How to Get Rid of Oily Skin


Do you or a loved one experience persistent oily skin? This can be frustrating, particularly if you’ve tried countless solutions with no response, or even experience worsened symptoms.

Our oil levels can be predetermined genetically, but can also increase in response to weather and temperature, hormonal shifts, medications, or over-stripping of the skin with too many harsh products. In this case, when excessive dryness is detected the skin’s oil glands can become overactive in order to compensate.

To combat this excess oil, try incorporating these tips into your home regime.

Step 1: cleanse twice daily

Very active oil glands will lead to faster pore blockages and build-up, leading to pimples, pustules, and irritation. Combat this by cleansing both morning and night. Providing a clean, blank canvas will also increase your skincare product absorption, as a build-up of oil may block some serums from penetrating as effectively.

Step 2: gentle exfoliation

Excess oil can prevent the natural shedding of our skin cells, causing them to become caked and built-up. Facilitate this process with a gentle exfoliation that won’t strip, irritate, or over-scrub the skin.

Step 3: regulate oil production

Certain ingredients within topical skincare have been shown to regulate the skin’s anatomical functions, such as slowing down hyperactive oil glands. Vitamin A is an excellent example. Incorporate these into your routine.

Step 4: always moisturise

It’s understandable that those with very oily skin would want to avoid moisturising, feeling as though it will make things worse. All skin types and conditions benefit from regular moisturiser application, even oily skins! Your oiliness may worsen if you avoid applying moisturiser, so we recommend a light texture, or an oil-free option. 

Step 5: never go to bed with makeup on

Makeup creates a layer on the skin while the oil is still continuously being produced below. By trapping this in for a long period, such as overnight, the skin can very quickly become clogged, trapping in sweat and bacteria and creating blackheads and breakouts.

Here are our top 5 product solutions for those experiencing excessively oily skin:

2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant

Our answer to a gentle facial scrub, removing blockages and supporting healthy skin turnover without damage or sensitisation. This multi beneficial product caters to those who prefer a mechanical scrub to slough away skin, as well as natural (AHA) fruit acids that gently dissolve the intercellular bonds and encourage collagen production. 

Balancing Cleansing Gel

This lightly foaming cleanser purifies the skin without drying. Your complexion is clarified, softened, hydrated, and beautifully clean.

Vitamin Booster Vital A Elixir

A nourishing Vitamin A elixir that not only regulates oil production, but brightens pigmentation, offers antioxidant protection, and boosts collagen for plumpness, firmness, and smoothed lines and wrinkles. 

Aloe Vera Moisturiser

A lightweight gel based moisturiser, our Aloe Vera Moisturiser balances oily, blemish prone skin, and also reduces the visible signs of irritation resulting in a calm yet hydrated complexion.

Blemish Control

Your perfect solution if you prefer to use a spot treatment for oily-skin breakouts. This potent elixir acts fast to eliminate impurities and acne-causing bacteria while soothing the irritation that comes with breakouts.

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By Mukti

Mukti has been actively involved in the beauty and personal care industry for over two decades. Her varied career has encompassed a common thread focusing on health and wellness. Her aim is to reconnect people to nature, creating health and happiness via toxin-free lifestyles and beauty regimes.