Kakadu Plum: Australia's Best-Kept Secret Botanical For Skincare


A native Australian jewel, Kakadu Plum has been used for many hundreds of years as part of indigenous healing rituals, thanks to its potent restorative properties.

A small, unassuming green fruit from the semi-deciduous Kakadu Plum tree, they are known for providing the highest-known food source of vitamin C in the world. This makes Kakadu Plum highly sought-after not only for consumption but also for skincare. Here we delve into some of the additional unique benefits Kakadu Plum has on the skin:

  1. Age Prevention
    As we know, vitamin C has a very powerful antioxidant action. When applied as a component of skincare, free radicals are neutralised before they can cause damage to our skin cells, natural oils, and collagen and elastin fibres. In addition, vitamin C also stimulates the further production of additional antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase. By protecting the skin from free radicals, we can help delay signs of ageing such as fine lines, which are often formed by the breakdown of dermal collagen fibres as a result of free radicals.

  2. Anti-Inflammatory
    Vitamin C is also known to reduce inflammation, and part of this goes hand-in-hand with its antioxidant action. Free radicals can cause inflammation, so by eliminating them, we can subsequently reduce inflammation.
    The other component of vitamin C’s anti-inflammatory action is more direct: multiple studies report that ascorbic acid is demonstrated to reduce quantities of pro-inflammatory mediators, while also increasing other anti-inflammatory factors.

  3. Reduced Pigmentation
    Another great quality of vitamin C is its brightening effect. It helps to reduce the production and transferral of melanin, which accumulates in the skin to form freckles, sun spots and other pigmented lesions. Vitamin C skincare can help to fade pigmentation and reduce the formation of new spots.

  4. Plumping
    Vitamin C plays a vital role in collagen formation. As collagen fibres are responsible for our skin’s support structure, cushioning and plumpness, vitamin C is vital to ensure optimal collagen formation. This applies to our natural baseline production but also to support any clinical skin treatments that aim to boost collagen production.

  5. Bacteria Reduction
    One of the most highly researched benefits of Kakadu Plum is its antibacterial action. Countless studies demonstrate that Kakadu Plum has an inhibiting action on the growth of various types of bacteria, including those responsible for acne and other skin conditions. Not only does this make Kakadu Plum an excellent ingredient for acne-prone or problematic skin, but also works to extend the shelf-life of skincare products without the use of high-dose preservatives.

For all of these reasons and more, vitamin C is now regarded as one of skincare’s most essential ingredients, working to reduce and prevent multiple skin concerns while maintaining cellular function. Kakadu Plum is known to provide an excellent source of vitamin C for all skin types, including those more prone to sensitivity, or those wishing to utilise plant-derived ingredients.

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