Fine Lines and Wrinkles Before & Afters

When it comes to beauty, the signs of visible ageing that we are all familiar withllness, wrinkles and loss of volume, are all a simple reflection of what is happening below on a cellular level. And while there is no preventing this completely, it is possible to delay these outcomes to a degree and age gracefully. Discover the results our customers have experienced using Mukti Organics products.

Monique's Story and Photos

"I am in my mid 50s and I have reached the age of dry skin no matter what I do. For many years I was able to get away with a minimal routine of cleanse, tone, moisturise, but I now need much more. I have been using the Mukti range for over a year now and I was drawn to it firstly for the natural Australian products used, Now, every day I enjoy looking after my skin with my morning and night rituals. The serums are a must with my skin and they have helped to keep it hydrated, especially around the eyes and forehead. The vitamin C elixir is also such good therapy for my skin as it gives it the glow and freshness I need for the day. After a consult with one of the therapists I learnt that I could mix my products up and maximise their benefits. I am very happy with my skin routine now and I can see that even longer term use will maintain it."

Lara's Story & Photos

"A picture tells a thousands words- couldn't be more impressed with everything about the products, I love the natural scents and every single product is a hero product. Love the brand ethos, and always trust that what I am using is safe for my sensitive skin. Thank you Mukti - I am a Mukti girl for life now!"

Anne's Story & Photos

"Feeling like my skin was aging faster than expected, I wanted to try the Collagen Booster and went for the 3 month bundle to really check if I could see a visible difference. I also used, off and on, the balancing gel cleanser, the marigold hydrating creme and the deep cleanse antioxidant masque. I wish I had used the last three more regularly in the last 3 months, but I was still trying to use up previously bought products. I can definitely see a difference in the lines around my eyes and my skin is clearer. I'm keen to try more products from Mukti and love that they're all natural."

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