Behind the Brand

Mukti A green cosmetic chemistry pioneer and AUthor of "Truth in Beauty". with a penchant for beauty and botany, she has helped set the benchmark for certified organic skincare in Australia.

Mukti has been actively involved in the beauty and personal care industry for over two decades. Her varied career has encompassed a common thread focusing on health and wellness. Her aim is to reconnect people to nature, creating health and happiness via toxin-free lifestyles and beauty regimes.

An apothecary artisan at heart, Mukti has mastered the process of creating dynamic, organic and natural beauty formulations. She is the best-selling author of "Truth in Beauty", a detailed exploration into skincare ingredients and personal care products.

Her internationally-acclaimed and award-winning products combine functional, plant-based ingredients with indigenous Australian actives, nature identical vitamins and peptides that deliver results by boosting skin health and vitality.


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MUKTI (MOOKH TEE) To practice the art of liberating and freeing oneself from fears, ignorance and false knowledge.

- Mukti
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