Everyday Loving Beauty Habits That Don’t Cost a Cent


Looking to get a little more out of your skincare routine? Whether you are on a budget or are looking to transform your beauty regimen into a nurturing self-care experience, we’ve created a guide that will take your existing steps to the next level.

As part of our Self Love month journey, we wanted to focus on some simple and totally free beauty and wellness habits that you can incorporate into your everyday routine without spending a cent. These mood-boosting steps can make both day and night routines that little bit more special – not just for your skin, but for body and mind. Because after all, love is free and begins with the self. So, get your glow on every day with these simple hacks and let it radiate out into the world.


There is endless scientific literature on the benefits of daily meditation and its irrefutable ability to combat the detrimental effects of both acute and chronic stress. Countless meditation techniques have shown to reduce inflammatory mediators and levels of corticosteroid hormones released during our stress response. It is high levels of these that can result in damage throughout the body.

Take just 10-20 minutes to either set yourself up for the day, or to unwind at the day’s closing. There is no one way to meditate, and we recommend trying a variety of techniques to find one that suits your unique personality and brain activity.

It could be journaling or reading a book while your skin soaks up a hydrating mask, playing a guided meditation or singing bowls soundtrack while you apply your serums, or taking a few moments outside in nature after applying your sunscreen.

If you apply your beauty products at night just before bed, another tip we recommend for listening-based meditation or breathing activities is to pop one on once you’ve applied your serums, then get comfortable in bed. Lay facing upwards while you listen and enjoy, giving your products some time to absorb into the skin as opposed to being soaked up by your pillow.

If you genuinely cannot find the spare time for meditation, you could consider making mindful eating your chosen form? Switch off from your devices during your meals, chew slowly and be as present as possible, paying attention to smells, tastes and textures. This also improves digestion, and the better your digestive health, the better your skin health will be too.

Cold therapy

Start the day with a splash of cold water.

This is another well-researched technique that has shown to have an effect on the autonomic nervous system, in particular the vagus nerve, our stress response, and even our capacity to heal. Superficially, benefits on the skin include boosting microcirculation, firming skin tissue and reducing facial redness and inflammation.

This technique will really wake you up and make you feel refreshed and ready to begin your day. Those brave enough can opt for a cold shower to kick start the day, though you may want to simply start on the face.

Up the ante by adding cold water, some ice cubes, and some slices of cucumber to a bowl or basin and use this for your morning cleanse. Think of it as a morning cocktail for your face.

Maximise your product performance

Boost circulation and energise your skin even further by incorporating facial tools like crystal rollers or quartz mushrooms and use these to create your own facial massage. Notice how wonderful and calming it feels to take your time with your serum and moisturiser application. Forgo slapping them on in a hurry and instead opt to gently work them into your skin with your hands or chosen tools, taking the time to enjoy the fragrance and texture, be present in the moment, and simultaneously boost the health of your skin.

You can make your products work even harder for you by using plain old water to increase their penetration. That’s right! Ensure your skin is still a little damp from your cleanser rinse (ideally your cold splash!) before applying your skincare, as this has shown to increase tissue permeability and therefore increase product absorption.

If you prefer to dry off your face, you can add in a Facial Mist at this point. This beauty hack is great for all serums, moisturisers, and particularly humectants like glycerin, aloe vera gel and hyaluronic acid as they naturally attract water molecules. If you suffer from any form of skin barrier dysfunction or dehydration, then this step is an absolute must.

Age Defying Face Massage in 2 Minutes

Facial massage can not only relax and release muscle tension in the face, jawline, temples, and neck, but can also create a luminous glow by improving circulation and removing toxins and puffiness through lymphatic drainage. Try performing this for yourself at home to improve your skin health, create a glowing luminous complexion, and improve your mental wellbeing all at the same time.

To ensure good slip across the skin’s surface without dragging or stretching, we recommend using a skin health-boosting oil, such as our Antioxidant Facial Oil Omega 3-6-9. Apply a few drops to your fingertips and gently tap it across your face and neck to spread evenly and help stimulate blood flow.

Start massaging at the neck and always work upwards, as this is the direction of drainage for your lymphatic system. This upward pattern can have a powerful youthful effect that sculpts and lifts facial features that have been weighed down by gravity and the passing of time. Softly press from the inner corners of the eyes outwards to drain puffiness, and  release tension and lift the eyes and forehead by smoothing the brows up towards the hairline. Press or pinch along the brow line to relieve tension or headaches.

You can focus more specifically on releasing tension by concentrating on traditional acupressure points. There are 29 points on the face and neck as pictured. Since the points are duplicated on either side of the face, two points can be stimulated simultaneously.

