Achieve Enhanced Results with Dermal Rolling, AKA At-Home Skin Needling


The simplicity of a portable at-home device with a multitude of skin benefits seems too good to be true. This highly effective treatment can assist with plumping fine lines, hyperpigmentation, creating fresher and rejuvenated skin as well as reducing acne scars. It’s no wonder the dermal rolling craze is here to stay.

What is dermal rolling?

Dermal rolling involves rows of tiny needles that gently pierce the outermost layer of the skin, creating microscopic channels causing a cascading healing response that stimulates collagen and elastin production to heal the affected area. Additionally, pathways are created that may assist serums and elixirs containing active ingredients to reach deeper into your skin, working more efficiently. The benefit of rolling at home helps to maximise the diffusion of essential nutrients and encourage the skins natural healing and regenerative response.

Home Devices

A dermal roller for at-home use has very short, fine needles usually to a penetrative depth of between 0.25-3.0mm which means they don’t cause excessive trauma. The needles are made from hypoallergenic titanium alloy and can be used multiple times.


If you are already using our anti-ageing serums and vitamin elixirs, then dermal rolling is a great way to step your results up a notch. By introducing a dermal roller 2-3 times a week, you can potentially increase product penetration by up to 200%! It’s a simple and effective way to make your skincare work smarter. Dermal rolling is a multi-functional beauty device suitable for all skin concerns.

  • Assist microcirculation, creating a luminous, glowing skin tone

  • Stimulation and exfoliation

  • Helps achieve a softer, more hydrated complexion

  • Promotes the appearance of a firmer skin tone

  • Increase product infusion

  • Target hydration with Hyaluronic Marine Serum and Vital B Elixir

  • Target premature ageing by infusing serums and elixirs

  • Target sun damage or pigmentation with Vital A & C Elixirs

  • Target acne, blackheads or enlarged pores with Vital A Elixir and Age Defiance Night Serum.

    How to use your dermal roller:

    We recommend starting by rolling once per week in the evening, building up to 2-3 times per week. When you begin rolling, it’s normal for your skin to 'spike' slightly, which means it may feel a bit warm and tingly afterward and your skin will have a nice rosy flushed appearance. Use only gentle pressure. It’s still possible to inflict injury, bleeding, bruising or even infection if you are over-zealous or too aggressive, especially when trying to erase a particular blemish or line.

    The technique is to roll in a back-and-forth motion over a small section of skin in a horizontal fashion then you repeat this process in a vertical pattern, then each way diagonally, like a union jack pattern. 

    Product Selection

    Due to the increased skin penetration rate, post-micro needling is an ideal time to feed the skin with 1-2 layers of serums containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, collagen, stem cells and growth factors.

    Follow these easy steps when rolling in the evening:
    1. Cleanse the skin with Hydrating Cleansing Lotion or Balancing Cleansing Gel ensuring no residue is left. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

    2. For first time rollers or sensitised skin, apply serum/elixir and follow the rolling technique shown above. We usually recommend applying the Hyaluronic Marine Serum or Vital C Elixir as a starting point.

    3. For skins requiring more active delivery, follow the rolling technique illustrated then follow with an application of the serum or elixir suited to your primary skin concern. It is fine to layer serums if you want to use more than one application.

    4. Conclude with an application of  your recommended moisturiser (Hydrating, Balancing, Calming depending on your skin type). 


      • For hygienic reasons, only use your own roller and do not share with anyone else.
      • Consult with a skincare specialist/dermatologist if you have a pre-existing skin condition.
      • Any skin wound, including acne, must be fully healed prior to using a dermal roller.


        Sterilise with boiling hot water after use. Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the water solution. Dip a toothbrush into the solution and cleans the metal head of the roller. Do not immerse the roller.

        Replace dermal roller after three months of consistent use as the needles will begin to blunt over time.

        Why not step things up and get the most out of your home skincare regime by introducing a dermal roller to the mix. It’s simple science that may improve the performance and overall results of your skin care regime. 

        Still have questions? We offer complimentary consultations with qualified skin experts to help you discover which products and ingredients are right for you. More info here.

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        The needles can “catch” and “drag” the skin, when rolling back and forth, as you’ve instructed.
        It is VERY important to lift the roller, after every pass, to prevent skin damage.

        Gabrielle Smith April 19, 2022
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