Acne and Scarring Before & Afters

Acne can be an extremely unpleasant, and sometimes painful, skin condition to live with. It is characterised by blemishes or pimples that develop when your hair follicles build up with excessive oil and dead skin cells. Explore before and after photos and testimonials from real Mukti Organics customers in the treatment of their acne and acne scarring journeys.

Brianna's Story & Photos

"I have tried other natural and organic brands that haven't worked on acne prone skin. I wanted a Vitamin A, B and C serums that didn't have the nasties. I LOVE them so much and have seen a huge difference in my skin! I also use your dermal roller #skinsaviour I'm a little crazy about skin health after going through years of acne, flare ups and low self esteem. I have decided to focus/pursue skin health as a career. I'm nearly finished my nutritional medicine degree which I'll be able to share and offer internal support but then I'll be going off to do dermal therapy to offer external support. No doubt I'll be recommending your products!"

Alyssa's Story & Photos

"I've always been self conscious of my skin, starting with acne in my teens that has continued on through my 20s and into my 30s. It resulted in some mild scarring also. I had never been able to get my skin under control and I always wanted it to look healthy and glowing. Then I started using Mukti. I've used SO many different products - naturally derived and not. Honestly I can say that my skin has NEVER looked or felt better! Ive barely had a breakout, my skin tone is more even and it feels so smooth! Its given me so much more confidence and I love feeling confident with less makeup. Thank you!!"

Cassidy's Story & Photos

"Ive been meaning to write to you for a while, however it wasn't until my manager commented on my skin this morning at 5am- and said my skin was glowing and i thought who's skin could possibly be glowing at that time of day! and its all because of mukti. It was abit over a year ago that i first starting using mukti, with it being my last hope for improving my skin for good! Growing up i had always had bad skin but when i was about 21 it suddenly broke out like nothing i had ever seen before. I had no idea why and i was so confused about what products to use and also what i was doing wrong. I hated myself because of my skin i remember crying to my mum when i would go to go out because i would be too embarrassed about how bad my skin really was. I was soon excited to try mukti as i read so many reviews and saw peoples results. I was also excited because you use all organic and natural products which i think was the main thing that my skin needed as i was using stuff like goats milk soap, witch hazel, cod liver oil and anything and everything that people would recommend which just resulted in my skin being inflamed, red and so much worse than it was to start with. It was probably not even a week before i started noticing a difference in my skin- the inflammation and redness had started to ease and i could actually go to work without the need of wanting to pop a pimple. As months went on it started to get better and better that i didn't even have to wear foundation anymore i just wear a mineral powder, i cannot believe it considering i thought my skin would be like this forever!!! I use a number of your products such as the balancing cleanser, moisturiser and toner, eye gel, face mask, resurfacing exfoliatant, tinted moisturiser but my all time favourite which i think helped my skin the most is the charcoal sponge!!!! No matter what i will ALWAYS use Mutki products for the rest of my life. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life and allowing me to have confidence in myself again!!!!! I have attached a before and after picture which was probably taken a year apart."

Addie's Story & Photos

"I first discovered Mukti after receiving a facial using these products and I was instantly hooked. After having relatively clear skin my whole life, my face began breaking out badly in my early twenties and I had deep, painful blemishes that would appear daily. I knew I needed to change my skin care routine to try and get on top of this.Over the last two months my skin has improved radically using Mukti products. The change in my skin was noticeable from the first week and I feel so much more confident and happy in my own skin! I also love knowing that what I'm putting on my skin is natural and organic and will definitely continue to use Mukti products."

Sarah's Story & Photos

At 28 and a mum of two I had been having a skin change, I had many painful pimples that were stubborn and linked with stress. I decided to give Mukti a go after unsuccessful trials of other brands claiming they were natural ingredients but lead to flare ups due to my dermatitis. I was pleasantly surprised that after a few days my skin had calmed down, and after 2 months had completely cleared. I do not have to wear makeup anymore and my skin is thanking me for using these products. I have never had a skin care routine before now, each day I look forward to treating my skin. Highly recommend giving it a go!

Sarah's Story & Photos

I’ve been using Mukti Organics products for 2-3 years now and used them the whole time my skin was flaring up (for over a year) after getting off the pill. I used the antioxidant serum and antioxidant oil during this time and honestly think those products stopped me from getting and bad scarring and it also helped me day to day to reduce the inflammation and pain from my breakouts. I’ve tried other products since my skin has recovered, but never found anything as good as the Mukti products so have not only gone back to them, but bought more of the range to support my skin. I’m OBSESSED with all of the products I’ve used, and now my skin has recovered from significant breakouts the products are really helping me with the texture, hydration and brightness of my skin. Love love love the Mukti range.

Melanie's Story & Photos

"This is my go to skin care range, I have been using Mukti for a few years and recently switched from the calming range for my Rosacea to this [Acne] range as I had a few breakouts in summer and tend to have more oily skin and my skin couldnt be happier. I find this is lighter, the spot treatment is a miracle in a bottle and I now get compliments on my skin."

Recommended for Acne or Blemish Prone Skin

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