

I was pleasantly surprised that after a few days my skin had calmed down, and after 2 months had completely cleared. I do not have to wear makeup anymore and my skin is thanking me for using these products. I have never had a skin care routine before now, each day I look forward to treating my skin. Highly recommend giving it a go!"

Madeleine's story

22 September 2017

Madeleine used:

"I have scarring on my cheeks from having acne as a teenager. I wanted to use microdermabrasion to reduce texture as it's especially noticeable when I wear makeup. The personal dermal roller has made a huge difference to my skins texture and I love that I paid less than half price to do my own treatment whenever I like. Thank you so much Mukti! You have improve my self-confidence."

Myoungha's story

04 July 2017

Myoungha used:

"I have been very busy and couldn't take care of skin enough while preparing exam. As a result, I lost elasticity of my skin and I had skin troubles that I didn't have before. Because of my habit of scraping pimples, my skin became dark and had many acne scars. They didn't faded naturally as when I was young.
But after using age defiance collection and microdermalroller, acne scars vanished and skin bacame brighter and resilient. I want to share my expirience of Mukti and strongly recommend Mukti."

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