4 Natural Skincare Hacks For Men


The male beauty and aesthetics industry continues to grow rapidly, and while we don’t like to over-generalise, we still see many males struggling to adopt regular skincare habits, for a number of reasons.

Based on the sentiments and feedback we have encountered, a large number of Australian male-identifying individuals want uncomplicated, natural skincare that is quick and simple to apply. And although skincare shouldn’t have a gender, there are some key differences in the anatomy and skin behaviour of male skin compared with female. And with those in mind, we have compiled some skincare hacks for any gents seeking to implement some new healthy skin habits.

  1. Working With Facial Hair
    Those with facial hair can be easily bothered by products that are difficult to maneuver in and around the hairs. Cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens and other products which have a very thick viscosity can easily become trapped among facial hair, and leave an ‘unclean’ or ‘clogged’ feeling. You may therefore benefit from products which have a thinner texture which can get through the hairs a little more easily.

  2. Cleansing Thoroughly
    On the subject of facial hair, it can be near impossible to get your cleanser through beards or scruff down to the skin below using just your fingertips. However, facial hair accumulates so much bacteria, food remnants, pollution, and other substances that giving it a thorough clean is absolutely essential when it comes to caring for the skin underneath the hair. Depending on the length of the hair, a silicone facial brush is often an excellent choice, as the soft but resilient bristles scrub through the hairs without any scrubbing or abrasion of the skin.

  3. Start Small
    Many individuals (not just males) become overwhelmed with the amount of skin products available. The beauty market is so flooded with information about cleansers, serums, oils, moisturisers, balms, masks and sunscreens, that many give up on introducing skincare altogether because they believe it has to be complicated. We are here to reassure you that not everybody needs a 10-step skincare routine! There are thousands of different ingredients out there, all of which do different things, and you don’t need them all. We believe the most important thing is that you are addressing your skin concerns in a way that suits your lifestyle and personality. The most crucial aspects of protecting your skin and keeping it healthy and youthful for longer are a good daily clean (cleanser), keeping it well moisturised (cream), and protecting from sun damage (sunscreen). Start with these 3 products and expand from there only once you are ready and willing.

  4. Protect & Prevent
    Generally, a female’s decline of collagen is fairly steady from the mid 20s. However, male skin seems to experience a more sudden decline of collagen levels later in life. This is why; anecdotally-speaking, many males believe they don’t require skincare, only to wake up one day suddenly noticing their wrinkles. Therefore, early prevention is key, and this can best be done through antioxidant ingredients and sunscreen. This is because free radicals and UV radiation are two of the most significant destroyers of collagen.


Remember: your skincare doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. The most important aspects are this: clean, nourish, and protect. Simple! Shop our top recommended skincare products for men here.

Still have questions? We offer complimentary consultations with qualified skin experts to help you discover which products and ingredients are right for you. More info here.

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By Mukti

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