Behind the Brand


Established in Australia in 2000, our eponymous brand name MUKTI, originates from Sanskrit and means freedom and liberation.

This philosophy underpins our actions and approach to encompass sustainable, ethical and organic principles in everything that we do.

Our core mission is to reconnect people back to nature, creating healthy, sustainable lifestyles and beauty routines with minimal impact on the environment.

Inspired by Nature™, our goal is to encapsulate the finest quality skincare ingredients that deliver real results.

Our ingredients and formulations are selected based on their functionality, efficacy and safety, all from our HQ in Mullumbimby, NSW.


Our Founder

Mukti has been actively involved in the beauty and personal care industry for over two decades. Her varied career has encompassed a common thread focusing on health and wellness. Her aim is to reconnect people to nature, creating health and happiness via toxin-free lifestyles and beauty regimes.

An apothecary artisan at heart, Mukti has mastered the process of creating dynamic, organic and natural beauty formulations. She is the best-selling author of Truth in Beauty, a detailed exploration into skincare ingredients and personal care products.

Her internationally-acclaimed and award-winning products combine functional, plant-based ingredients, native Australian actives, vitamins and peptides that have anti-ageing benefits, boosting skin health and vitality.


International certification by COSMOS, assures and guarantees that our products have gold standard organic status and have been produced in a manner that is both ecologically sustainable and harmonious with nature.
The indigenous flora of Australia, known as extremophiles, have adapted to the harsh climatic conditions and contain potent antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients essential for the nourishment and regeneration of skin cells. Our botanical extracts contain phyto-active compounds and derivatives with a stable and potent delivery system.
Peptides are short chain amino acids that naturally occur in the skin and act as messengers. They can send a signal to regulate and produce new collagen, leading to the appearance of younger, more supple skin. Peptides can also act to strengthen other proteins in our skin such as keratin and elastin. When combined with other key actives, the anti-ageing benefits of peptides are amplified.
Biophotonic violet glass protects our formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light. It is the safest and most optimal form of packaging for extending the shelf life of your skin care products. As a fundamental component of our sustainability charter, all glass can be returned and recycled at no cost to you.

GMP Certification

Above and beyond organic certification, our custom built facility is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ISO 22716 approved.

Stringent internal and external auditing processes must be adhered to, guaranteeing product safety and efficacy.

Award Winning Formulations