4 Benefits Of Aloe Vera For The Skin

Most of us already recognise aloe vera for its exceptional skin-soothing properties, and in Australia in particular, for its use in calming and healing a sunburn. The aloe plant is indeed a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and sunburn is just one of countless skin ailments aloe vera can aid in.

  1. Inflammatory Conditions

    The instant cooling and soothing sensation provided by aloe vera is thanks to its ability to reduce heat and inflammation in the tissue. This applies not just to burns, but to any inflammatory skin condition. Rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, barrier impairment, inflamed acne lesions, and controlled wounds after clinical skin treatments can all benefit from the anti-inflammatory actions of aloe vera. Reducing inflammation in the skin as soon as possible can help to improve healing time and reduce age-promoting free radicals.
    All products in our dedicated collection for barrier impairment contain aloe vera and other key ingredients that work synergistically to address sensitive skin concerns.
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  2. Acne & Breakout Reduction

    Remember, pimples are simply tiny bacterial infections occurring within a follicle, resulting in swelling, redness, and fluid. Not only can aloe vera reduce the swelling and redness associated with breakouts, it is also an antibacterial agent, meaning it can help address both the symptoms and the cause of breakouts.
    Our favourite aloe vera products for balancing complexions and blemish-prone skin are:
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  3. Vitamins & Minerals For Skin Health

    Many may view the humble aloe vera as a simple jelly comprised mostly of water. While it does contain a large percentage of water, aloe also contains a surprising number of vitamins and minerals which can positively contribute to healthy skin cell turnover and function. This includes vitamin C for antioxidant protection, vitamin E for improved skin healing and moisture, several enzymes, zinc, copper, selenium, and calcium among many others.

  4. Skin Hydration

    Among aloe vera’s abundant skin-boosting molecules is mucopolysaccharides. These naturally-occurring long chain sugar molecules attract and bind with water molecules (in the same way we know that hyaluronic acid does) in order to maintain water levels in the skin. Additionally, it has been shown to increase natural hyaluronate synthesis, making it a dual-action, hydration-enhancing molecule.
    Our favourite hydrating products containing aloe vera are:
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Aloe vera is very much a multi-tasking botanical, and has been used commonly in skincare for decades - for good reason. It assists with general skin health and function, reduces acne-causing bacteria, increases hydration, and significantly reduces symptoms and discomfort associated with inflammation. For these reasons, coupled with the fact that it is highly soothing and non-reactive or irritating, it is suitable for any and all skin types (with the exception of aloe allergies of course). It mixes safely with all other active skin ingredients, can be used day or night, and makes a welcome addition to any routine.

We use Aloe Vera as the base for over 20 products in our skincare range for these specific reasons.

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