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Micro Dermal Roller

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Dermal Roller Dermal Roller

0.25mmMicro Dermal Roller

Age Defiance, All Skin Types

4.8 product review stars 6 Reviews 6 Reviews   Ask a question Ask a question

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Rejuvenate and revitalise your skin with our customised dermal roller. It's an easy, at-home skin needling tool inspired by ancient acupuncture techniques. 

The micro needle dermal roller is made from fine titanium alloy. The needles create very small micro channels on the surface of the skin enhancing the overall efficacy and results by aiding the passage through to the outer dermal layer and allow the active ingredients to penetrate and reach their targeted areas.

Rolling the device over the face as directed can improve collagen production, rejuvenate the skin and create a more vibrant complexion. It’s also proven to be effective for uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. 

It’s simple science that can improve the performance and overall results of your skin care regime.



1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove all traces of make-up and pat dry with a soft towel.
2. Gently roll up and down across each section of your face 3-4 times using an equal speed and light pressure. Avoid eyes and lips.
3. First roll vertically, then horizontally and then diagonally in a Union Jack pattern. Complete this on each area. (You may need to vary the pressure on the more sensitive areas of your face).
4. The treatment should take a couple of minutes and can be repeated 2-3 times a week.
5. Apply appropriate Mukti serum or elixir and press onto the skin until absorbed.

Products may “spike” or tingle after application. This is a normal sensation. If irritation develops, discontinue use or use less frequently. Ideally, and for optimal results, the dermal roller should be used for up to two minutes morning and night.

Cleaning: Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to a water solution and clean with a toothbrush every 3rd day. When travelling, place dermal roller in a toothbrush holder or zip lock bag.

Replace every 12 months.


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- Enhance and improve product penetration by up to 40%
- Active ingredients reach targeted areas
- Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin making skin tighter and more youthful
- May improve facial scarring


Add your reviewOverall rating 4.8 product review stars | 6 reviews

5 product review stars


Verified Purchase
Age: 39
Skin: Normal/Dry
Gender: Female
Date: 18 Jun 17
"I was intrigued to try this - and it was a little bit prickly but the serums definitely absorbed easily after use. I am not sure that my skin looks radically different for using it but I will certainly continue!"
5 product review stars


Verified Purchase
Age: 39
Skin: Normal/Dry
Gender: Female
Date: 18 Jun 17
"Nice product - l use daily in the evening with the eye age defiance serum and underneath the hydrating moisturiser. Absorbs easily and definitely leaves my skin feeling super soft for the day. Would recommend this product."
5 product review stars


Verified Purchase
Age: 33
Skin: Age Defiance
Gender: Female
Date: 01 Jun 17

The best beauty tool

"I was very excited to try the mirco dermal roller. Using all of the age defiance products, the dermal roller and enhanced my skin and I feel the products really sinking in. I use it at night time and can see a difference in the morning."
4 product review stars


Verified Purchase
Age: 29
Skin: Combination/Oily
Gender: Female
Date: 24 May 17

Leaves your skin glowing

"I'm new to this and was curious to try it! The needles don't really cause pain, it's just a slight sensation as you roll it over your face. I use it at night and then apply my serum, and the next morning my skin is more vibrant compared to when I only use the serum. I love it!! I'm glad I came across this product!"
5 product review stars


Verified Purchase
Age: 42
Skin: Combination/Oily
Gender: Female
Date: 05 May 17

Skin life saver

"I save so much money to go to beauty shop to have Needling treatment now I can do at home 3 times a week. My skin is smoother and all of the age defiance collection can be used with this. Worth buying and the price is so affordable."
5 product review stars


Verified Purchase
Age: 42
Skin: Combination/Oily
Gender: Female
Date: 05 May 17

Great beauty tool!

"I love this roller!!! It really does its job. It makes my serums absorb really quick within seconds. And it also doesn't hurt at all :) I use it every evening. I get very little reddish on my face and feel just a bit tingling sometimes but I don't mind at all. In the morning you don't see anything. For me a great buy!!!"

Customer questions

Have a question about this product? Ask a question

Dolly asked:

how long this MICRO DERMAL ROLLER last for? Do you have to buy a new one after using many time?? Regards Dolly

It depends on frequency of use. The needles will eventually lose their sharpness over time.


Hannah asked:

Can the roller be used over the top of breakouts? Or will that only aggravate the skin?

I would not recommend using on pustules as it could aggravate and also spread bacteria.


Sanz asked:

Hi, I would like to find out if I'm currently using a 0.5m roller every 3 weeks, how often can I use your roller? Thanks!

I would incorporate use 1-2 times per week and monitor your skin.


Shaiyana asked:

I've purchased this, can't wait for it to arrive. Just a quick question, how many needles are on the roller? I've been doing a comparison of other rollers and would like to know. Thanks

Our dermal roller has 540 titanium needles


Edyta asked:

I just ordered this roller and will use something like that for the first time. How often should I use it at the beginning? What is then optimal when my face got used to it? What is typical feeling on the skin while using it? What should I avoid and what cosmetics go best with it?

Hi Edyta,
Please read our blog post it covers most of your questions. We recommend using the roller in conjunction with the Age Defiance Collection and Elixirs. If you have any further questions, please call customer care on 1300 306 554


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