5 Reasons To Love Niacinamide


Niacinamide may just be one of the most underestimated ingredients in skincare.

Powerful but unassuming, niacinamide (also referred to as vitamin B3) is beneficial for any and every skincare routine, tackling a multitude of skin problems. Here are 5 reasons you should love niacinamide - no matter your age, skin type, or concerns.

  1. Hydrating
    Niacinamide is renowned for its ability to support the skin’s hydration. It helps with moisture retention in order to keep the skin plump and smooth, while also minimising the appearance of lines of wrinkles. These can appear more severe when the skin is dehydrated, so by replenishing the skin with hydrating agents like B3, wrinkles will appear less significant.

  2. Brightening
    Niacinamide has a beautiful brightening effect on the skin. This may be due to the fact that B3 facilitates many cellular functions, and replenishing the skin’s stores of essential vitamins means that cellular function is optimised. The end result of healthy cell function is of course brighter, smoother, hydrated skin which is less prone to breakouts and inflammatory disorders.

  3. Anti-inflammatory
    Niacinamide is heavily researched for its physiological benefits. One of the most prominent of these is its ability to reduce inflammation. We know that inflammation anywhere in the body can be harmful if it persists over long periods of time, especially in the skin. During excessive or prolonged inflammation, an abundance of free radicals are produced, which go on to attack tissues, proteins, lipids, and DNA material.

  4. Pigment-Inhibiting
    While there are countless incredible skin treatments available for removing pigment, there are always risks of pigmentation recurring later down the track. One of the only ways to reduce the risk of pigmentation returning is by applying specific topical skincare ingredients which are demonstrated to reduce pigmentation production. These are called pigment inhibitors, or tyrosinase inhibitors. Niacinamide is one of these. Pigment inhibitors reduce hyperactivity of melanocyte (pigment) cells, preventing them from creating and distributing pigment into the skin as readily as they may naturally. Using niacinamide, particularly alongside other pigment-reducing agents, will ensure your spot-fading skin treatments offer lasting results.

  5. Barrier-Building
    When we refer to hydration in the skin, the term specifically refers to water content, and not oil content. However, sufficient stores of both water and oil are essential for tissue health, and especially so for the good function of the skin’s barrier. Niacinamide supports the production of ceramides, which are naturally-occurring oils that make up a large percentage of our tissue. They are required for keeping the skin lubricated and supple, and it is when ceramide levels become depleted that skin disorders can occur.

Overall, niacinamide can be used to great success to hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation, relax lines and wrinkles, support barrier function, prevent hyperpigmentation, and prevent sensitivity. B3 also has not demonstrated to be reactive with other common skincare ingredients, and appears to play well with other formulations. This means that you can incorporate niacinamide alongside your other products including AHAs, BHA, vitamin A, vitamin C and more.

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