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Introducing our new Botanique Hair Care Collection

Categories: Our ProductsSeptember 11, 2015 | Posted by Mukti

Feast your eyes on our beautiful new Botanique Hair Care CollectionWe have two brand new products and two reformulated and repackaged products to share with you.

All our hair care products are vegan and free from gluten, nuts, palm oil, wheat, silicone and sulfates so we have your allergies, health issues and social conscience taken care of!

Just like our skin, our hair is made up of layers. The outer layer is called the cuticle and consists of dead cells that lay on top of each other. This acts as a protective layer for the cortex or middle layer of the hair. The cortex, which makes up the majority of our locks, is made up of long, coiled proteins.

Breakage, damage and split ends occur when the protective cuticle is worn away. The wide range of reasons extends from environmental stressors, crappy products and general abuse from excessive use of chemicals and hot styling tools.

If your hair is kept moist and healthy, damage is less likely. That's why it's important to trim your ends regularly and use natural products that feed and nourish the hair.


Samples of our luxe anti-frizz serum have been flying out the door.

My hair is coarse and occasionally foiled. I was over using silicone based products to create a sheen after washing and the olfactory overload from toxic, synthetic fragrances was literally doing my head in. My solution was to create a revolutionary, silicone-free, anti-frizz serum that provides superior smoothness and helps heal the damage.

It also prevents your hair breaking, soothes split ends and restores your hair to a healthy, shining, manageable condition. A delicious infusion of essential oils give it a gorgeous scent.

Key ingredients: Isoamyl laurate and plukenetia volubilis seed oil

Isoamyl laurate has recently been approved by ACO as a certified organic ingredient. It is an easy spreading non oxidizable oil that acts in the same way as a silicone derivative. What I love about this oil is that it doesn't leave any buildup or residue on the hair shaft and it has an elegant, non greasy feel. 

Plukenetia volubilis seed oil is a botanical active extracted from the Sacha Inchik nut that grows in the Amazon forests. It contains one of the highest amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) among all oily seeds used for human consumption. It also contains Omega 3, 6, 8 & 9 and tocopherols. It is excellent for the promotion of faster hair growth by feeding the hair follicles to stimulate growth and shine.

For a comprehensive ingredients list, directions and pricing, click here


This is a unisex product similar to a hair wax and is designed to condition, revive and style your hair and/or beard. The natural oils help mould and shift your hair into place, tame any frizz, add moisture and keep it looking spectacular all day long. Best applied when hair is slightly damp.

Key ingredients: Argan oil and moringa oil

Argan oil replenishes and nourishes dry, brittle hair while protecting and healing the damage done through the elements and artificial chemicals. Argan oil may also assist in caring for colour-treated hair, as the essential fatty acids smooth and coat the follicle.  

Moringa oil was used by the ancient Egyptians as a potent cure for skin disorders. It is rich in essential fatty acids. Moringa oil brings a cushiony emolliency to hair formulas. The presence of behenyl acid provides a much sought-after rich emolliency. It has the highest oxidative stability of any botanical oil available and leaves hair exceptionally silky.

For a comprehensive ingredients list, directions and pricing, click here.


We have reformulated our popular Botanique Shampoo with gentle plant based surfactants and a natural preservative system derived from a blend of compounds found in many plants in nature. Interestingly, bees also use one of the naturally occurring plant acids for the difficult task of protecting their pollen and nectar against microbiological spoilage.

It’s suitable for all hair types (even babies and children) and restores shine, body and bounce. It is infused with organic herbal extracts and is free from harsh detergents and potentially cancer-causing chemicals.

Key ingredients: Horsetail, calendula, desert lime, lemon basil.

For a full ingredients list, directions and pricing, click here.


Our gentle daily conditioner has been reformulated with a plant based preservative system, nourishing, smoothing argan oil and the refreshing aroma of juicy desert lime and freshly cut lemon basil.

It strengthens, hydrates and balances all hair and scalp types. It also detangles the hair and leaves it feeling soft, full of body and very manageable. Like our shampoo, it’s safe to use on colour and chemically treated hair.

Key ingredients: Argan oil, desert lime, lemon basil.

For a full ingredients list, directions and pricing, click here.

The Botanique Shampoo and Conditioner are now available in convenient 100ml trial and travel sizes as well.

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