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Rhianna's story

28 September 2017

"I came across Mukti when I was in Maleny and was given a wonderful complimentary facial. I then purchased several products specifically for break outs and acne. I was also given tips on how to help clear up my skin. I am so grateful for this advice and have had such fantastic results. I cannot recommend this brand more for pure, natural skin care which is the way skin care should be! Thank you so much Mukti!"

Rhianna used:

Madeleine's story

22 September 2017

"I have scarring on my cheeks from having acne as a teenager. I wanted to use microdermabrasion to reduce texture as it's especially noticeable when I wear makeup. The personal dermal roller has made a huge difference to my skins texture and I love that I paid less than half price to do my own treatment whenever I like. Thank you so much Mukti! You have improve my self-confidence."

Madeleine used:

Hayley's story

29 August 2017

"I had been suffering with constant blemishes and problemed skin for months, I even restored to going on a pill to improve my skin. That's when I was referred to Mukti. I was hesitant at first because my skins quite sensitive but I'm so glad I invested in these products! They have transformed my skin completely. It's now radiant & clear - couldn't be happier! When ever anyone complains about having problemed skin Mukti is the only brand I recommend!"

Hayley used:

Sarah's story

25 August 2017

"I have struggled with acne and blemishes the past two years. I have tried everything from the super expensive products full of chemicals, to your everyday brand from Coles. However since using Mukti my skin tone has balanced, my scarring has faded and my skin is clearing. I'm stoked with the products so far and excited to see my skin after another 6 weeks."

Sarah used:

Cameron's story

21 July 2017

"I suffered chronic acne for the last year suddenly due to a disruption in my gut bacteria from taking too many antibiotics. My lymphatic system is blocked and therefore the congestion is coming through my skin. I wanted to target my skin from the inside and outside, whilst maintaining a healthy diet I used the blemish solutions kit and my skin has never felt healthier. I'm really amazed at how quickly my skin was clearing and healing. I'm so happy to have found the perfect skincare for me."

Cameron used:

Myoungha's story

04 July 2017

"I have been very busy and couldn't take care of skin enough while preparing exam. As a result, I lost elasticity of my skin and I had skin troubles that I didn't have before. Because of my habit of scraping pimples, my skin became dark and had many acne scars. They didn't faded naturally as when I was young.
But after using age defiance collection and microdermalroller, acne scars vanished and skin bacame brighter and resilient. I want to share my expirience of Mukti and strongly recommend Mukti."

Myoungha used:

Liz's story

07 May 2017

"I have been using Mukti Age Defiance Products for a while now and have definitely noticed a reduction in the circles under my eyes. My skin looks fresher and the fine lines around my eyes have also reduced. One of the biggest changes has been in the softness of my skin, it's so much smoother! I would definitely recommend this range."

Liz used:

Karyn's story

17 January 2017

"After some 2 months of using my Mukti products, I am able to wear eye shadow on previously wrinkled,crepey eyelids and 2 skin cancers under my R eye have faded significantly (use of Vit C). The skin on my neck was very slack (it now seems to have firmed) and unsightly pigmentation on both sides of my neck (that I used to try and cover with makeup) has almost gone.You only need to use small amounts of the Mukti products and you can see the results!Thankyou Mukti"

Karyn used:

Diane's story

13 January 2017

"I am 69 years old and I have been using Mukti cleansing products for quite a few years now. After receiving a lovely complimentary facial at Maleny using the age defiance products I decided to purchase some. My skin feels so much softer and my fine lines have faded. I am very happy with the results. Great product."

Diane used:

AbsH's story

29 December 2016

"I'm 33,and my main concern are my fine lines. I was looking for a brand that was organic and Australian made. The Mukti range has been amazing! I'm in love with the Vital C Elixir, straight away I noticed my skin glow and feel hydrated! Plus my fine lines have smoothed out especially under my eyes. Thanks for a great product range!"

AbsH used:

Nata's story

23 November 2016

"Two months apart and what a difference... To those who are lucky to have porcelain skin because of genetics my skin may still seem to be far from perfect. But for me after a year and a half of struggling to balance or at least to calm it (after its over-reaction to the harsh Australian climate conditions), it looks good. I normally wear no or minimum make-up and I am happy to receive compliments to my skin again!
Thanks for the outstanding products, Mukti!"

Nata used:

Gill's story

26 October 2016

"The lines around my eyes have definitely become less visible and my skin is soft and (usually) glowing. Absolutely love these products. Thank you Mukti xx"

Gill used:

Nicole's story

16 September 2016

"These products have had a big change (to me anyway). I'm a shift worker and suffer from dark under eye circles. I also sun damage and have noticed that my skin is definitely softer, more even, smoother and plump. I get regular comments about how my skin "glows".

They're the icing on the cake for all my hard work and lifestyle changes the last 3 years.

Thanks Mukti!"

Nicole used:

LR's story

29 July 2015

"Age defiance results after 4 weeks"

LR used:

EL's story

15 June 2015

"Age Defiance range results after 4 weeks"

EL used:

M's story

07 April 2015

"No word of a lie I have suffered from acne for years. I have never been able to get rid of it. I have tried so many remedies, paid to see dermatologists and spent hundreds on products that just don't work. I'm so thankful for you sending me your products because it's actually a miracle that my skin has completely cleared up on one side and is almost clear on the other side. My face needs to be free of pimples before I'm allowed to have my laser treatment to rid of the scarring and I've never been able to clear it until now! I'm way too excited to be getting my laser treatment and I hopefully will be able to achieve my goal of never wearing make up again! Thank you so much!"

M used:

Jess's story

04 November 2014

"I had never had pimples through my teens and received a very nasty shock when I developed adult acne (due to hormonal deficiencies).

For about a year, I struggled with finding a product that didn’t aggravate my red/painful skin more. I would try everything so my skin was at the mercy of chemicals from the latest and greatest cosmetics.

I promised to send you some before and after photos because I am so happy with the result of only using your products properly for just over one month.

These ‘before’ photos are actually shots of my skin when it was quite tame. I had lost all my confidence from the pimples and only took these shots to try and convince myself my skin was improving. These are shots of some ‘improvement’.

However, the photos do not show up the deep lumps that are actually still there! I developed large, almost cystic lumps over my cheeks and chin that were red and so sore I could barely touch them.

I have always been a clean eater so my diet was not to blame. What it came down to was a hormone imbalance; I developed pimples, freaked out and bombed my skin with every chemical under the sun. I stripped it, took away its natural defences and wore it out. So it just progressively deteriorated.

I ordered some Mukti samples, after reading about the brand through a health blog. I began to see dramatic improvements over the space of 2 weeks. As I began to run out of the samples, I made an order and have never looked back.

Mukti has allowed my skin to heal and build up a natural defence again. I still have a few pimples on my chin today, as that ‘time of the month’ tends to cause this, but the difference (to me) is astounding. I have my confidence back and don’t even wear foundation during the day, just a little bit of your tinted moisturiser with sunscreen.

My skin tone is evening out each day and has a healthier glow. I suspect I’m going to have flawless skin in less than a month based on the rate my skin is healing and the evening out of scar marks!

I can’t thank the team at Mukti enough, and I think the willingness to share some photos that I am embarrassed about is enough to show my appreciation. Ha ha!

Warm regards,

Jess :)"

Jess used:

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