Who We Partner With

We manage these contributions in house as opposed to using a platform that requires 30% administration fees. While these platforms carry strong brand awareness in the market, we prefer those funds to be directed to the foundations or charities themselves.

With the focus primarily on climate change and conservation, we have identified several causes with whom we are aligned and would like to have a long-term relationship with.

Founded by Bob Brown, a long-term advocate for climate change and ex-parliamentary leader for the Greens, the Bob Brown Foundation is a not-for-profit fund that strives to provide regular, secure funding that powers campaigns to protect our precious forests, oceans, and wildlife.
Our contributions go towards promoting the protection of land environments, wildlife and marine ecosystems in Australia, Antarctica, and across our region.
Through pollination, bees play an immensely important role in the availability and biodiversity of fresh produce. Due to insecticides, herbicides, industrial-scale monoculture food farming and habitat fragmentation, bee populations are at risk, and without bees, humanity and our earth will suffer. Save The Bees Australia aims to educate, empower, and protect bee populations.
As Australia’s National Environmental Group ACF works tirelessly on environmental issues empowering individuals to act in relation to climate pollution, habitat destruction and the extinction of species.
Farmers Footprint ethos is one of progress versus perfection. They seek to meet farmers to assist and support them with moving towards more regenerative practices. They focus their efforts on awareness, education and empowerment connecting stakeholders and consumers with positive action to regenerate our food system. Regenerative farming techniques provide a range of benefits to farmers, the land, and our overall wellbeing.