Acupressure points may be located with the fingertips and can be identified as a slight indent beneath the facial tissue. The points will be more sensitive when pressure is applied. When massaging, use a firm circular motion as you apply a gentle pressure. Circle 10x clockwise, then 10x anticlockwise.



Use a Bamboo or Silk Pillowcase

Pillowcases made from breathable fabric that have slip will allow your skin to move better along its surface during movement overnight, as opposed pinching and creasing. This will help prevent wrinkle formation.

Be sure to wash your linen weekly in gentle, fragrance free and natural detergents, keeping acne-causing bacteria under control without irritating the skin. This will also eliminate dust, makeup or build-up that can accumulate and potentially cause skin irritation. 

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Yes!!! Love these. Can’t wait to put these into my own beauty routine!

Natalie Battista March 09, 2022

Love all these tips. I love using facial massage as a daily form of meditation. Ultimate form of self love with all the added benefits of lymphatic drainage. You can find some really great follow along videos for facial massage online.

Georgia March 09, 2022

Absolutely love this. I am need of revamping my self love daily routine and will be adding in evening breath-work and meditation/reading before bed.

Erin Lawson March 09, 2022

Much needed and appreciated advice for self love 💚

Mercedes Ridgway March 09, 2022

Thank you Mukti for a beautiful blog with tips on how to bring a little self love to our days.

Amy Smith March 09, 2022

Such great ideas in this blog! Going to work some of them into my daily routine for sure 🥰

Alana March 09, 2022

Some great mindfulness and self care tips reminding us to slow down and make time

Erin Warne March 09, 2022

I love these non-expensive ideas. As a busy Mum of three boys, my skincare routine can feel rushed. And whilst I adore my mukti products & have done for years, I do sometimes struggle to justify them when I use them in such a rush. So I’ll be following your facial massage guide & trying to incorporate it into my routine in a mindful manner at least once a week! I also love a cold splash of water in the morning, sweat by my silk pillowcase & love my rose quartz roller (which once again, I’ll try to use more regularly!).

Laura March 09, 2022

I absolutely love the Mukti products. They have been a game changer for my skin and it’s so important for me knowing that their ingredients are certified organic, vegan and also local. I have gotten so many of my friends and family onto the products are they are obsessed. The vitamin C is the best I’ve ever used, along the the hyaluronic serum. I’ve just started with the antioxidant facial oil and it’s incredible. My skin is so clear, smooth and hydrated!

Lauren Ants March 09, 2022

Mukti products are the BEST! They are my favorite part of my self care routine and do wonders for my skin. I could be more intentional with my routine and these are great ideas/reminders! Thanks for sharing. 💞

Aletha Lunsford March 09, 2022

I love how wholistic Mukti’s approach is – a lot of these things I’ve been implementing into my routine, it’s wonderful to see a focus on overall physical and mental health when it comes to skincare too!

Mark March 09, 2022

I love these suggestions! I’ve been trying to elevate my skin care routine by making it more of a ritual recently, putting on a soft headband, using my dermal roller and ensuring my products are all well presented and ready for me on a shelf in the bathroom… and it really is a treat that I look forward to!

Amanda Cowley March 09, 2022

Week 2 of self- love and I’m loving it. Meditation is a fave of mine but to read about incorporating meditation and your daily skin routine with your Mukti products, is a game changer. Well done Mukti. Also love the trigger point and facial massage downloads. Mukti products are wonderful and to add these techniques to my day has given me a great boost of feel good happiness 💗
Thanks Mukti 🌸

Raelee March 09, 2022

Love this list and so achievable! I often think that the sensory experiences around self-care are under-rated and there is so much value in taking the time to indulge in the textures, feel and scents of the every self-care rituals. Thank you Mukti xo

Joanna B March 09, 2022

I loved reading this today. I’m going to have a go at the cold morning skin cocktail to reduce facial redness!

Melanie March 09, 2022

Thanks for sharing these ideas. Especially love the massage guide! Going to try it tonight.

Allegra March 09, 2022

Now that my children are back at school I am definitely going to implement some of these tips! I’m going to try to build up to a cold shower or bath, not just a splash of cold water on the face. Wish me luck!

Lisa March 09, 2022

I Just love ALL the products… I bought the body moisturiser for a present & it is next on my list for me!

Kim Wilson March 09, 2022

I’m always hurrying everything , might start taking the time to slow down at night and massage my face with the facial oil , it’s smells so good and leaves my skin glowing ! Thanks for the acupressure point map :)

P March 09, 2022

Love your tips and products I am hooked! Thanks

Yvonne Coburn March 09, 2022

These look great. I do most already but not the age-defying massage so great to have that to add in!

Beanie March 09, 2022
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