The 8 Benefits of Skin Needling


For those who are yet to try it for themselves, skin needling; or microneedling, may sound like an incredibly daunting and painful skin treatment option. However, it's much less scary than you think!

Microneedling is an exceptionally effective, evidence-based skin rejuvenation treatment boasting a wide array of benefits, and can be performed on just about any skin. Best of all, it can be completely customised according to your needs, your pain tolerance, and whether or not you can afford any down-time.

How does skin needling work?

Microneedling capitalises on the benefits of our body’s natural physiological healing processes. When we experience a cut, for example, a cascade of healing mechanisms kick in. Epidermal growth factors are released, cell turnover is accelerated, and new collagen is produced, among many other things. Needling triggers these same outcomes by eliciting a large number of micro-injuries to the skin, via an electronic pen-like device with tiny, high-speed oscillating needles.

The customisable part of skin needling treatments is that the depth of penetration of these needles can be adjusted, ranging from very superficial to quite deep. This of course impacts the comfort of the treatment, as well as the redness, inflammation, and overall downtime afterwards. Various needle depths are used to target different skin needs and conditions, but even the most superficial treatments (which are virtually painless) produces skin-boosting benefits. There are also at-home microneedling tools like our Dermal Roller which comes in 0.25mm and 0.3mm lengths, perfect for in-between professional treatments. 

8 Benefits of Skin Needling

  1. Increased collagen.
    One of the primary benefits of skin needling is collagen production. During the wound healing response, fibroblast cells are activated to begin producing fresh new collagen, adding to the skin’s firmness and plumpness, and smoothing out fine lines.

  2. Refined pores.
    Over time, pores appear larger as the skin stretches and becomes more relaxed. By introducing new collagen to plump out skin from within, pore size is lessened as skin laxity is reduced.

  3. Increased hydration, brightness, and skin quality.
    Along with an array of peptides, hormones, and growth factors, hyaluronic acid production is also increased during the wound healing phase. Essentially, cellular activity is boosted while the body works to repair itself and return to normal. All of these functions result in a complexion that is energised, brighter, smoother, and more hydrated.

  4. Thickening and strengthening of thin and ageing skin.
    Our skin thins as we age, and this is predominantly caused by loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis. By stimulating collagen through needling, not only are wrinkles and laxity reduced, by thickness is improved. This is an important factor in combatting the visible signs of ageing.

  5. Reduced redness.
    Another positive element of introducing thickness and resilience to the skin through needling is that veins and underlying redness is less visible through the skin’s surface. Delicate vessels are also better protected and less prone to bursting, ie. burst capillaries. Note: initially after treatment some surface redness is normal however this will subside. 

  6. Acne scar reduction.
    Those opting for deeper microneedling treatments will notice a visible reduction in mild hypertrophic acne scarring (lesions protruding above the skin’s surface). A course of needling can be used to break up stubborn fibrous tissue, remodelling the skin in the area in the hopes of achieving a smoother, flatter skin surface. Some mild atrophic scarring (indentation or trophs below the surface) may also be lessened to a degree, as new collagen formation stretches out the skin’s surface and plumps it out from below.

  7. Reduced pigmentation.
    Another benefit of deeper needling treatments, some superficial skin pigmentation such as freckles and sun spots can be reduced, as the needling channels break up and disperses the collections of pigment.

  8. Improvement of body concerns like stretch marks or post-pregnancy laxity.
    Just like facial acne scarring, skin needling can be used to combat scars and lesions on the body. Stimulating collagen can, to a degree, improve mild skin laxity following pregnancy or weight loss. Mild stretch marks can also be lessened, as these are simply pigmented scars caused by damage to tissue as it stretches too quickly.

How To Prep Your Skin For Skin Needling

If you’re mentally preparing for a skin needling treatment, it is also wise to prepare your skin at least two weeks prior. Particularly in darker skins, or even fairer skins if your needling is quite deep, post-treatment pigmentation is a common risk. Using skincare containing pigment inhibiting ingredients like vitamins A, B and C, and other brightening ingredients can assist in reducing this risk. However, you want to avoid vitamin A products and exfoliants three days prior to needling treatments.

Post-treatment Skincare

Following microneedling, skin will feel a little red and sensitive, as if sunburnt. The length of time this sensation lasts will depend on the depth of needling performed, and can vary between 1 hour and several days. A skin regime of soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory ingredients should be used in the week following, for increased comfort and improved healing time. Our recommended products to incorporate are:

Barrier Repair Serum

Our most potent blend of redness-reducing, heat-combatting, and ultra-calming botanicals, while also being rich in antioxidants to combat inflammation-induced free radicals.

Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir

Not only is Niacinamide (B3) one of the most widely recognised ingredients for reducing inflammation and enhancing skin healing, but it is also proven to reduce melanocyte (pigment cell) activity. Combined with hydrating hyaluronic acid and plant-derived antioxidants, this is your ideal serum choice pre and post-skin needling.

Marigold Hydrating Crème

Our ultimate skin-nourishing, rich moisturiser. Particularly for deeper needling treatments resulting in skin shedding, this intense buttery texture will reduce flakiness, dryness, and itching.

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