The Importance of Eye Care


Whether you’re treating specific areas of the face or your complexion in its entirety, the rule of thumb remains the same. That is, when it comes to skincare, prevention is much easier than remedy. This is particularly true for signs of ageing around the eyes.

Many begin using eye creams in their 30s, only after they have started to notice the first subtle creases forming. However, there are several reasons to begin using dedicated eye care products before you start to notice signs of change.

The tissue around the eye region is the thinnest and most delicate, and this also means the most susceptible to damage as this area has the least amount of collagen and elastin fibres. Once damage to this delicate tissue has occurred, or collagen has been lost, it is incredibly difficult to restore. Many clinical skin treatments that can be performed on the face, such as micro needling, peels, and laser, are excellent at stimulating collagen production. Unfortunately, in many cases it is recommended to avoid the eye region with these treatments, because of the orbital tissue’s delicate and sensitive nature. It is therefore a more effective approach to aim for prevention of damage to collagen, as opposed to trying to rebuild it after the fact – particularly since non-surgical options are limited.

Dark circles are another incredibly common concern for the eye area, which can often worsen as we age. Though there may be several causes for dark circles, ranging from genetics to medications or health disorders, darkness can appear worsened with age as our lymphatic and circulatory systems slow down, causing pooling of fluid and stagnant blood. This results in both dark circles and puffiness. The best course of action to address this is combining skincare products, cosmetic treatments, and healthy lifestyle changes that all aim to improve circulation and nourish the body with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as regulate our cellular functions so our skin can be at its best possible health. And of course, ensuring to get enough sleep!

Our delicate eye area is very different structurally to the rest of our face and should be approached in a different way.

Firstly, it is significantly thinner, so it’s the first area (along with the backs of your hands) to show the visible signs of ageing. Bone density also decreases as we age, so tissue around the eyes that has lost elasticity and plumpness will demonstrate this more severely. The thinness of the tissue as well as the lack of oil glands means that it dehydrates much more quickly than other areas, and dry, dehydrated skin ages faster than well-moisturised skin does! Lastly, being so delicate, the skin around the eyes can often be much more sensitive. Those using facial skincare containing active ingredients may have experienced adverse reactions, redness, or stinging after applying their serums close to the eyes. This is why specifically formulated products should be used.

A great eye care product should be designed specifically for use on sensitive periorbital tissue. It should include ingredients to boost microcirculation, regulate tissue functions including cell proliferation and collagen stimulation, and improve hydration and lock in moisture – not just upon first application, but for long-lasting periods throughout the day and night.

We have created a hero eye care products to tackle the two major areas of concern that are most common when it comes to skin around the eyes: signs of ageing, and dehydration.

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Our go-to for those experiencing signs of ageing around the eyes: wrinkles, loss of volume, dark circles, sluggish skin, and loss of elasticity. Our Age Defiance Eye Serum is a potent active serum containing skin-firming peptides to restore youthfulness, improve skin quality and elasticity, and brighten up the eye region. A treatment and preventative in one, it’s also rich in antioxidants to assist in neutralising skin-damaging free radicals. An abundance of botanical extracts deeply hydrate, soothe, and calm, for a complete eye-rejuvenating experience.


Eye cream isn't just for ageing eyes or older complexions. In fact, if you've ever experienced dryness, puffiness, or up-all-night-induced dark circles, eye care should certainly be on your skincare priorities list because no age is too young for eye cream!

Are you in the habit of using an eye cream or serum in your daily routine? Have you noticed a difference?

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Thank you for this info! I have used both these eye products and love them! I am using the age defiance eye serum twice daily and definitely notice that the skin around my eyes looks brighter. I would like to know if you could recommend a routine for using both the age defiance and the rose hip together in some way- as when I have used the rose hip gel I noticed it was super hydrating

Anne-Maree Siderides March 23, 2022
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