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10 quick ways to give your home a natural detox


If you've done a natural detox for your body before, you'll know how amazing it makes you feel. You feel lighter, you have more energy, your head is clearer and you sleep better. The same applies when you do a natural detox for your home. Keeping your living space as toxin-free as possible is essential for the optimum health of you and your family.

 Our 10 natural detox tips for the home make it really easy:

  1. Take your shoes off – before you enter the home as this will significantly reduce the dust load, stickiness and residue from the outside world. It also stops any outside negative influences from entering the sanctum of your home. Throughout Southeast Asia you will find shoes are not permissible in the house.

  2. Air your home – by opening doors and windows and getting a cross breeze as often as you can. A healthy home should be filled with fresh air and light. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to detox your home the natural way.

  3. Avoid spray cans – insect sprays, air fresheners and artificial fragrances may contain endocrine and hormone disrupting chemicals and are lung irritants. This is particularly important if you have a tendency towards asthma and lung related issues.  

  4. Use the sun – when doing a big spring clean and every couple of months. Place all bedding – blankets, doonas, pillows, mattresses, toys, chopping boards, other fabric furnishings – in the sun for a few hours on a regular basis. You can't beat a bit of sunshine for a natural detox.

  5. Food storage – store leftover food and beverages in glass, stainless steel and ceramics instead of plastic. Many companies have gone BPA free but this has been replaced with other chemicals that have not been thoroughly tested including bisphenol-S, which is exhibiting endocrine disruption at a higher level than BPA. Be on the lookout for EAF – estrogenic activity free products. It’s the new BPA.

  6. Use a water filter – chlorine and fluoride in drinking water have associated health risks. Purchased water could also contain contaminants and reusing plastic bottles in hazardous to your health as well. Buy a good quality water filter for your home and store your water in glass or stainless steel.

  7. Cleaning – reduce the number of chemicals you use to clean your home by using microfibre cloths, bicarb soda, orange and clove oils, and water with vinegar in a ratio of 80:20. It will save money as well as the environment.

  8. Invest in a good vacuum – it may cost a little more, but vacuums fitted with a HEPA filter and motorised head will eliminate exposure to allergens such as dust mites, mould and mites and alleviate allergies and asthma.

  9. Reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) – make sure all electrical appliances are well over a metre away from where you sleep or hang out and turn your phone onto airplane mode when not in use or sleeping.

  10. Use a dehumidifier – if you’re living in a climate that is damp and moist and where mould spores easily and readily proliferate.

How important do you think it is to do a natural detox on your home on a regular basis and what strategies do you follow to keep your home toxin-free?


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