How To Start Practicing Meditation


This month we are celebrating Self Love, and in our last blog post we delved into some of our favourite everyday beauty habits that don't cost a cent, including meditation.

Meditation has endless benefits, including improved self-awareness and self-esteem, better focus, and lower levels of stress and anxiety. And while it might only take 10-20 minutes out of your day, it can be extremely daunting if you've never practiced it before.

To help you integrate meditation into your daily Self Love rituals, we've provided some tips below for getting started.

Download a Guided Meditation App

Many find guided meditations extremely helpful when beginning their meditation journey. As the name suggests, you are guided through various meditation techniques that help you build up the confidence and skills to eventually practice alone.

There are some great apps available, including:

  1. One Giant Mind - includes a 12-step course, video tutorials, a journal, and the option to set yourself reminders
  2. Insight Timer - an extensive library of meditations to choose from, based on a variety of techniques and desired outcomes
  3. Balance - meditation series personalised for you, based on your goals, progress, and feedback

Find a Mantra

You may find a mantra is grounding and easier as in the Vedic tradition. If this is the case, you will need to find a teacher who can assist in grounding you in this practice. You will also have someone to keep you accountable and you can turn to for any questions.

Simply Begin

  1. The best way to begin, is to simply begin.

  2. Set aside a dedicated time of the day for a specific period.

  3. First thing in the morning is usually best.

  4. Start with five minutes then add another five until you reach the desired 20-30 minutes which is where you will find the maximum benefits of a daily practice.

There is no right and wrong way to meditate, just be with your thoughts; watch and observe them. If your mind starts wandering, that is completely normal! Just come back to your mantra or your breath. The trick is to realise that your mind is wandering and to come back to the NOW. If all else fails just OBSERVE – sounds, breathing, thoughts. Have no attachment just keep letting go.

With time and persistence, you will get the hang of it. Be PATIENT.

There are many benefits which will start to become more apparent the more you practice. Calmness, dealing with anger and being less reactive are some of the immediate benefits. You will find there is a space where you can catch yourself before you respond or react to situations that would have otherwise annoyed you. When you find that space, it is a great indication that you are on your way to becoming a more peaceful and present being.

Best Wishes,

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