As a valued Beauty Rooms customer, we'd like to invite you to participate in an exclusive Healite II LED trial program.To help us spread the word about the incredible benefits of our Healite II LED treatment, we're offering 5 lucky customers the opportunity to participate in a 5-week treatment program, at a significantly discounted price.Typically, our standalone LED treatments are $89 each, however, we're offering a special price of just $30 per treatment for our 5 lucky participants.‎

Enjoy 2 x weekly LED treatments at our Mukti Beauty Rooms, for a period of 5 weeks in total, and experience your healthiest skin yet.
The Healite II LED increases cellular regeneration, collagen & elastin production; meaning it encourages wound healing, slows down the ageing process & increases skin firmness. It has incredible anti-inflammatory effects, calming redness, irritation & swelling; and, it aids in pain relief. The Healite II reduces the occurrence of acne by destroying acne-causing bacteria on the skin and enhances the absorption of skincare, improving visible results of your at-home skincare regime and salon treatments.
A 10 session LED treatment package would typically cost $720, however, for our trial participants, we are offering the 10 sessions for just $300!
Simply come in for your 2 x weekly 30-minute sessions across a five week period, and enjoy the deliciously warm & relaxing LED! We will take a few images of your skin in natural light before you begin the treatment program, and then another set once you have completed all treatments across the five weeks. We will use these across our social media channels to help promote the incredible benefits of this treatment.
To submit your application, simply follow the link below to fill in the application form, and we'll be in touch if you are lucky enough to be chosen!