Mukti Organics are industry leaders within the Australian skincare landscape — pioneering the green beauty movement since the turn of the millennium.

Now, firmly positioned as one of Australia’s most recognised female-founded, certified-organic brands, we step into a new frontier of Mukti Organics with a fresh energy and a more mindful approach to scientifically formulated simple skin solutions.

Built on the philosophy of delivering clean, conscious skin formulations that are ethical, sustainable, and traceable in approach, our products contain potent, bioactive indigenous superfruits and botanical extracts.

Non toxic, natural, and certified organic.

Our formulations are meticulously engineered to deliver solutions-focused results, creating visible change to skin appearance. 

Our products promote a conscious commitment to the environment and are tried and tested extensions of a deep knowledge and understanding of skin health, wellbeing, and function. 

The Mukti Organics comprehensive range spans facial, hair and body care products. Each product contains a unique native extract synergy, formulated to address a specific skin type or concern. 

Our Founder

Born from an identified gap in the market for an organic range of products that were both results-driven and backed by science, Mukti’s namesake brand was launched in the year 2000.

As a beauty therapist and cosmetic formulator, Mukti used her extensive knowledge and passion to create a range of internationally acclaimed and award-winning formulations with a holistic understanding of all ingredients, their functions and efficacy on the skin.

The foundation of all products is a certified organic base, formulated with sustainably sourced, high-potency botanicals and clean actives, with key ingredients verified by clinical data and supported by science.

To this day, Mukti still oversees the creation of every product and encapsulates the essence of Australian beauty.

Mukti is also the author of the best-selling beauty book, Truth in Beauty.

What Sets Us Apart

International certification by COSMOS, assures and guarantees that our products have gold standard organic status and have been produced in a manner that is both ecologically sustainable and harmonious with nature.

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We take pride in creating skincare products that use only the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, and were one of the first brands globally to recognise the valuable attributes of indigenous ingredients. They are found in our formulations in abundance and in percentages that are performance driven.

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Sustainability and mindful manufacturing are foundational values at Mukti Organics. From sourcing and formulating to manufacturing and distribution, our longstanding commitment to sustainability in unison with skin health and wellbeing, is deeply embedded in our DNA and evident in every facet of our brand.

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Mukti products are proudly 100% Australian made and owned. Headquartered in Mullumbimby NSW, all products are manufactured on site. With an ongoing commitment to transparency, we happily share information on our processes and procedures, through an open-door policy.

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Award Winning Formulations