Our Sustainability Commitment

Organic Certification

Independent international certification by COSMOS assures that our products have been produced in a manner that's ecologically sustainable and harmonious. Each certified organic ingredient is grown and harvested ethically and minimally so that the integrity of the plant is maintained delivering potency, quality and ultimately, visible results.

External third party auditing is conducted annually and guarantees absolute ingredient compliance and transparency. No synthetic chemicals, processes or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients have been used in our certified organic product lines.

Recycling Initatives

In an effort to reduce and minimise our environmental footprint, your empty bottles and jars can be returned free of charge.

This initiative forms part of our sustainability charter and assists us on our mission to use less and do more.

We understand that the process of returning these bottles takes a little effort, but with your assistance, we're committed to doing what we can do reduce waste and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Below are the steps required to recycle your bottles.

Steps to Recycle

1. Collect 5 or more empty violet glass bottles or jars.

2. Remove labels and fixtures (lids/pumps) then wash in warm, soapy water and rinse.

3. Fill out the form linked below to get your reply-paid label via email. Print your reply-paid shipping label and attach to the package, or opt for the paperless return option.

4. Return your package via the Post Office.

5. Once we process the return you will earn $10, which can be used on your next order.

6. Please include your name in the parcel so we can allocate your reward points.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Vegan - Many of our products are independently certified by Vegan Australia. *Note that the Bioactive Collagen Booster is not vegan.

Cruelty Free - None of our raw materials are tested on animals.

Sustainable - Our Bioactive Collagen Booster is derived from marine collagen and is a by-product of sustainable fishing.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our purpose is to help people feel and look their best and to make sure we meet everyone's beauty needs. We are a skincare brand for all skins, regardless of age, colour or condition.

We have been and are committed to working with a broad range of creatives, influencers and models to ensure our visual content reflects and provides a voice to a more diverse range of backgrounds that is particularly inclusive of our Australian and nearby New Zealand and Island populations.

We are committed to raising awareness of the role of Traditional Owner and First Nations communities and acknowledging country.

Earth Defender Program

As part of our Earth Defender Program, we partner with and donate a portion of our sales to various conservation and environmental
foundations and charities including:

Bob Brown Foundation
Founded by Bob Brown, a long-term advocate for climate change and ex-parliamentary leader for the Greens, the Bob Brown Foundation is a not-for-profit fund that strives to provide regular, secure funding that powers campaigns to protect our precious forests, oceans and wildlife.
Our contributions go towards promoting the protection of land environments, wildlife and marine ecosystems in Australia, Antartica, and across our region.

Save The Bees
Through pollination, bees play an immensely important role in the availability and biodiversity of fresh produce. Due to insecticides, herbicides, industrial-scale monoculture food farming and habitat fragmentation, bee populations are at risk, and without bees, humanity and our earth will suffer. Save The Bees Australia aims to educate, empower, and protect bee populations.

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